Polaris 9450 Sport Reviews – Robotic Pool Cleaner

Polaris being marked among the top manufacturers in the sector of pressure cleaners for pool among their far – flung range of products from water power sweepers to smart robotic pool vacuums.

F9450 sport robotic in–ground swimming pool cleaner is built for those small and simple, yet elegant pools built who strive for the quality over price. Its advanced 4WD (four wheel drive) technology pledge remarkable cleaning for your pool. 

Though there is a variant range of products with a price lower to this, you need to check on its detailed features before making up your mind.

Quick specifications

  • ActivMotion sensor technology to spot and mobile the robotic cleaner
  • Aqua – Track tires ensure the best grip on the slippery floors
  • Vortex vacuum technology with best suction model
  • Automatic draining of water from the cleaner soon after the cleaning cycle
  • Includes compact transport caddy

Polaris 9450 Sport Reviews

Pool scanner and Navigation system

Polaris 9450 Sport - Caddy and Control Panel

Polaris 9450 Sport - Caddy and Control Panel

ActivMotion sensor, designed on advanced technology, helps the robot track its position all the time and ensure the coverage of the whole arena of the pool by the end of the cleaning cycle.

Notable affair is that it does not have any hung ups as the regular pool cleaners which had to be handled manually again.

Scanning the pool is part of the setup process and makes certain regarding the navigation with the help of an inscribed sensor.

This helps in completing the pool cleaning without leaving any part unassessed.

Cleaning cycle / Time

Though the remote control or access for this robotic cleaner is not included, the setup and usage of the robot can be done from pool side caddy which is very convenient with easy steps. 

This allows you to move the robot to the desired place from where you wish to start the pool cleaning process.

The cycle usually finishes within an hour but at times depends on the size of the pool (standard timeline is not fixed) but highly observed is within 1.5 hours of time.

Easy to use, touch of button system is encouraging.


The whole of the scrubbing and cleaning exercise is performed with the advanced pleated scrubbing brush.

The brush is situated in the front end of the robot which oscillates during the cleaning cycle. The split positioned in the brush makes it serve as a dual brush model.

This ensures the scrubbing and cleaning of attached algae or debris to the floor and walls of the swimming pool.

Polaris 9450 Sport - Wheels & Brushes

Polaris 9450 Sport - Wheels & Brushes


Polaris F9450 has got the top accessible and extra-large filter canister and the filter basket which can be untouched through the cycle. 

The filter used here is all-purpose filter canister which is 4X times larger than the other similar featured products.

Due to the top access given, the canister can be detached easily and the debris can be removed with simple shaking without even touching the mesh actually.

Having vortex vacuum Technology for the suction of the dirt and debris, it could gather all the sizes of dirt which are stored in its canisters.

Surface, Walls and Stairs cleaning

Polaris 9450 Sport - Brushes & Wheels

Polaris 9450 Sport - Brushes & Wheels

The 4 wheel drive technology built for the tire gripping to the floor and walls makes it accessible to climb up the vertical walls. 

It cleans all the floor, steps, walls and tile line paying extra attention to the tile line scrubbing with its pleated brushes.

This 4WD optimizes the pool floor traction and helps in cleaning any pool shape.

The tires utilized are durable Aqua-Trac ones which are specifically utilized for the under water usage.


With 22 x 18 x 22 inches structure frame, F9450 is about 23.6 pounds in weight (including the controller and caddy) and has a shipping weight of 45 pounds.

The “easy lift” mechanism will ensure it move to the surface of the water by quickly draining the water with a single touch of a button.

The transport caddy aided can be conveniently used to pull over the robot cleaner out of the pool. This feature lets you have an effortless removal from the pool.

Supported Pool type / size

Polaris F9450 sport robot cleaner which is meant for in-ground usage can clean the pools of depth till 50 feet in depth. 

Accessible in every kind of pool, it is made not to be stuck even on the uneven or ridged surfaces.

Though there might be a tad bit of issue with wall climbing but the major user category settles with its technology of cleaning. Its obstacle avoidance algorithm works well and avoids the collision every now and then.

Programmable timer

With the major attraction for the product being 7-day programmable timer which can be fully customized according to your usage and convenience. 

It gives the total flexibility to simply set the timer and leave it for seasons working on its own with no stress to check and ensure the timings of the cleaning cycles.

All you need to check is to concentrate on the filter cartridge and its timely cleaning which is again just a spray based procedure.

Polaris 9450 Sport - Control Panel

Polaris 9450 Sport - Control Panel


Polaris F9450 Sport Robotic In-Ground Swimming Pool Cleaner is assured and backed by the manufacturers with a 2-Year limited warranty. 

The service of warranty is ensured with call support to extend the easy of service usage.

The major parts being Polaris filter canister and swivel floating cable which are standard and easily available in market can be replaces with ease of access.

Conclusion - Polaris 9450 Sport Reviews

F9450 having a stylish body and refined look of bowl shape.

Additionally, with its cutting edge technologies utilized for the qualitative measure of the cleaning, this premium cleaner can be your best choice for the elegant and customized cleaning purposes.

Images Source: Amazon.com