Vive Adjustable Bed Frame Review

At first glance, Vive might appear like every other basic adjustable bed model. However, certain features make Vive stand out from the rest.

It’s not that mid-range adjustable bed features are included in Vive basic model. But these features are interestingly different and innovative that are not seen in other adjustable beds.

For example, it comes with side rails for added security and also includes an additional side storage bag. It also offers flashlight, 2 preset positions and 2 USB ports. Did you ever see all of these in a basic model? No, at least not as of today!!

Following is a brief snapshot followed by detailed VIVE bed frame review.

VIVE Adjustable Bed Reviews


VIVE Reviews


Head tilting

Up to 65 degrees

Feet tilting

Up to 45 degrees

Remote Features



Total functions

7 buttons

Preset & Memory Programmable Positions

Preset Positions


 - Flat


 - Zero-gravity


 - TV/PC


 - Anti-Snore


Memory Programmable Positions


USB Ports

USB ports

2 ports in totalside

Safety rails & Storage pockets

Safety rails

Compact bed rails included in package

Storage pockets

Stitched to upholstery

Other Key Features

Motor Capacity

Each individual units supports 350 lbs

Mattress Retention System

Retainer bar


60-day guarantee period

Price Comparison


Vive Adjustable Bed Review - Adjustments

Vive Adjustable Bed Review - Adjustments

Basic adjustments

The head section can be tilted up to an angle of 65 degrees and the feet section up to 45 degrees. And like all other basic models, wall hugging and pillow tilting are not part of Vive as well.

Lift motor capacity

Vive adjustable bed frame is designed to sustain weights up to 350 lbs per each bed unit.

Remote Control

Vive comes with wireless remote control with as many as 7 buttons. Although the number buttons might appear to be less when compared to remote’s size but that is what is called ergonomic design.

The base of the remote has to be both empty and long so as to offer perfect grip for holding and operating various functions.

Apart from basic head and feet adjustments, Vive bed has included 2 preset positions and flashlight on its remote control.

Vive Adjustable Bed Review - Remote Control

Vive Adjustable Bed Review - Remote Control

Preset and memory programmable positions

While a majority of basic adjustable beds offer just Flat preset position, Vive has additionally included one more zero-gravity position.

Well, zero-gravity position is the ultimate relaxation posture wherein both your head and feet section are raised while your back rests in flat position.

Other important features

USB ports

Vive adjustable bed comes with dual USB ports neatly fixed on the outside of the frame.

In case, you opt for split king model, then you get 4 USB ports, two per frame.

Vive Adjustable Bed Review - USB Ports

Vive Adjustable Bed Review - USB Ports

Vive Adjustable Bed Review - Side Rails

Vive Adjustable Bed Review - Side Rails

Safety Rails

Vive is apparently the first adjustable bed on the market that comes with safety rails attached to its sides.

Safety rails which otherwise are sold separately are mostly preferred if the bed is for elderly people.

Mattress retention system

Like all basic adjustable bed models, Vive too comes with standard mattress retainer bar.

Storage pockets

These siderails also have mesh pockets which serve as your storage for remote, magazines or electronic devices.

There were few advanced adjustable beds that also included pocket stitched to upholstery’s sides but they were relatively small and could hold only remote control.

Vive Adjustable Bed Review - Side Storage

Vive Adjustable Bed Review - Side Storage


I really don’t remember which is the other brand but Vive is one the two basic adjustable beds that come with flashlight.

In fact, flashlight is a new feature that is included in mid-range and advanced models. And offering flashlight in basic model surely is a deal maker for Vive.


Vive adjustable bed base comes with 60 guarantee period.

Conclusion – Vive adjustable bed review

There are tens of basic adjustable bed models on the market. But VIVE is one of the very few basic models that have much more to offer. Few features that make Vive a great deal are

  • Wireless remote control
  • 2 preset positions – Flat & Zero-gravity
  • Flashlight
  • 2 USB ports per frame
  • Side rails in addition to mattress retainer bar
  • Storage side pockets
  • 60-day guarantee period

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