Ashley Furniture Mattress Reviews

There are wide range of brands in budget mattresses segment trying to get a foot hold. However, only a few have been successful as everything boils down to material quality and performance.

Olee Sleep had been ruling this segment for long, and now Ashley Chime too has been getting equal traction from consumers owing to its stupendous performance.

Any questions? Then please do take a quick look at the number of reviews, overall rating and customer satisfaction it received before moving into in-depth Chime mattress review.

Ashley Chime is clearly THE BEST budget mattress brand in both memory foam and hybrid mattresses segment

Ashley Chime Memory Foam Mattress

Ashley memory foam mattress is available in 3 different sizes – 10 inch, 12 inch and 8 inch.

We shall review 12 inches mattress in detail but before doing that let us go through layer construction other two sizes.

Ashley Chime 10 inch mattress

Ashley Furniture Chime Mattress Reviews - 10 Inch layer construction

Ashley Furniture Chime Mattress Reviews - 10 Inch layer construction

Ashley Chime 8 inch mattress

Ashley Furniture Chime Mattress Reviews - 8 Inch layer construction

Ashley Furniture Chime Mattress Reviews - 8 Inch layer construction

Ashley Chime 12 inch mattress Layer Construction details

12 inch is the perfect size that fits everyone equally. 10 inch mattresses are for school or college going teens and everyone who are up to average weight. Whereas, 14 inches and above are for those who are on the heavier side.

And 12 inches is one that is designed to support a majority of consumers.

Ashley Furniture Chime Mattress Reviews - 12 Inch layer construction

Ashley Furniture Chime Mattress Reviews - 12 Inch layer construction

Top layer: 2 inch memory foam

The luxury of sleeping on a memory foam mattress wholly depends on the size of the top memory foam layer.

It can’t be like the bigger the size, (more than 3 inches) the more the comfort. However, with bigger size, the body tends to sink into the mattress and with time this might even to lead to postural issues like back pain.

Whereas, if the size of memory foam is less than 1 inch then it might feel real firm, somewhat like sleeping on a hard surface (for average to above average weight persons).

Hence, 2 inches is apparently the right size as it offers optimum comfort as well as contours perfectly with your body pressure points, around shoulders and waist.

Intermediary layer: 2 inch transition foam

While memory foam layer is more of plush and the base support layer is thick in size and relatively very firm.

The moment you sleep on a memory foam, your body tends to sink in, and as you tend to turn or move, you can feel directly coming in contact with the firm base layer.

Hence, to avoid this Ashley Chime has included a transition foam of 2 inches thickness as an intermediate layer. This perfectly absorbs additional pressure from the top layer.

Base layer: 8 inch Base support

Base layers in memory foam mattresses are made from high density foam. It firm in feel and ensures that your mattress does not bottom out even if you happen to jump on it.

And 8 inch thick base layer in Ashley Chime means no matter how hard you do all the night exercises and aerobics, your mattress with provide you both with sufficient cushion.


On a firmness scale of 1 to 10, Ashley Chime 12 inch size mattress stands between 6 and 6.5. Wherein, 6 is for average built people and 6.5 is for those who are slightly on the heavier side.

Motion Isolation

Motion isolation is a critical aspect and it has to be meticulously observed in budget mattresses. Ashley Chime, owing to the 2 inch memory foam and 2 inch transition foam offers unmatched motion isolation.

No matter you toss, turn and move in the mattress, the motion disturbance is not felt beyond 2 inches of the impact’s epicenter. Hence, there is no point to worry about motion isolation issues.

Inflation time, Smell and Shipping

Shipping: Ashley Chime memory foam mattress compress rolled and shipped in box making it easy to carry inside your home and even upstairs.

Inflation time: All you have got to do is just remove the vacuum sealed cover and the mattress stands expanding instantly.

However, leave the mattress for no less than 72 hours so that it expands to every inch. Please bear in mind that if you happen to sit, sleep or lie down on the mattress when it is expanding then you are really damaging the mattress even before using it.

Smell: No there is apparently no mattress in memory foam segment that does not smell when expanding. Memory foam are compressed rolled, hence they emanate chemical like odor as they expand.

But this smell won’t last for more than few hours. Just keep the doors and windows open with sufficient ventilation for quick results.


Ashley Chime offers a massive 10-Year warranty on its mattresses. This warranty period is sufficient to tell their confidence on the performance of their mattresses.

Frankly, 10-Year warranty is mostly unseen in budget mattresses segment.


As mentioned earlier, there are only a few brands in budget mattresses segment that offer exceptional comfort and durability relatively at much lesser price.

And Ashley Chime mattresses are the few you can conveniently rely upon in terms of performance and longevity.

Ashley Chime Hybrid Mattress Review

While some of us like the comfort of sleeping on a memory foam mattress, there are equal number of consumers who opt for the exceptional support of an innerspring mattress.

And hybrid mattress’s design is something that is a perfect combination of both, it offers the plush feel of a memory foam as well as the support of an innerspring mattress.

Ashley Chime has meticulously designed the layer construction of its hybrid mattress so as to appeal to a wider range of consumers.

Layer Construction – Ashley Chime Hybrid mattress 12 inch

Ashley Furniture Hybrid Mattress Reviews - 12 Inch layer construction

Ashley Furniture Hybrid Mattress Reviews - 12 Inch layer construction

Ashley has employed 4 layer construction wherein the top two memory foam layers combined stand at 3 inches and the base innersprings layer stands at 9 inches.

Top layer: 1.5 inch thick high-density Super soft quilt foam

The top layer, although of high-density foam, but being made from super soft quilt, it offers that lovely plush kind of feel the moment you lie down on it.

2nd layer: Half inch high-density gel memory foam

Gel memory foam is a blessing for those who tend to sleep hot. It is perfect to keep the sleeping surface relatively cooler all night.

3rd layer: 1 inch upholstery grade support comfort foam

Well, this layer acts as both padding as well as contours with your body pressure points.

As the base layer is made from innerspring coils, this layer ensures that your body doesn’t directly feel the springs beneath and helps you just  enjoy the bouncy feel as you move around in your sleep.

Base layer: 9 inch individually wrapped coils 

Unlike regular or other hybrid mattresses, Ashley has clever selected 2 perimeter rows of innerspring coils of 13-gauge top quality.

These are yet again wrapped individually so as to avoid annoying noise that you get to observe in traditional spring mattresses.

Firmness and Motion Isolation

When mattresses are designed to be hybrid, not just the comfort but even the firmness and motion isolation features are also taken care of.

Ashley Chime has ensured that its hybrid mattress too carries the same firmness like its memory foam mattress. It stands between 6 and 6.5 on a scale of 1 to 10.

It is neither too firm nor too plush and perfectly stands in middle. When it comes to motion isolation, innerspring mattress although are supportive but they bounce a little more as you move in your sleep.

This extra effect is neutralized by top three memory foam layers, especially the third support layers plays a vital role in removing excel motion transfer.

Inflation time, Odor and Shipping

Very similar to regular memory foam mattresses, even hybrid mattress are now compress rolled and shipped in box.

While the innerspring coils open up almost instantly but it should be noted that the top three layers are given 48 hours to 72 hours to fully expand in every nook and corner.


Ashley Chime offers 10-year massive warranty on all its mattresses, be it memory foam or hybrid.


Best value for your money, comfort of memory foam and support of innerspring coils.

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