MAXXPRIME Adjustable Bed Frame Review

There is substantial adoption of advanced technology in adjustable beds segment. Certain features, which were earlier thought to be exclusively available just in high-end models are now being offered even by mid-range adjustable beds.

MaxxPrime adjustable bed is the best example for this. It offers both wall hugging and independent pillow tilting features.

Please take a quick look at its reviews, ratings and price before moving into in-depth MaxxPrime review.

MAXXPRIME Adjustable Bed Frame Review


MaxxxPrime Review



Head, Foot & Pillow

Wall Hugger


Remote Features



No. of functions


Preset & Memory Programmable Positions

Preset Positions

4 - also customizable

 - Flat


 - TV/PC


 - Zero-Gravity


 - Anti-Snore


Memory Programmable Positions


Massage Functionality

Massage modes

Dual massage

Massage Intensity Levels

3 - High, medium and low

Massage timers

10 mins and 20 mins

Height Adjustability

Height Adjustability

4 inches and 6 inches, combined 10 inches

No. of Legs


Other Key Features

USB Ports

Total 4 with 2 on each side

Motor Capacity

900 lbs

Mattress Retention System

Mattress retainer bars

Mobile app

Both Android and Apple

Emergency power-backup


Remote child lock


Flash light & Under-the-bed lighting




Price Comparison

Adjustments – MaxxPrime Review

Head, feet and pillow tilting

Apart from the basic head and feet section adjustments, if also offers advanced pillow tilting feature which can again be independently controlled.

  • Head/Back tilting – Up to 60 degrees
  • Feet tilting – Up to 45 degrees
  • Pillow tilting – Up to 30 degrees, in addition to head adjustment of 60 degrees

Wall hugging

MaxxPrime adjustable bed too is a wall hugger. As the back section is tilted upwards, the bed’s upper body moves backwards to the wall.

Lift motor capacity

MaxxPrime offers massive lift capacity of 900lbs, highest in adjustable beds segment.

Remote Control – MaxxPrime Review

MaxxPrime adjustable bed base comes with blue back-lit wireless remote control with 18 buttons. Apart from options to control head and feet section articulation, it also has dedicated buttons for adjustment pillow tilting.

MAXXPRIME Adjustable Bed Review - Remote Control

MAXXPRIME Adjustable Bed Review - Remote Control

Preset Positions

It comes with all 4 preset positions

  • Anti-snore
  • Zero-gravity
  • TV/PC
  • Flat

Memory programmable positions

Even though MaxxPrime adjustable bed offers 2 memory savable positions, M1 and M2, but all 4 preset positions are also customizable.

This also means that it offers altogether 6 memory programmable positions.

Massage Functionality – MaxxPrime Reviews

Massage Modes

MaxxPrime adjustable bed comes with dual massage feature. There has to be a special mention on the massage motors, they are whisper-quiet and produce absolutely no noise while the massage is on.

  • In case of a twin XL size bed, it has 2 massage motors, one at the head section and the other at feet section
  • And for queen / split king models, it has 4 massage motors, two for head section and two for feet section

Massage Intensity

It offers 3 massage intensity speeds – High, medium and low

Massage timers

Comes with 2 timers – 10 mins and 20 mins with auto shut-off features

MAXXPRIME Adjustable Bed Features

MAXXPRIME Adjustable Bed Features

Other important features – MaxxPrime Reviews

Mobile App

Another advance feature is the mobile app, a replica of the remote control.

It helps you control your bed from your device as well.

Designed for both Apple and Android apps powered over Bluetooth.

USB ports

MaxxPrimel offers total of 4 USB ports, 2 on each side of the bed frame.

MAXXPRIME Adjustable Bed Review - Mobile App

MAXXPRIME Adjustable Bed Review - Mobile App

MAXXPRIME Review - Emergency Power Backup

MAXXPRIME Review - Emergency Power Backup

Emergency Power-backup

Emergency power backup is a must have feature and MaxxPrime includes power backup feature.

Just place two 9-volt batteries in the power backup module and the bed returns to its position whenever there is a power outage.

Height adjustability and no. of legs

Maxxprime bed base comes with 3 different leg units with heights of 4 inches, 6 inches and 10 inches when combined.

Like all latest bed frames, Maxxprime too comes with 6 leg construction thus offering maximum durability and sturdiness.

Mattress retention system

Comes with traditional mattress retainer bar at the feet section. It keeps the mattress in its position even while working on adjustments or enjoying massage functionality.

MAXXPRIME Reviews - Adjustable Legs

MAXXPRIME Reviews - Adjustable Legs


It can be conveniently assembled by two people. Just place the legs into the frame, connect the unit to power supply and turn the frame upwards. Requires absolutely no tools to assemble the entire unit.


MaxxPrime adjustable bed comes with an overall 10-Year warranty which includes 5-year warranty on all motors.

Conclusion – MAXXPRIME Adjustable Bed Review

At the given price tag, wall hugging plus pillow tilting features makes it a blind choice. 

No ifs and buts are needed as MaxxPrime adjustable base is packed feature rich and surely justifies your investment.

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