Inexpensive Cheap Adjustable Beds – Reviews & Comparison

Adjustable beds are now available in every price range. Of course, the more the features, the higher the price. Of late, owing to intense competition between several companies, the prices have significantly come down and the number of features have increased.

Advanced features are embedded into mid-range and low-end adjustable beds and their prices too are now well within affordable budget. In this review, we are going to look through very basic adjustable beds whose price is as low as a memory foam mattress.

Inexpensive Cheap Adjustable Beds - Reviews and Comparison


Lucid L100

Lucid L300

iDealBed 3i

Sizes Available

Twin XL


Twin XL


All sizes


5 Years

10 Years

10 Years

Head Tilt

Up to 58 degrees

Up to 60 degrees

Up to 70 degrees

Feet Tilt

Up to 40 degrees

Up to 45 degrees

Up to 42 degrees

Motor lift capacity

600 lbs

750 lbs

850 lbs

Wall Hugger




Mattress Retention System

Retention Bar

Retention Bar

Advaned micro-bead grip fabric + Traditional retainer bar

Preset Positions




Remote Control


Wireless with Flash Light

Wireless Back-lit

Memory Programmable Positions




USB Ports


4 USB ports, 2 on each side


Emergency Power Backup




Unique Selling Point (USP)

Lowest Price

4 USB ports and emergency power backup

2 memory programmable positions + emergency power backup + 850 lbs lift capacity


Lucid L100

Lucid L300

iDealBed 3i


Lucid L100 & L300 Adjustable Bed Reviews

If you are looking for one of the simplest adjustable that offers just head and foot adjustment then Lucid L100 adjustable bed is the best and cheapest option.

It is most suitable for people who are looking for a hospital bed like basic one but at affordable price.

Apart from basic adjustments, Lucid L100 does not include either massage functionality or any of the advanced features.

If you are looking for some advanced features, then Lucid L300 adjustable bed is another option.

And if you are altogether looking to avail all advanced features then best available option is iDealbed 4i custom adjustable bed.

Head and Foot Adjustments

Lucid L100's head section can be tuned all the way up to 58 degrees while the foot section adjusts up to 40 degrees. 

Preset and Memory Programmable Positions

L100 neither offers any preset positions nor memory savable positions. All you can do is manually adjust the incline to your preferred angle.

Whereas L300 comes with "FLAT" preset position and "1 memory" savable position.

Remote Control

Both Lucid L100 and L300 come with the simplest of remote controls. While L100 offers wired remote, L300 has wireless remote. The below image speaks for itself.

USB Ports

Lucid L100 does not offer any USB ports whereas L300 comes with 4 USB ports, 2 on each side. That's the biggest selling point for Lucid L300 adjustable bed.


Both L100 and L300 come with fixed height of 15 inches. There are no individual height adjustable legs, its all fixed. Yet, 15 inche from the ground is the ideal height for both tall as well as short height people.

Mattress Retention System

Both come with standard single mattress retention bar at the foot level.


This is "the best feature" of Lucid adjustable beds. The company claims of hassle free 5 minutes easy installation and assembly process.

Lucid L150 Adjustable Bed Review - Lucid L100 Vs L150

Lucid L150 is apparently an updated version of Lucid L100 with minor yet mandatory feature updates. 

Lucid L150 Adjustable Bed Review - Inclinations
Lucid L150 Adjustable Bed Review - Remote

Head and feet inclination

While Lucid L100 offers head inclination of 58 degrees and feet inclination of 40 degrees, Lucid L150 offers 60 degrees of head adjustment and 45 degrees of feet adjustment.

Remote Control

Lucid L100 comes with a wired remote control and 6 basic head and feet adjustment buttons. Whereas, Lucid L150 offers wireless remote control with 7 buttons. In addition to head and feet adjustments, L150 comes with 1 preset position, FLAT.

iDealBed adjustable beds are industry famous for their performance and affordability.

  • The company first launched 4i custom adjustable bed model with features of a mid-range adjustable bed.

  • Later on, it launched iDealBed iEscape model which is the high-end model from the company and includes several advanced features.

And now, it has introduced the most affordable adjustable bed in the market, iDealBed iEscape Custom adjustable bed.

Although, price-wise this model falls into basic adjustable beds segment but it offers certain extra features which are usually not offered by other beds in this price-range.

However, iDealBed 3i does not include massage functionality. Hence, if you are looking for a basic adjustable bed without the need for massage functionality, then there is no match to the price and performance offered by iDealBed 3i.

iDealBed 3i Review - Head & Feet adjustment

iDealBed 3i Review - Head & Feet adjustment

Head and Feet Articulation

While the feet articulation in iDealBed 3i is similar to other adjustable beds but the head section adjustment is enormous and all the way up to 70 degrees.

This range of adjustability is only seen in mid-range and high-end adjustable beds. Both iDealBed 4i and iEscape too offer 70 degrees of head section tilting.

  • Head tilting – 70 degrees

  • Feet tilting – 42 degrees

Motor Capacity - iDealBed 3i review

iDealBed first launched mid-range and advanced adjustable bed models into the market. And basic model was introduced later on. This perhaps prompted the company to use the same motors in the basic version as well.

  • Hence, the overall lift capacity is same as in mid-range iDealBed 4i and advanced iDealBed iEscape models.

850 lbs lift capacity is relatively on the higher side and surely a great deal at the quoted price.

Mattress retention system

Not just basic adjustable beds but even most mid-range adjustable beds on the market only offer traditional mattress retainer bars.

  • However, iDealBed 3i comes with advanced micro-bead fabric that grips to the mattress and holds it from sliding sideways or downwards while performing adjustments. 

Additionally, mattress retainer bar is also included in the package.

iDealBed 3i Reviews - Micro-Bead mattress retention system

iDealBed 3i Reviews - Micro-Bead mattress retention system

iDealBed 3i Review - Remote Control

iDealBed 3i Review - Remote Control

Remote control

Yet again, iDealBed has scored well above the rest by offering wireless, backlit remote control instead of just a wireless standard remote that other basic models have to offer.

It has total 8 functions and is ergonomically designed so as to fit perfectly into your hand.

Preset positions

iDealBed 3i offers two preset positions

  • Zero-gravity

  • Flat

Memory programmable positions

Another takeaway from this model is the number of custom memory programmable positions.

  • While other basic adjustable beds offer absolutey no memory savable positions, iDealBed 3i offers 2 positions.

You can tune the head and feet sections to your desired angles and save them as either M1 or M2.

Height Adjustability

While both Lucid L100 and L300 adjustable beds do not offer height adjustibility, iDealBed 3i comes with 3 individual leg units thus offering 6 inches, 9 inches and 12 inches of height adjustability.

Emergency power backup

This feature wasn't part of traditional adjustable beds, however, all new generation beds do come with emergency power backup. While its missing in Lucid L100 but power backup is offered by both L300 and iDealBed 3i.

In case of power outage, this feature brings the bed back to Flat position making it easy for you to get in and out of the bed .


iDealBed 3i comes in charcoal color and thus fits all types of decor.


The quickest and simplest of all is the assembly process. IdealBed 3i comes almost fully assembled, including the motors.

All that you are required to do is to attached the individual leg units and your bed is ready to use.


It is compatible with all types of bed frames as well as mattresses. Absolutely no limitations on compatibility aspect.


The company offers 10-Year warranty on iDealBed 3i model.

Conclusion - iDealBed 3i Review

IdealBed 3i too has its shortcomings. For example, it does not include USB ports and massage functionality. However, leaving out these two drawbacks, its performance on remaining parameters is unmatchable in basic adjustable beds segment. Just look at the

  • massive 850 lbs lift capacity of motors

  • height adjustability

  • 2 preset positions and

  • 2 memory programmable positions

Linenspa Adjustable Bed Review

Of late, Linenspa, famous brand in premium mattresses segment has launched its first adjustable bed. In fact, it has successfully launched its first basic adjustable bed.

The reason why we had to add success is because of the awesome rating and decent number of reviews it has received within a short period post launch.

Linenspa, the brand name is synonym for quality and durability.

Adjustments - Linenspa Adjustable Bed

Head and feet adjustability

The head section can be tilted all the way up to 58 degrees and the feet section up to 40 degrees.

While the head adjustment can be termed as average in comparison but the feet adjustment is really on the higher side for an entry level adjustable bed.

Weight Capacity – Linenspa adjustable bed

Each individual bed unit can comfortably sustain weights up to 650 lbs. This is relatively on par with all basic adjustable beds on the market.

650 lbs means the frame can easily support weights of even two above average adults or couples.

Both the head and feet section motors are ultra-quiet and operate seamlessly.

Linenspa Adjustable Bed Review - Adjustments

Linenspa Adjustable Bed Review - Adjustments

Linenspa Adjustable Bed Reviews - Features

Linenspa Adjustable Bed Reviews - Features

Remote Control

Linenspa adjustable bed base comes with wired remote control and 6 buttons. It is simple and easy to operate.

  • Out of the total 6 buttons , two each are for lifting and lowering head and feet sections respectively.
  • The remaining two buttons are again for lifting and lowering head and feet sections simultaneously.
  • There are no dedicated preset or memory programmable functions.

Height adjustability

Linenspa bed comes with a fixed height of 12 inches. When compared with other adjustable beds 12 inches is the highest.

Mattress retention system

It comes with traditional mattress retainer bar at the feet level.

Linenspa Adjustable Bed Review - Mattress retainer bar

Mattress and bed frame compatibility

Linenspa adjustable bed is compatible with a wide range of bed boxes. There is in fact no such limitations. On the other side, it is compatible with all Linenspa as well as other mattresses on the market. Ideal mattress height shall be up to 14 inches.

Linenspa Adjustable Bed Reviews - Assembly

Linenspa Adjustable Bed Reviews - Assembly


Another unique selling point is the assembly process. It takes less than 5 minutes to put together the entire bed frame.

Just unfold the frame, insert the leg units and plug the motors to power supply.

That’s it, your bed is ready to use.

Sizes available

Linespa is right now available in twin xl, full and queen sizes.

To avail king size, put two twin xl size frames together.


Linespa adjustable bed comes with 5-year warranty.

Conclusion - Linenspa Adjustable Bed Review

Having reviewed so many adjustable beds, I would rather say that Linenspa is off the mark in adjustable beds segment with a perfectly designed basic adjustable bed.

It has sturdy and durable steel frame that can comfortably support 650 lbs weight capacity, comes with simple wired remote control. Simultaneous head and feet section adjustment is surely a must have feature.

And 5-year warranty with the attached reasonable price-tag and the brand name is surely trustworthy to make a wonderful and long-lasting investment.

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