Polaris F9550 Review – Robotic In-Ground Pool Cleaner Reviews

Polaris being the top manufacturer in the sector of the suction - pressure pool cleaners definitely tapped the core intelligence technologies to implement in their unique selling point of the products.

With wide range of advanced features that F9450 has already configured, Polaris F9550 Sport Robotic In-Ground Pool Cleaner is engraved with more advanced features including the specifications of intelligence.

With impressive engineered design and eye - catching fashion, it is composed with all the required specs that you can think of, for an impressive swimming pool cleaner.

Supreme Specifications to be checked 

  • All surface usable and debris cleaning mechanism
  • Wide - mouth intake sweeping all the murk at a time
  • Automatic water line cleaning with solid – blade scrubbing brush
  • Alloy – coated strength built caddy, not a general plastic one
  • Handheld remote which sense the motion unlike F9450
  • Vortex vacuum pressure technology and Easy Lift system
 To ensure the decision, a deep dive into its features is must,

Polaris F9550 Reviews - Feature-wise

Polaris F9550 Reviews
Polaris F9550 Review - Control Panel

Pool scanner and Navigation system

How good is it to imagine a self- set and self- controlled robot moved all on its own to clean your pool with no trace of dust being left out.

All you need to do is set it loose and start the operation, the ActivMotion sensor imbibed in the body of it, lets the robot move with no trail being traced twice at any moment of cleaning.

The remote attached with sensors can let you handle the whole cleaning procedure with a single palm used. The best point to be noted is F9550 has almost no or minimal hang- ups in its cycles which give intrusion free cleaning.

Cleaning cycle / Time

With prior programmed cleaning procedures and edge cutting technologies, the whole cycle to clean your pool in one go takes mid- range of 1 – 1.5 hours of time only.

The astounding intelliFlo pump can be accessed remotely with the active remote sensor accompanied which has Intelli touch, Easy Touch, Sun Touch access to it.

The associated alloy coated caddy sure does its work unlike usually provided light plastic ones, which never successfully serve the purpose.

All the mechanism built with the components given lead the quick processing time.


Oscillating brushes attached with the robot scrub away the long attached dirt, algae and debris.

These brushes are situated in the front making a clean way to itself. These are pleated with a solid blade scrubbing brush which are solid blade fixated, having the ability to remove any kind of dirt.

The Vortex Vacuum Technology quickly sucks the debris removed with wide opened mouth leaving no trace of removed debris with superior cleaning technology.

Polaris F9550 Review - Brushes

Polaris F9550 Review - Brushes

Polaris F9550 Review - Filters and Cartridges

Polaris F9550 Review - Filters and Cartridges


The attached filters are large enough to handle both large particles like twigs and leaves as well as the smaller particles like debris, algae and dust.

The finer filters capture the minute particles for the crystal sparkling cleanliness. Dirty canister indicator lets you know immediately when the need to clear the canister.

So yes, you don’t need to guess and check on timely anymore. The easy- clean filter canister system also allows you to empty it with simple shake and spray convenience.

No need of any messy cartridge usage for the storage of the collected dirt.

Surface, Walls and Stairs cleaning

Strong propulsion system lets the whole system reach the rear points like the edged corners as well as the area under the stairs which usually the other robotic cleaners couldn’t reach.

Cleaning the stairs isn’t greatly efficient but the separate waterline scrubbing cycle inscribed in the scrubbing surely would make you happy with tile cleaning procedure apart from the floor.

4- wheel drive technology enabled ensures the wall grip for easy scrubbing and cleaning.

Polaris F9550 Review - Remote Control

Polaris F9550 Review - Remote Control


Polaris F9550 Sport Robotic In-Ground Pool Cleaner has got the dimensions of 22 x 22 x 22 with perfect cubical shape weighing 43.6 pounds, which is little heavy to carry.

Other robotic cleaners with less weight are hefty under water making it tedious muscle job to take them out after work.

Contrasting them, the F9550 sport is made up with easyLift technology where the complete water are drained out of the system soon after the cycle.

This in turn makes it very easy to get it out of the pool and have your dives without any disturbance.

Polaris F9550 Review - Control Panel

Polaris F9550 Review - Control Panel

Polaris F9550 Reviews - Control Panel

Polaris F9550 Reviews - Control Panel

Programmable timer

One distinct advantage being the 7- day programmable timer, having fully customized cleaning cycles letting you clean your pool almost at your finger tip.

Its inventive engineering with pre- programmed cleaning patterns gives you one of the best cleans for your pool.

Supported Pool type / size

Its active 4WD wheel technology enables it move on any kind of floor, be it be hard or rough or be it be smooth.

Polaris F9550 is outfitted with Aqua – trax tires which enable the complete composure of the grip.

Supports unusual sizes up to 60 feet with 70 feet swivel length where most of this featured laptops support only 50 feet and 60 feet of length swivel cable.


Polaris F9550 Sport Robotic In- Ground Swimming Pool Cleaner is assured and backed by the manufacturers with a 2 year limited warranty.

Said that all the parts utilized are standard and easy- market available ones, the availability for the spares wouldn’t be a huge issue.

The design and model is so simple that any individual can handle it quick for any change of parts with no additional mechanic support.

Conclusion - Polaris F9550 Review

With classy blue coated body, silvery wheel lining and sparkling black side measures, this looks like a perfect sports car to have a remote race around.

On a complete note, this premium product being little pricy still does a great job in cleaning your pool with many challenging technologies. What else do you want to monitor if the perfect clean is right there for you.

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