zzZenSleep Adjustable Bed Review

zzZenSleep is a new entrant in adjustable beds segment. It has come up with its basic model but additionally offers advanced wireless remote control with one preset position and also height adjustability.

Powered by 10-Year warranty, it surely is a bet at the given price. Let’s take a quick look at its feature set before moving into detailed zzZleep review.

zzZenSleep Adjustable Bed Reviews


zzZenSleep Reviews


Head tilting

Up to 65 degrees

Feet tilting

Up to 35 degrees

Remote Features



Total functions

5 buttons

Preset & Memory Programmable Positions

Preset positions


 - Flat


 - Zero-gravity


 - TV/PC


 - Anti-Snore


Memory programmable positions


USB Ports

USB ports


Height and Retainer bar

Height adjustability

6-inch, 9-inch and 12-inch

Mattress retention system

Retainer bar

Other Key Features

Motor capacity

Each individual unit supports 750 lbs

Emergency power back-up



10-Year warranty

Price comparison


zzZenSleep Adjustable Bed Reviews - Adjustments

Basic adjustments

While the head section can be adjusted up to 65 degrees, the feet section can be adjusted up to 35 degrees. Both are decent, they are really neither too high nor too low and can be easily compared with mid-range adjustable bed articulations.

Lift motor capacity

The motors installed in zzZenSleep are extremely quiet and can comfortably sustain weights up to 750 lbs, which again is on par with mid-range models.

Remote Control

zzZenSleep Adjustable Bed Reviews - Remote Control

zzZenSleep Adjustable Bed Reviews - Remote Control

zzZen Sleep adjustable bed comes with ergonomically designed wireless remote control with 5 buttons neatly embedded on it.

Preset and memory programmable positions

While 2 each are dedicated for head and feet adjustments, the remaining one is preset position, Flat.

Remember, memory savable positions are available from mid-range onwards. Basic models are limited to offering just preset positions.

Other important features

zzZenSleep Adjustable Bed Reviews - Height Adjustability

Height adjustability

The frame offers height adjustability which otherwise is not available with other mid-range models.

It comes with 6-inch, 9-inch and 12-inch height options.

To this, add another 2-inch additional base height to get precise frame height, minus your mattress size.

Emergency power backup

Image yourself adjusting the head and feet sections to zero-gravity position and then there is a power outage. It is most difficult to get out of the bed from such strange angles.

This is the very reason power backup is a mandatory feature. And zzZenSleep offer power backup feature which helps the bed get back to flat position as and when there is a power cut.

Mattress retention system

The frame comes with standard mattress retainer bar. It is relatively taller than what you get to see in adjustable beds and it can conveniently hold large size mattresses as well.


It comes with no tools required assembly and you can easily assemble the entire frame within few minutes.

The frame comes almost fully assembled and you might be required to do is to unbox, unfold and attach the leg units. That’s it!!


zzZenSleep adjustable bed frame comes with 10-Year warranty.

Conclusion - zzZenSleep Reviews

We get to see similar features in Blissful Nights E3 adjustable base which had become the best seller in adjustable beds segment. It secured thousands of reviews and an excellent rating.

And zzZenSleep, feature-wise appears to be quite similar to Blissful Nights E3 and you can surely bet on its performance.

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