Adjustable Beds for Back Pain

Apart from offering ultimate relaxation and comfort, adjustable beds come with a multitude of health benefits. In fact, the innovative idea behind the design of adjustable beds originated from hospital beds.

  • The immediate solution to backpain comes from a perfect posture matched with soothing massage at right spots. 
  • Even most health practitioners refer to posture correction and therapeutic massage for individuals suffering from chronic back and shoulder problems.

We have reviewed adjustable beds from all categories – advanced, mid-range and basic models.

  • Even though basic adjustable beds too offer relief from backpain, but mid-range and high-end models provide instant pain relief as they come with several additional comfort features.

In this adjustable beds for backpain review, we shall highlight all available options, budget-wise and feature-wise, from all 3 categories.

High-end adjustable beds for backpain

Sven and Son Platinum

Sven and Son Platinum - Best Adjustable Beds for Back Pain

Platinum model from Sven and Son offers all 4 types of adjustments. Apart from standard head and feet tilting, it also provides pillow and lumbar adjustment.

Pillow tilting

  • Pillow adjustment, especially when you are into reading or watching TV, provides that critical support to your neck and shoulders.
  • Support to your neck and back of head alleviates/removes the hazards of developing chronic neck pain.

Lumbar adjustment

Lumbar adjustment is relatively the latest and the most advanced feature to be added in adjustable beds. It was first introduced in Reverie 9T.

Most ergonomic office chairs have specific curved design around lumbar area. This is to support your lower back when you sit for long hours in office chairs.

However, its now become a regular habit to work from home while sitting on your bed and watching TV or just the habit of reading before going to bed. No matter how long you sit in such position, but it is always good to support your back even while sitting on your bed.

And Sven and Son platinum adjustable bed just does the same. It has adjustable lumbar support which can be conveniently operation from your remote control.

Wall hugger

Only Platinum model adjustable bed from Sven & Son offers wall hugging feature.

Zero-gravity preset position

Platinum Sven and Son bed includes zero-gravity as preset position along with anti-snore, another critical preset position to remove annoying snoring problem.

Prodigy Comfort Elite from L&P

Prodigy Comfort Elite - Best Adjustable Beds for Back Pain

Leggett and Platt is the leading seller in adjustable beds segment. It is in fact the other name for quality and performance owing to immense customer trust and satisfaction.

Pillow tilting and lumbar adjustment

And Prodigy Comfort Elite from Leggett & Platt too offers both pillow tilting and lumbar adjustment. Whereas, Prodigy 2.0 the earlier model, had only pillow tilting feature.

Leggett and Platt’s Comfort Elite’s remote control has dedicated buttons to individually control both pillow and lumbar adjustments to your desired angles.

Wall hugger

Prodigy Comfort Elite offers unmatched wall hugging feature.

Zero-gravity as preset position

However, in Comfort Elite’s preset positions, zero-gravity is not included. But you can anytime tune into zero-gravity angles and save them as a memory position to quickly set your bed to desired posture for quick pain relief.

DynastyMattress DM9000s

DynastyMattress DM9000s - Best Adjustable Beds for Back Pain

DynastyMattress is another leading brand name in premium mattresses and adjustable beds segment.

Pillow and lumbar adjustment

It’s in fact known to offer several sophisticated features which include both pillow and lumbar articulation.

Wall hugging

DM9000s too is a perfect wall hugger as the top section slides backwards up to 8 inches as the head section is raised.

Zero-gravity as preset postion

DM9000s from DynastyMattress offers 2 preset positions, Zero-gravity and Flat. However, anti-snore is not included as preset position.

Mid-range adjustable beds for backpain

In mid-range adjustable beds, its not fair to expect sophisticated lumbar support. Adjustable beds in this segment limit to offering pillow tilting along with zero-gravity as preset position.

Williamsburg from Leggett and Platt

Williamsburg Plus - Best Adjustable Beds for Back Pain

Pillow tilting and zero-gravity

And Williamsburg from Leggett and Platt does exactly the same. It offers in pillow adjustment buttons and also zero-gravity as preset position in addition to anti-snore.

Wall hugger

You can’t really expect an adjustable bed model from Leggett and Platt without wall hugging feature. And Williamsburg too is a perfect wall hugger just like Prodigy 2.0 and Prodigy Comfort Elite models.

Blissful Nights Wall Glide

Blissful Nights Wall Glide - Best Adjustable Beds for Back Pain

Wall hugger

Wall Glide from Blissful Nights has been specifically designed to offer wall hugging feature. Its earlier models, basic, mid-range and advanced Anand didn’t really include wall hugging design. Hence, the company came up with Wall Glide model.

Pillow tilting

Blissful Nights, although offers a host of advanced features but limited to head and feet articulation when it comes to adjustments.

Preset positions

It does not include pillow tilting either, however, it has got both zero-gravity and anti-snore as preset positions.

iDealBed iEscape

iDealBed iEscape - Best Adjustable Beds for Back Pain

Wall hugger

However, iEscape from iDealBed is a wall hugger and does keep you right next to your bed side table when you perform head adjustment.

Pillow tilting: Well, pillow articulation is not of any model from iDealBed as of now.

Preset positions

iDealBed iEscape, its flagship model, too is limited to offering just zero-gravity and anti-snore as preset positions. It does not include pillow tilting feature.

Basic adjustable beds for backpain

Hofish Adjustable Bed

Hofish Bed Base - Best Adjustable Beds for Back Pain

Preset positions

It has got both zero-gravity and anti-snore preset functions helping you quickly get into a pain relief posture.

iDealBed 3i Custom Adjustable Bed

iDealBed 3i - Best Adjustable Beds for Back Pain

Preset positions

Well, iDealBed 3i offers zero-gravity as preset position along with Flat but there is no anti-snore

Mellow Genie 500

Mellow Genie 500 - Best Adjustable Beds for Back Pain

Preset positions

Mellow Genie 500 is another best selling brand in basic adjustable beds segment. It has got 3 preset positions including – Zero-gravity, anti-snore and Flat.

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