How To Buy An Adjustable Bed – Adjustable Bed Buying Guide

The reason for buying any item is that it’s either 1) mandatory or 2) nice to have.

And when it comes to adjustable beds, we can categorically mention 2 main reasons for deciding to buy an adjustable bed.

  • Health conditions
  • Comfort

And we will tell you the exact features you need to see before buying an adjustable beds for each of the above 2 reasons.

For Health Conditions

Main features to look for

  • Head adjustment – Mandatory
  • Feet adjustment – Mandatory
  • Pillow adjustment – Nice to have
  • Lumbar adjustment – Nice to have

Acid Reflux

Acid reflux (heartburn) is a common issue for many, but ignoring the same can have a negative impact on your stomach in the long run.

It can be treated with a simple trick. You can lie on your bed with the head section raised for a few minutes before going to sleep.

Any basic adjustable bed will come with a head section adjustment. It’s up to you whether you wish to choose an adjustable bed that comes with a wired remote control or a wireless remote control.

Sleep Apnea

It might appear to be common among people suffering from obesity and sleeping disorders but how many of you know that it can be avoided by simply raising the head section by few inches.

Raising the head section opens air valves and eases breathing, thereby reducing snoring and sleep apnea.

And if you are too tired then you can also have your feet section raised along with head section for zero-gravity posture, an ultimate relaxation position.

Patients on complete bed rest

Basic adjustable beds were first designed to be hospital beds. That was the beginning of the concept which eventually evolved into an industry itself.

Anyways let’s get back to the subject. If you have an elderly person at home in need of hospital like bed or someone with a leg injury advised bed rest, then a basic adjustable bed will be mandatory.

Back pain

Adjustable beds are the perfect solution to lower back pain. They provide the perfect inclination to support your back while getting in and out of the bed frequently.

Big brands have now come up with most advanced lumbar adjustment wherein you can even setup lumbar support to help your lower back.

Pregnant women

Adjustable beds are now a favorite of pregnant women. There are multiple benefits associated including improved blood circulation, lowering joint pains and reducing back & neck pain.

Furthermore, the comfort and convenience offered by adjustable beds to pregnant women is of next level.

It makes getting in and out of the bed easy. All you have to do is simple sit on the bed with head section raised, lie backwards and slowly lower the head section to get into sleeping position.

And even while getting up just raise the head section to get into sitting position and thereby get out of the bed. You don’t need to strain your back and stomach and while trying to get in and out of the bed.

For Ultimate Comfort

Adjustable beds are the other name for comfort. The number of comfort features an adjustable bed offers are seriously unmatched by anything else.

Preset Positions

Every adjustable bed comes with preset positions thus removing the need for you to manually adjust the inclinations. These include,

  • Zero-gravity
  • Anti-snore
  • TV
  • Flat

Memory Programmable Positions

Well, there are also memory savable positions wherein you can tune the head and feet sections to your favorite angles


Massage is the most ultimate relaxation, especially after a hard day at work.

Leaving out basic adjustable beds, both mid-range and high-end adjustable beds come with massage feature.

The massage includes several modes (pulse, wave and full body vibration) and different intensity levels (low, medium and high). You can also set timers from 10mins to 30mins and thereafter the function will auto-shutoff.

Under-the-bed lighting and Torch

Adjustable beds in mid and high range offer under the bed lighting which will help getting in and out of the bed easy at night hours.

And most remote controls also have a torch embedded that will also help you in pitch dark rooms removing the need to turn-on the lights.

Emergency power backup

And if you are wondering what if there is a power outage while the bed’s head section or feet section is raised or while the massage function is running.

Well, emergency power backup will bring the bed back to flat position the moment it detects any power outage issue.

Mobile App

Furthermore, along with remote controls, most adjustable beds also offer mobile apps for both Android and Apple devices powered via blue tooth.

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