Bunk Beds With Removable Ladder

Bunk beds are mainly designed with the idea of saving space in your bedroom. However, if a bunk bed comes with a slanted ladder then it surely takes additional space. Almost the space which can comfortably accommodate another bed.

Of course, there are bunk beds that come with vertical ladders that take no extra space. But going up and down these vertical ladders is somewhat risky as you need to balance yourself properly. And if someone who is on the heavier side is going up the ladder then there is every chance that the bed might even tilt in one direction.

Keeping these issues in mind, some bunk bed brands have come up with removable ladders. Yes, with hooks on top these removable ladders can be attached and detached as and when needed. And when not in use, you can rest it against the wall or place it beneath the lower deck.

Somehow, there are not many options right now on the market. The only considerable bunk bed with removable ladder is Dorel Living.


Look-wise, Dorel living bed comes in 5 different colors, you can choose your color as per your home décor or the color that your kid loves.

  • White
  • Espresso
  • Graphite
  • Grey
  • Black

Twin over full bunk bed means it can easily accommodate around 3 kids. With the lower deck being full in size, even adults can use it when needed.

Detachable beds 

Dorel Living bunk bed is detachable. In case you have sufficient space in your bedroom, you can detach both the upper and lower decks and use them separately.

Moreover, when your kids are old enough and don’t need a bunk bed anymore, you can simply remove the top deck and start using the full size lower deck.

This means that one investment can last for several years. From the time your kid is too young and enjoys sleeping on bunk bed till the time he or she move into their teens and just need a full size bed.

Removable ladder 

There are very few beds in the market that come with detachable ladders. And the best of them is Dorel Living bunk bed.

The design enables you to hook the ladder at the feet section of the top deck. If you look at the image, the ladder is slightly into the lower deck feet area. But removing the ladder after use frees up this space.

When not in use, simply detach the ladder and push it beneath the lower deck. Or simply hook the ladder at the feet side frame when you are on top of the bed.


The upper deck has guard rails on all four sides except the small opening at the feet level to accommodate the ladder.

Best Mattress for bunk beds

Thumb rule while selecting mattress for bunk beds is that their size has to be less than the height of guard rails.

Hence, either a 6 inch mattress or an 8 inch mattress is most suitable for bunk beds. Mattresses for bunk beds have to be neither too plush nor too firm, they have to carry the ideal amount of sink. LinenSpa has specially designed mattresses for bunk beds.


Removable ladder and detachable decks are the main features to look for while choosing bunk beds. That’s smart investment.

Few brands offer detachable bunk beds that can separate so as to be used as single beds. But not all come with removable ladder as well.

Whether removable or not, ladders have to have flat steps and not rounded ones. There is possibility that round steps don’t always offer the right grip and there are chances that you might even slip while going up/down the ladder.

Ladders with flat steps, like with Dorel Living beds removable ladder, are most suitable and offer the ideal grip and safety.

Perhaps, Dorel Living bunk bed is one of the very few that come with both separable decks and detachable ladder with flat steps.