Casper Vs Nectar Mattress Reviews and Comparisons

Casper Vs Nectar, undoubtedly these two mattresses are the leading options in premium mattresses segment. And let me tell you the gist of the whole story in just couple of points before heading into detailed review and comparison between the two.

  • Why Casper? Casper has designed innovative “zoned support” layer to support all types of sleeping postures (back, side or stomach) and also placed proprietary latex like foam as top layer.
  • Why Nectar? And if you are looking for a super cool mattress, then Nectar with its massive 4 inch thick cool gel layers, is the coolest of all memory foam mattresses in premium mattresses segment.

What’s are the perks?

  • Well, Nectar comes with Forever warranty compared to Casper’s 10 Year warranty
  • Nectar offers 180 night free trial compared to 100 night trial period of Casper and
  • Nectar also offers 2 FREE premium pillows along with the mattress

Casper’s Unique Selling Point

Casper is one mattress that is designed to fit every type of sleeper alike. There are mainly two things to mention about Casper.

  • Zoned Support: Whether you are side-sleeper, back sleeper or stomach sleeper, the “zoned support” layer in Casper offers balanced and even sleeping surface.
  • Proprietary foam: The top proprietary foam is again a mix of both latex and visco-elastic foams and offers both softness and support in equal proportions.

Nectar’s Unique Selling Point

Nectar, on the other hand, is known to offer exceptionally cool sleeping surface. It has 2 cool gel layers on top that combined stand at 4 inches thickness and help keep the mattress surface super cool.

What is Zoned Support in Casper mattress?

Casper Vs Nectar Mattress Review - Zoned Support

Casper Vs Nectar Mattress Review - Zoned Support

Zoned support layer is divided into two halves,

  • soft foam for upper body and
  • slightly firmer memory foam for lower body

Soft foam is employed for upper body section as it tends to exert less pressure on the mattress. Whereas, the portion from hips to lower legs is relatively heavier in comparison, hence, foam that is slightly firmer is used to absorb this excess pressure.

This way, the overall sleeping surface remains even and balanced.

Why Nectar mattress is the coolest of all premium mattresses?

Most 10 inch and 12 inch mattresses have either 1 inch or at the maximum 2 inches of cool gel layers. Whereas, Nectar mattress whose overall size is 11 inches has a massive 4 inches of cool gel layers.

This clearly indicates that nearly 40% of the foam used in Nectar mattress has cooling gel infused in it.

Layer Construction – Casper Vs Nectar

Although, both Casper and Nectar have 4 layer construction, the first and third layer in Casper form the real game changer. And in case of Nectar mattress, the top two cool gel layers make it the coolest of all mattresses.

Casper Vs Nectar





10 inch

11 inch

No. of Layers



Top layer

Latex like foam– 2 inch

Cool gel quilt – 1 inch

2nd layer

Memory foam – 1 inch

Cool gel memory foam – 3 inch

3rd layer

Zoned support poly foam – 2 inch

Transition layer – 1 inch

Base layer

High density foam – 5 inch

HD poly foam – 6 inch


Casper Mattress - Layer Construction

Casper Vs Nectar Mattress Review - Layer Construction

Casper Vs Nectar Mattress Review - Layer Construction

Top Proprietary foam layer in Casper

Casper has developed its own proprietary latex like foam that is placed as the topmost layer.

What makes this proprietary foam different?

If you have experienced latex mattresses before, then you surely might have enjoyed the plush bouncy feel they offer. It’s an awesome experience to sleep on plush mattresses.

Casper Vs Nectar - Features

Casper Vs Nectar - Features

However, there is a downside to it as well. You could also notice that latex mattresses might really not offer the right amount of support needed for your back to stay flat while you are asleep. Latex mattresses are prone to inflict back pain over a period of time.

Casper’s proprietary foam is a mix of both latex and visco-elastic foams. It offers the plush bouncy feel of latex foam and at the same time it also provides the much needed support plus firmness of visco-elastic foam.

Proprietary foam offers both the comfort of latex foam and the support of visco-elastic foam. It has the right combination of the two. The only other mattress that carries similar proprietary foam is Tuft and Needle.

2nd layer

Well, what’s a memory foam mattress? One that contours with your body curvature. Yes, the 1 inch memory foam layer which is the 2nd layer in Casper mattress, perfectly aligns with your body curvature.

Third layer in Casper

The 3rd layer is the zoned support layer that we talked about in previous section.

Base layer

The base layer in Casper is made from 5 inches thick high density support foam. It’s a common practice to employ HD layers as base layers in memory foam mattresses. High ILD level in these layers ensure that the mattresses do not bottom out, no matter how much pressure you apply.

Nectar Mattress - Layer Construction

Nectar Vs Casper - Layer Construction

Nectar Vs Casper - Layer Construction

Top two layers in Nectar

If you hate sleeping hot and want a mattress that keeps the sleeping surface cool throughout the night then there is absolutely no other mattress to match the performance offered by Nectar.

Cool gel is infused into the top 1 inch thick quilt cover. This is followed by another 3 inches thick memory foam layer which is again infused with cooling gel.

Of the total 11 inches thickness, the cool gel layers themselves occupy 4 inches. As mentioned earlier, this constitutes to nearly 40% of the overall thickness of the mattress.

Hence, no second thoughts when it comes to choosing Nectar if you need a mattress that has to stay cool all night.

3rd layer

This 1 inch thick adaptive foam is employed as a transition layer between the top gel layers and the bottom high density base layer.

While the top 3 inch memory foam layer adapts to body curvature, this 1 inch transition layer sustains body weights and also offers right amount of rebound to isolate motion transfer.

Base layer

The base layer in Nectar mattress is made from 6 inches thick poly foam. It ensures that the mattress offers sufficient level of support as well as prevent the mattress from developing deep indents with long term usage.

Firmness – Nectar Vs Casper

When it comes to firmness both Nectar and Casper stand neck and neck. Their overall firmness stands between 6 and 7, when measured on a scale of 1 to 10. Both these mattresses are neither too firm nor too plush.

What factors determine firmness?

Firmness of any mattress is directly proportional to the size of top layers (all layers above base high density foam layer) as top layers are mostly made from soft memory foam.

- And going by this rule, the top layers in both Casper and Nectar measure the same 5 inches.

Nectar Vs Casper - Firmness

Nectar Vs Casper - Firmness

Hence, let’s move to the next factor which is the type of material used in these top layers.

  • Casper has 2 inch latex like foam as top layer, it is relatively bouncy than regular memory foam. This is followed by another two layers of memory foam and poly-foam combined at 3 inches thickness.
  • And Nectar on the other hand, comes with 4 inches of gel infused memory foam. Infusion of cool gel in memory foam loosens the cell structure making it more porous and plush.

Finally, owing to the latex like foam, Casper feels slightly plusher than Nectar, which in most cases goes unnoticed. And the overall firmness offered by Nectar and Casper appear to be more or less the same.

  • Nectar: With 4 inches of gel layers on top, Nectar stands at 6.5, which means it is slightly firm compared to Casper.
  • Casper: And Casper stands at 6 on a scale of 1 to 10 owing to the 2 inch latex like proprietary foam. It is slightly bouncy in nature.

Motion Isolation – Casper Vs Nectar

In both these mattresses, the movement impact is minimal and it really does not carry to your sleeping partner. Yet, if we have to really know which one offers better motion isolation then it’s definitely a tedious task.

Nectar owing to its 4 inch gel infused memory foam layers, sinks a tad bit more than Casper. Yet, as mentioned, it really does not have any major impact on your sleeping partner.

On the other hand, Casper’s proprietary foam sinks faster owing to latex like properties but it also rebounds with the same speed.

Edge Support – Nectar Vs Casper

Compared to budget mattresses, the edge support offered by premium mattresses is far better. Nectar and Casper too offer much better edge support especially when it comes to sleeping on the edges.

However, it is to be noticed that no memory foam mattress in the market, in any segment, offers 100% satisfactory edge support.

Warranty & Trial Period – Nectar Vs Casper

On the warranty side, Nectar appears to score over Casper with forever warranty. Yes, Nectar is offering forever warranty while Casper comes with 10 years warranty.

Please note that Casper’s 10 year warranty is really on the higher side as well and almost covers more than the average lifespan of any type of mattress.

Anything for Free?

Yes, Nectar offers two premium pillows as well for FREE with the mattress.


Well, as compared on each of the requisite parameters while choosing between the two, Nectar and Casper stand neck and neck but with distinctive traits.

If you are looking for some plush feel from the top layer and at the same time need an even balanced sleeping surface then Casper serves the need.

Whereas, if you sleep hot and looking for the best cooling option then Nectar, with its massive 4 inch cool gel layers will help you sleep cool and moisture free all through the night.

  • Nectar comes with several perks attached, the 180 free night trial, Forever warranty and 2 FREE pillows.

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