Mellow Genie Adjustable Bed Reviews

Initial examination at Mellow Genie 500’s feature set might make it appear like a basic adjustable bed but careful examination will surprise you.

Leaving out massage functionality, it has every other mandatory feature of a mid-range adjustable bed. The biggest surprise is the additional pillow tilting feature which is till date offered premium high-end adjustable beds.

  • Pillow tilting in addition to basic head and feet adjustment
  • 3 preset positions - Zero-gravity, Anti-snore and Flat
  • 1 memory programmable position
  • 2 USB charging ports
  • Flashlight on remote control
  • 5-year frame warranty and 2-year electrical warranty
  • Spacious 12-inch under the bed storage space

Pillow, Head and Feet Adjustments

The head section easily tilts up to 60 degrees while the feet section can be adjusted up to 45 degrees.

The best part of Mellow Genie adjustable bed is the pillow adjustment feature that simultaneously tilts with the head section. This is one feature you would love to experience. Getting it at this price is definitely a STEAL.

Remote Control

Mellow Genie offers intuitive wireless remote control with as many as 9 buttons. The design makes it easy to hold and operate. Furthermore, with just 9 buttons, it is easy to locate and operate each function even when the lights are off.

Mellow Genie Adjustable Bed Reviews - Remote

Mellow Genie Adjustable Bed Reviews - Remote

Preset positions

Mellow Genie offers all 3 mandatory preset positions – Zero-gravity, Anti-Snore and FLAT.

Memory programmable positions

Mellow Genie including this 1 programmable position places it far ahead of its competitors in basic adjustable beds segment.

At this price-range, having 1 memory programmable position is in itself a commendable job.


Flashlight embedded on remote is a definite advantage and a must have feature.

It helps you in moving in and out of the bed without the need to turn on the bed lamp and thereby disturbing your sleeping partner.

Height adjustability and No. of legs

Well, Mellow Genie comes with fixed height of 12 inches. This offers ample under the bed storage space. And the frame sits on 6 legs making it perfectly sturdy even when performing adjustments.

As the bed does not come with massage functionality, 4 legs would have offered sufficient support but including additional 2 legs in the middle remarkably increases the durability of the entire frame.

USB Ports

At any given time, we have at least 2 electronic devices to charge. Keeping this in mind, for any type of adjustable bed, be it basic or advanced, USB ports are a must these days.

Mellow Genie has meticulously tapped into this requirement. It has embedded 2 USB ports on the sides making itself a clear choice when compared to other basic models.

Mattress retainer bar

It comes with regular mattress retainer bar at the feet level. It is wide enough to hold the mattress from sliding while performing adjustments.

Mellow Genie Adjustable Bed Reviews - Assembly

Mellow Genie Adjustable Bed Reviews - Assembly


Mellow Genie 500 is designed to be tool free assembly. While the shipping box is a bit heavy and might need an additional person help to move-in but assembly is simple and quickest.

Won’t take more than 10 to 15 minutes to put the entire thing together by a single person.


Mellow Genie offers separate warranty for electrical units and frame. Electrical equipment has a 2-year warranty and steel frame comes with massive 5-year warranty.


Mellow Genie is the best in the newest of adjustable beds.

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