Classic Brands Memory Foam Mattress Reviews – 10.5 Inch, 12 Inch and 14 Inch

There are plenty of gel mattresses in the market. But if you have been looking for double cooling effect from your mattress then Classic Brands gel memory foam mattresses are a bet.

Why? All three versions, 10.5 inch, 12 inch and 14 inch, from Classic Brands come with 3 cool gel layers while all other gel mattresses have only one gel layer.

  • Remarkably low priced, keeping in mind triple gel layers
  • Offers double cooling effect than all other gel mattresses
  • Best suitable for people with average and above average built

I personally believe that the layer construction too is specifically designed to suit everyone alike. While light weight or average weight people can opt for 10 inch version and those on the above average side can prefer either 12 inch or 14 inch versions.


10.5 Inch

12 Inch

14 Inch

No. of layers




 - Top layer

2 inch cool gel layer

2 inch cool gel layer

2 inch cool gel layer

 - 2nd layer

1 inch cool poly gel layer

1.5 inch cool poly gel layer

2 inch cool poly gel layer

 - 3rd layer

1 inch cool poly gel layer

1.5 inch cool poly gel layer

2 inch cool poly gel layer

 - Base layer

6.5 inch high density (HD) foam

7 inch high density (HD) foam

8 inch high density (HD) foam

 - Cover

Stretchable knit fabric

Stretchable knit fabric

Stretchable knit fabric


CertiPUR-US certified

CertiPUR-US certified

CertiPUR-US certified

Firmness (On a scale of 1 to 10)



Medium Plush – 6.5

No. of Reviews









10 Years

25 Years


Unique Selling Point (USP)

Low price, 3 gel layers, best cooling effect

Low price, 3 gel layers, best cooling effect

Exceptional cooling effect, low price, 3 gel layers


Apart from offering exceptional cooling effect, the criteria behind layer construction in Classic Brands mattresses is to sustain more weight yet offer double the comfort of a regular gel memory mattress.

Other mattresses, although offer best comfort but they tend to sink with usage and also develop deep indents especially when used by people with above average built.

Layer Construction - Classic Brands 10.5 inch Memory Foam Mattress

Classic Brands 10.5 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Top Surface: 2 Inch gel Infused memory foam layer

Middle Layers: Two 1 Inch poly gel supported memory foam layers

Base: Bottom layer is 6.5 Inch high density (HD) memory foam base

Top Surface: 2 Inch gel Infused memory foam layer

Middle Layers: Two 1.5 Inch poly gel supported memory foam layers

Base: Bottom layer is 7 Inch high density (HD) memory foam base

2 inch Cool Gel Infused Memory Foam Layer

In any gel memory foam mattress, the main task of gel infused layer is to

1. Provide cooling effect

2. Conform to your body curvature

Heat Absorption & Breathability - Classic Brands Mattress Review

In Classic Brands gel mattress, this top layer is infused with cool gel beads. And they perfectly absorb body heat, dissipate it evenly and cool up the sleeping surface.

Well, I will explain to you how exactly this layer does the above functions to improve your sleep quality.

I am not sure how many of you have noticed that our body has a tendency to heat up while we are asleep. And this is the very reason, even in mild humid conditions when your body comes in contact with mattress or bed sheets you start sweating. And, this sweat and resulting moisture has to be absorbed by the mattress you are sleeping on.

This layer does exactly the same. The infusion of cool gel, either as liquid or beads, widens the cell structure, improves breathability while providing cooling effect.

Unlike regular visco-elastic memory foams where the cell structure is thick, gel infused memory foam has loosely interconnected cell construction and is very porous in nature as depicted in the image here.

The biggest advantage with this ventilated porous layer is that it is very breathable in nature. The porous construction allows quick air flow and allows your body to cool down pretty fast.

Whereas, in regular foam layers the cell structure is compact and heat remains captured within the mattress further heating up your body.

Responsive Alignment Test - Classic Brands Mattress Reviews

Above all, this layer also provides the soft cushion like feel from the moment you sleep on it. It perfectly aligns with your body curvature, quickly adapts to neck, shoulder, back and hips.

Being responsive means providing the right amount of sink, neither to deep nor too firm, especially around pressure points. And how fast it gets back to normalcy also matters.

While testing the mattress, I followed the basic hand test. First, I pressed my hand hard against the gel memory layer, as hard as I could. It left say around an inch of print on it and the moment I released it, the foam quickly bounced back to its even shape.

Apart from being responsive and successfully getting back to its original shape, the mattress also passed the key motion isolation test.

Motion Isolation Test - Classic Brands Cool Gel Review

Next I kept the empty mattress box vertical on one side of the bed and I sat on the other side for 15 minutes straight without getting up and later lied down for another 15 minutes.

And when I got up to check for indents, the mattress quickly bounced back without disturbing the empty mattress box standing vertical. The box neither fell down nor swayed sideways in the direction I got up. My built is above average and the imprints around my back and shoulders disappeared well within 5 seconds. That was pretty fast when compared.

The company did live up to its promise. The quality of the gel memory material is truly exceptional. Most other mattresses after regular usage start sinking deeper and leave an indent around pressure points.

But this is the only mattress, as per several user reviews, did not leave indents or sank in abnormal manner even after regular usage. In this case, we should thank the bottom most high density layer which is again quality material with enough strength to sustain weights from top level gel layers.

Two 1 inch Poly Gel-Supportive Foam

Having reviewed a number of gel memory mattresses and their layer construction, I can say this secondary 2 layer structure is very unique and only seen in Classic Brands mattresses.

While most other 3 layer mattresses have one medium-firm foam layer sandwiched between the gel top and high density foam bottom layer, this Classic mattress rather has two 1 inch gel memory layers in between the top and bottom layers.

Yes, these two 1 inch layers are also gel infused with similar ventilation like the top layer. The more the ventilation, the better is your sleep. This dual mid layer structure is to ensure effective heat dissipation and better air flow to the top surface of the mattress.

This in fact, is a key take away or the unique selling point of this Classic brands mattress.

6.5 Inch Memory Foam Base Support Layer

The main task of this base layer is to provide enough supportive strength and sustain weights from above gel layers without sinking further.

Every gel memory mattress has supportive high density foam as the bottom most layer.

For this Classic brands gel mattress, this base layer is 6.5 inch thick and is made from visco-elastic material.

Yet again, the company did not compromise on the quality of this high density material. The firmness is really appreciative; it perfectly absorbs weights from the top three layers and effectively stops the mattress from sinking further down.

This layer is what determines whether a mattress is too firm or too plush. If this layer fails, then the mattress starts sinking and shows indents. Whereas, if the top layers fail to sink by half an inch to one inch upon applying pressure, then the mattress is to too firm to sleep.

In this case, the supportive layer has the right strength to take excessive weights while the top 3 layers are enough plush to provide the right amount of sink.


This way I can say, both 10.5 inch and 12 inch Classic brands mattresses are neither too firm nor too plush.

On a scale of 1 to 10 I would rate it at 6.5, slightly on the firmer side. And I believe it’s specifically designed for people with average and above average weights.

For people who are lean, the surface layers might feel a bit firm. But I would say it’s the best gel mattress to sleep on for adults with average and above average weight. It is perfect for them and they shall enjoy it far better than those who are too lean.

Back Pain

As it conveniently aligns with the pressure points mainly around hip, back and shoulders, the mattress is best for back sleepers and side sleepers.

With sinking is limited to 0.5 inch to 1.5 inch, this mattress proves to be the best for back pain relief.

As mentioned earlier, the meticulous design with two additional 1 Inch gel layers in the middle help people with above average weight. They take the extra weights, mould to the body curvature and reduce bouncing and tossing thus helping you enjoy the full comfort of sleeping on a gel memory foam mattress.


The moment I started setting it up, I could easily notice the odor but luckily it was mild and not too strong to cause inconvenience. Moreover, this smell didn’t last long either. It should disappear in couple days time if you have the ceiling fan turned on and the windows open.

The only mattress among all gel mattresses that literally had no unpleasant smell is Lucid gel memory foam mattress.

Edge Support

Even though the mattress has 6.5 inch high density foam as base layer, but owing to the plushness of the other top 3 layers, the mattress might not provide full scale edge support.

However, as the mattress is 84 inches on the sides, you will not slide downwards while sleeping on the edges. You can notice the sliding only while you are sitting right on the corners.

Inflation Time

Classic brands gel mattresses take around 36 hours to 48 hours for full expansion. All layers expand to their fullest during this period. However, it is advised in best interest of durability, not to test the mattress by either sitting or lying down on the mattress during their period.

I personally opine to give a full 72 hours for the expansion before you start using it. This extra window period helps get rid of the smell. Thereafter, enjoy sleeping on your dream mattress for many years going forward.


The cover is again a main component or rather another layer of any mattress. In Classic brands mattress, the cover is soft, comfy and breathable.

The 4 way stretch feature is something unique that no other cover offers.

Yes, this exceptional stretch allows the cover to align and sink with the top gel layer. It stretches and moves with your body, the knit surface is breathable, promotes air flow and absorbs moisture off the top surface.

With waterfall like edges, the cover is white on top and carries charcoal grey colors on the sides. And the other best aspect is the cover is easily removable, you really need not wrestle with the mattress to remove it for washing.

Sizes & Dimensions - Classic Brand Mattress Review

Classic brand gel mattresses come in 10.5 inch, 12 inch and 14 inch versions. There are 6 different sizes to choose from, Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King.

Performance and comfort wise all above sizes are great and you can choose your version and size as per your comfort level and budget.


  • 4 layer construction with 2 additional gel layers
  • Provides extra coolness and better breathability owing to top 3 gel layers
  • Self ventilating
  • Best for back pain relief
  • Satisfactory edge support
  • No motion transfer
  • Best quality foam used in construction of layers
  • All layers are CertiPUR-US certified
  • Best for average and above average built people
  • Easily removable cover


  • No trial period
  • Might appear firm for lean people

Warranty & Free Trials - Classic Brands 10.5 inch Cool Gel

Classic Brands Memory Mattress comes with a 25 Year limited warranty which means in case of any manufacturing defect during the warranty period, the company will either replace or repair the product.

But please bear in mind that a fully inflated mattress is on the heavier side and shipping it back might cost you the same amount that you spend on purchasing one. It’s a common case with any gel memory mattress as compressing back an expanded mattress is virtually impossible.

The company neither offers a trial period but one good thing is, if you happen to buy it from Amazon, you might get a chance to return the product within 30 days in case you are not satisfied.


Yet again I would say this mattress is highly recommended for people with average to above average weight. Although on the firmer side, but the 3 gel layers offer sufficient plush and the dual middle layer construction adds double cooling effect.

It is made from response gel foam, passed motion isolation test, best for side sleepers and back sleepers, relieves back pain, no stinky odor and above all it is 4 layer gel memory mattress coming at a 2 layer mattress price. Great deal!!

Classic brands Cool Gel Mattress Review - 14 Inch

Very similar to its 10.5 inch and 12 inch mattresses, Classic Brands' 14 inch mattress version also has 4 layer construction. This is an Uber cool version called “Classic brands Cool Gel mattress” with double cooling effect.

And yet again their USP is the same, Performance of a premium mattress, but price of a low-end budget mattress.

Layer Construction - Classic Brands 14 inch Mattress

Top Layer: 2 Inch cool gel Infused memory foam layer

Second Layer: 2 inch poly gel memory foam layer

Third Layer: 2 inch comfort memory foam layer

Base layer: 8 inch high density support foam layer

How is this coolest of all mattresses?

If you observe the layer construction, this Classic Brands 14 inch mattress has altogether 4 inches of gel infused layers.

This is indeed the highest size of cool layers in any given mattress in the market. The top layer is purely gel infused foam that is 2 inches in thickness.

And the second layer is 2 inch poly foam layer that carries porous structure allowing enhanced air flow that ultimately dissipates heat away from the mattress. And like icing on the cake, this layer is again infused with cooling gel.