Kahuna Massage Chair Reviews – LM6800 and Superior SM7300

Although, there are tens of other chairs in the market but Kahuna massage chairs have established a reputation as the best sellers owing to their superior design, performance and customer satisfaction. Kahuna massage chairs are mainly available in two different models.


Kahuna LM6800

Kahuna SM7300


L-track Roller


Massage Styles

1. Tapping, 2. Kneading, 3. Combination of Tapping + Kneading, 4. Rolling 5. Shiatsu and 6. Yoga Program

1. Shiatsu, 2. Kneading, 3. Tapping, 4. Knocking, 5. Tapping+Knocking combo.

Auto massage programs


Pain Relief
Fast Recovery
Yoga Stretching

Special massage programs


Office Person
Dynamic Sport

No. of air bags



Air Massage



Feet and Calves Massage



No. of rollers



Heat Therapy for Lower back



Recommended Weight

240 lbs

320 lbs

Recommended Height

6 feet 2 inches

6 feet 5 inches

Yoga Programs




Yes – 3 stages


Body Scan




Synthetic Leather

Soft synthetic

Shipping Weight

220 lbs

308 lbs

Item Weight

189 lbs



For the sheer number of features offered by Kahuna LM6800, the price is remarkably lower than other massage chairs.

Although, other brands too offer similar features but the catch here is mainly the price followed by performance, longevity and the exceptional support services offered by Kahuna LM6800.

Before we move into in-depth analysis, following table covers quick specifications.


L-track roller model, although a high-end design seen only in expensive massage chairs, but still Kahuna has got the same incorporated in its LM6800 model.

In L-track design, the rollers massage all three areas in the upper body – the neck, lower back, and glutes. Whereas, in S-track design, the rollers massage is limited to neck and lower back.

If you take a quick look at the following image, you will understand that the dual rollers in Kahuna LM6800 move all the way down to the glutes.

Kahuna LM6800 L-Track Massage System - Kahuna Massage Chair Reviews

Kahuna LM6800 L-Track Massage System - Kahuna Massage Chair Reviews

Ideal Weight and Height

LM 6800 is designed for weights up to 240 lbs and 6 feet 2 inches height.


This position is dedicated to ultimate relaxation.

And this is why, most products that are designed for relaxation have zero-gravity positions.

Best examples are adjustable beds. Every adjustable bed, be it high-end or low-end, offer zero-gravity as a preset position.

Kahuna LM6800 offers 3 stages of zero-gravity positions.

Kahuna LM6800 Space Saving & Zero-Gravity - Kahuna Massage Chair Reviews

Kahuna LM6800 Space Saving & Zero-Gravity - Kahuna Massage Chair Reviews

Body Scan

One size doesn’t fit all. Same is the case with massage chairs. They should have the intelligence to calculate your height and accordingly customize its functions to precisely reach pressure points as per your body stats.

Body scan function in Kahuna LM6800 does exactly the same. It first scans to determine your exact body measurements and only then it initiates the massage functionality that precisely targets the exact pressure points.


Kahuna has really done extensive research on its prototypes before coming up with just 36 airbags in its LM6800 model, as this number is relatively lesser than the number of airbags installed in other massage chairs.

And finally, their design paid-off as the massage functionality offered by these 36 airbags is a big match and on par with the experience offered by high-end massage chairs.


  • Shiatsu
  • Rolling
  • Kneading
  • Tapping
  • Tapping+Kneading
  • Yoga Program
  • Heat Therapy
  • Roller speed levels - 3
  • Air intensity levels - 3
Kahuna LM6800 Full Body Massage - Kahuna Massage Chair Reviews

Kahuna LM6800 Full Body Massage - Kahuna Massage Chair Reviews

Yoga Program

Kahuna LM6800 also has an auto Yoga program preset on its remote. If massage feature helps relax strained muscles then stretching of limbs in Yoga style is equally important to avoid buildup of muscle contraction.

Shiatsu Therapy

Shiatsu is not just about massaging around pressure points of the human body using thumbs, elbows or hands. But it is also about releasing energy that is accumulated around these pressure points for a long time.

Applying pressure to these critical areas along with stretching of joints and limbs in the right way helps relax muscles and release blocked energies from our body.

This again results in overall relaxation of both body and mind thus resulting in the effective functioning of nervous and immune systems.

Kahuna LM6800 Shiatsu function helps replicate this traditional Shiatsu therapy. Although, it is not as perfect as done by humans but it is definitely the best offered by any machine.

Kahuna LM6800 Yoga Program - Kahuna Massage Chair Reviews

Kahuna LM6800 Yoga Program - Kahuna Massage Chair Reviews

Kahuna LM6800 Massage Techniques - Kahuna Massage Chair Reviews

Kahuna LM6800 Massage Techniques - Kahuna Massage Chair Reviews

Dual Foot Rollers

Full body massage is incomplete in most low-end massage chairs as it’s difficult to have foot rollers integrated at the stated price range.

However, it’s not the case with Kahuna LM6800, it comes with dual foot rollers. Perhaps, this is why LM6800 model is preferred choice in this category.

The cotton made upholstery in foot section is removable and washable.

Kahuna LM6800 Dual Foot Massage Rollers - Kahuna Massage Chair Reviews

Kahuna LM6800 Dual Foot Massage Rollers - Kahuna Massage Chair Reviews

Space Saver

The first thing that comes to mind when someone plans for a massage chair is space. Yes, massage chairs do take extra space than your regular chairs.

Especially, in a position like zero-gravity, both the head and foot sections are in extended raised position. This takes several inches of space, sometimes even up to 15 inches.

Whereas, in Kahuna LM6800, it just takes mere 5 inches extra space and thus is also known as the best space saver massage chair as well.

Warranty & Customer Service

Kahuna offers 3 years limited warranty for its LM6800 model. Warranty is applicable to structure, framework, parts, and labor.

Kahuna Superior SM7300 Massage Chair Review

  • Price-wise Kahuna Superior SM7300 massage chair falls in the mid-range category
  • But feature-wise, it is far superior to mid-range chairs and on par with the most expensive high-end massage chairs on certain or several features
  • Specially custom designed to suit tall people up to 6 feet 5 inches and sustain weights up to 320 lbs

If you are looking for a massage chair at this price, then there is no need to scan through several options. This massage chair from Kahuna Superior SM7300 can be chosen with no second thoughts. Just look through the following feature snapshot.


Kahuna Superior massage chair employs SL track design, a combination of both S track and L track designs.

While the focus of rollers in S track design is restricted to upper back and lower back massage, but in L track design the rollers move all the down to glutes and thighs as well.

And instead of 4 quad rollers, typically seen in most chairs, this SM7300 model from Kahuna has 6 rollers.

6 roller massage provides exceptional massage experience as they reach every inch of your back, no matter how tall or how wide your body stats are.

As mentioned in the introduction, it has been specifically designed to even cater to tall individuals. And anyone around 6 feet 5 inches is prone to have wide shoulders and upper back.

Regular 4 roller massage might not cover entire back in case of such individuals, hence 6 rollers have been embedded in the backrest.

Kahuna SM7300 SL Track Design - Kahuna Massage Chair Reviews

Kahuna SM7300 SL Track Design - Kahuna Massage Chair Reviews

Kahuna SM7300 Features - Kahuna Massage Chair Reviews

Kahuna SM7300 Features - Kahuna Massage Chair Reviews

Body Scan

While body scan feature in most regular low-end massage chairs is limited to measuring height and width, the 3D body scan installed in Kahuna Superior has the ability to measure every inch of your body stats.

This way the rollers perfectly adjust to your body shape. Moreover, as you have six rollers in the backrest, there is no scope for missing at the critical points. However, if you still wish to adjust the rollers, you can do so from the remote control.

There are additional options on the remote to adjust the width of these rollers. You can happily widen or narrow the space between the rollers to reach your desired target area on your back.


At this price range, Kahuna could have incorporated at least 2 zero-gravity positions but the number is limited to one in this SM7300 model.

One reason we could say for having only one zero-gravity position might be because of the space saving design.

The distance between the wall and the head section of the chair, when in zero-gravity position is mere 3 inches.

This is ultimate space saving design in first place.

Kahuna SM7300 Space Saving & Zero Gravity - Kahuna Massage Chair Reviews

Kahuna SM7300 Space Saving & Zero Gravity - Kahuna Massage Chair Reviews

Auto Massage Programs

Offering either 3 or at the most 4 auto-massage programs is a norm with massage chairs. However, Kahuna SM7300 offers altogether 5 massage programs.

  • Athlete
  • Relaxation
  • Pain Relief
  • Fast Recovery
  • Yoga Stretching

Of all the above, Yoga stretching gets a special mention as it has gained immense prominence off late. While regular massage is focused around providing either muscle relaxation or pain relief around critical pressure points.

But muscles and ligaments around hips, upper body (neck, shoulders), arms and hamstrings remain contracted with time. Regular stretching of these muscles helps avoid muscle wear and tear in the long run.

And Yoga postures enhance muscle stretching and ligament movements that are essential to avoid injury risks.

Kahuna SM7300 Remote Control - Kahuna Massage Chair Reviews

Kahuna SM7300 Remote Control - Kahuna Massage Chair Reviews

Kahuna SM7300 Yoga Stretching - Kahuna Massage Chair Reviews

Kahuna SM7300 Yoga Stretching - Kahuna Massage Chair Reviews

Special Massage Programs

In addition to the above, there are 4 more customized massage programs made especially for employers, sports enthusiasts and senior.

  • Office Person
  • Golfer
  • Dynamic Sport
  • Seniors
Massage Techniques

Kahuna Superior SM7300 has all types of massage techniques.

  • Shiatsu
  • Kneading
  • Tapping
  • Knocking

However, knocking + tapping is the only combination technique offered.

Massage Adjustability

There is no match to the adjustability options offered by Kahuna Superior. It has distinct options for both roller massage and air massage.

Roller Massage:

Full body massage is not always needed, sometimes you might just want the massage to focus on shoulders and neck area, or on the upper and lower back or just on your legs, calves and feet.

This roller adjustability is supported in Kahuna Superior, you can simply select full, partial or fixed point massage.

Although the 4 special programs are specially made to focus on certain sections in your body, but in addition to them Kahuna SM7300 also offers these adjustability options.

For example, the Office Person option is for shoulders and neck, the golfer is mainly for the lower body from legs to feet. The dynamic sports option is high-intensity massage for overall muscle relaxation after a long and tiring sports activity.

Air Massage:

Similarly, there are 4 separate options for controlled air massage across different body sections.

You can select between upper body (shoulders and neck), lower body (legs, calves and feet), middle sections (around hips and lower back) and overall body massage.

Massage Intensity Levels

Instead of having standard intensity levels for all types of massage, Kahuna Superior comes with different intensity levels for roller massage and air massage.

While there are 3 speeds for roller massage, air massage has 5 different intensity levels to choose from.

Heat Therapy

When you suffer from acute lower back pain, roller massage might not immediately offer the much-needed solace. However, when massage techniques are combined with heat therapy, muscles respond quickly giving you best and instant results.

Kahuna Superior has heating pads embedded in the lumbar portion of the backrest. This heat therapy can be turned ON/Off as per your massage need, but somehow there is no option to adjust the intensity of heat.

It’s rather a common issue with almost all massage chairs, no matter whether they are low-end or high-end.

Air Massage

Kahuna has adopted the new air massage design in this SM7300 model. As per the design, there is no need to stuff 50 airbags in every nook and corner as seen in traditional massage chairs.

Kahuna embedded second-generation airbags, as less as around 18, in neck, shoulders, hips, arms, leg calves and feet.

As mentioned in massage intensity section above, air massage has dedicated adjustability options that are different from roller massage speeds.

Airbags have 5 intensity levels to choose from while roller massage has 3 speeds.

Kahuna SM7300 Air Massage - Kahuna Massage Chair Reviews

Kahuna SM7300 Air Massage - Kahuna Massage Chair Reviews

Lower Body (Feet and Calves) Massage

There is more to lower body massage than the usual airbags around calves and airbags plus roller in the feet section.

Alongside rolling, there is kneading massage for feet soul. And the biggest takeaway is the scrapping function around heels and top of the feet.

Conclusion - Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800 & SM7300

Kahuna, being a reputed brand in massage chairs category, a lot goes into its research and development (R&D) for critical design and quality. Perhaps, this is why Kahuna’s products register record number of sales with top ratings/reviews and positive customer feedback.