Herman Miller Embody Chair Review – Best Ergonomic Office Chairs

Instead of overloading this review with information, let’s rather focus on statistics and feature set.
Firstly, Embody Chair from Herman Miller is the top-end model in ergonomic office chairs segment. The cost is high so are the features as well.

And I would not like to explain why you need an ergonomic chair but rather we can focus on why you need a top-end model when even regular ergonomic office chairs can mostly suffice your requirement.

Regular chairs adjust only at mandatory points whereas Embody chair with its wide range of adjustments aligns at every inch in your body and conforms to every movement you make. There is absolutely no match to the comfort extended by Embody in office chairs segment.

You need not adjust your seating posture to fit the chair, Embody adjusts itself to fit to your desired seating posture.

Don’t adjust yourself, let the chair adjust itself to suit your seating posture.

Herman Miller Embody Chair Review - Best Ergonomic Office Chairs

Herman Miller Embody Chair Review – Best Ergonomic Office Chairs

What All Went Into Embody’s Design?

Design engineers are the only ones who are responsible for conceptualization and design of any product .

However, may be for the first time in ergonomic chairs segment that both the design engineers as well as reputed physicians from diversied medical fields came together to design something that has set a benchmark in ergonomics for office chairs.

Irrespective of your sitting posture, the chair adjusts itself so as to offer you both utmost comfort along with right ergonomics.

Stress Reduction and Better Focus

We all are aware that sitting or sleeping in a relaxed posture reduces stress. Apart from sleeping position, the best postures for relaxation are lounge and zero gravity positions. However, Herman Miller has used specific material in its backrest and seat that help in offering utmost relaxation and thereby reduces stress.

Dynamic matrix of pixels, the fabric design in the backrest and seat, is said to improve blood circulation and oxygen flow.

While blood circulation increases activeness in your body, enhanced oxygen flow helps you focus better on your work.

Herman Miller Embody Chair Review - Design

Herman Miller Embody Chair Review – Design

Body Conformation

Only memory foam mattresses are known to conform to your body curvature. The foam adjusts and hugs to your body as and when you move in the bed.

However, for the first time you can experience such comfort even while sitting in an office chair.
The backrest section is perhaps the most outstanding in first place. It doesn’t have a fixed rigid metallic side frame. And the fabric employed in Herman Miller Embody’s is both breathable and slightly elastic in nature.

The fabric’s matrix type design responds to every movement of yours. It absorbs body weight around critical pressure points from thighs to glutes and lower back all the way up to our neck and shoulders.

Herman Miller Embody Chair Review - Breathable Fabric

Herman Miller Embody Chair Review – Breathable Fabric

Full Length Backrest

Unlike other office chairs wherein the backrest is limited from lower back till shoulders at the maximum, the backrest in Embody starts right from the tip of your spine and stretches up to your neck. Hence, the fabric covers every inch in your back.

Herman Miller Embody Chair Review - Best Ergonomic Office Chairs

Herman Miller Embody Chair Review – Best Ergonomic Office Chairs

BackFit™ Adjustment

No matter in what posture you are seated, the backrest is designed to always remain aligned and in line with your spine’s natural curvature. This is mainly due to the custom designed BackFit™ adjustment feature.

Herman Miller Embody Chair Review - Backrest Design

Herman Miller Embody Chair Review – Backrest Design

No Frame

Frames, although form the skeletal structure of any chair but they sometimes come in the way of comfort. Regular frames are hard on the sides, neck and lower thighs. They can even leave indents on the skin, hinder blood circulation especially to lower legs if you remain seated for long hours.

Hence, Herman Miller has dropped regular standard frame but instead employed something that is very much similar to human spine and rib cage.

While the fabric attached to the frame’s backrest and seat pad is breathable, the frame itself is pretty wide and open. Thus, the backrest and seating offer remarkable ventilation and do not allow moisture or sweat to accumulate on the surface.
Material Used

Herman Miller is known to employ eco-friendly processes in its manufacturing units. 95% recyclable material is used in manufacturing this Embody model.

Warranty & Shipping

Embody from Herman Miller comes with 12 year warranty. And assembly is relatively quite simple and less time consuming as it comes almost fully assembled, leaving out on few components. Follow the instructions in the manual for quick assembly of these remaining sections.


For Those Who Work For Long Hours

If you are one of those very few who spend long hours daily in front of your desk then Herman Miller’s Embody is for you.

Regular ergonomic office chairs are for those who spend less than 6 to 8 hours at workstation. But for those who spend no less than 6 hours daily and the time if stretches beyond 10 hours then that itself means you can’t afford your chair to cause any kind of inconvenience.

It should be something that bends or adjusts at every nook and corner. It should make you feel as if you are sitting in an upright position for some time, in a relaxed posture, recline like in a zero-gravity position, or in a forward leaning position.

In fact you yourself unknowingly switch between all these positions while seriously engrossed in your work. But what disturbs your perfect concentration is the weary feeling that you develop sitting continuously in same positions for long hours.

But Embody with a wide range of adjustments conforms and aligns with your bodily movements thus helping you to just focus better on your work and not get disturbed by adjusting your chair to your ever changing seating postures.

You Are The Boss

While at work, I always stared at the chair of my Vice-President. It was unique, eye-catchy, show-off and did command that respect. The price too was way ahead of the regular office chairs that we used. That was Embody from Herman Miller.

Initially, I thought that it was only given to him owing to his high rank. But later I also realized that he is the one who is always busy holding meetings with multiple teams all day. Spends nearly 14 hours at office and out of which he remains seated for no less than 8 to 10 hours.
And physically too he is on the heavier side. Standing at 6 feet 4 inches and weighing more than 220 lbs, you can’t expect a regular chair to keep him comfortable for such long working hours.

Price Factor

Price is in fact a major factor and it might even force to hold back your decision. But don’t forget that you are looking for an ergonomic office chair. A chair that keeps you healthy no matter how long you work for daily.

This is the only chair that adjusts itself to fit almost every seating posture of yours. And if you have been experiencing back pain of late or your seating posture has been hurting your back for a long time then it is better to opt for Embody.

It definitely justifies the price. If you happen to encounter or develop chronic pains then remember that they are not going to heal in short term. It takes time. So, better to take precautionary measures than spend substantially on medical ailments.

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