Sleep Innovations Mattress Reviews

There are just a handful of brands in memory foam mattresses segment that have secured thousands of reviews. And one such mattress is Sleep Innovations that has a massive 4000+ reviews and 4+ overall rating as well. Such remarkable stats are always a perfect reflection of price, performance and customer satisfaction

Sleep Innovations Marley Review - 10 inch mattress

One of the most bangs for buck mattress in the market, Sleep Innovations Marley is a winner at most points. The 8-12inch mattress boasts uber comfort and eliminates the temperature sensitivity of the viscoelastic foam by a commendable margin. The Marley has been made with both summers, and comfort, in mind.

Marley 10-inch mattress - Layer Construction

Sleep Innovations Marley Review - 10 inch mattress Layer Construction

Top Layer 2-inch cool gel foam

The top layer serves for the direct contact we have with our mattress. Sleep Innovations have taken special care of that with their Marley Mattress.

The special cool gel foam in the Marley eliminates the temperature sensitive material problem we usually associate in the viscoelastic foam’s and heat retaining is reduced by a great margin.

2nd layer 2inch air channel foam

Sleep Innovations have turned the tables by adding this layer of foam to their mattress. The air channel foam ensures superior air flow inside the mattress, reducing the heat sensitivity while making you feel like sleeping on a cloud.

The innovators at Sleep innovation has played their cards right with this one. The top layer is medium firm but with the air channel foam in Marley makes It a steal at the price of around 400.

Base layer 6-inch support foam

Like every other mattress, Sleep Innovation chose a support foam for the base of Marley. A wise decision indeed, but what makes the Marley different is the density of the support foam.

You wouldn’t actually reach the layer ever in the whole life of your mattress but it does remain one of the most important things.

The base layer in the Marley supports the top two layers to create an intricate balance. The 6-inch support foam also greatly extends the life of the mattress by a huge margin. 

Sleep Innovations Marley Review


The mattress is pretty much medium firm, to be honest, but that’s how things should be. It’s good to feel like sleeping on a cloud every once in a while, but in the long run, you need to take care of your spine and body. Hence, a medium firm mattress is most recommended.

The Marley is a perfect balance and blend of firmness and softness and ensures maximum support to your body every day. The layer construction plays a major part in the Marley, Sleep Innovations seem to have widely researched before reaching this balance.

While you buy a mattress, don’t just go around looking at the fancy top layer, look at the mattress as a whole.

The medium hard firmness in the Marley might feel slightly firm initially, but things go smoothly after a while. Various researches have been done to prove the fact that the soft mattresses are the culprits behind bad back pain later in life.

Sleep Innovations have done it right to keep their mattress on the firm side of the scale, to make sure their users love them 10 years down the line too.

Motion Isolation

Sleep innovations have mastered how mattresses should isolate the motion of your partner or pets. The Marley has an intricately designed foam to reduce motion isolation to almost nil.

It is very necessary for a good sleep that every sort of motion is isolated from reaching you or your partner. The main reason behind exceptional motion isolation of the Marley is the fact that its top layer is memory foam.

The bottom two layers are designed in a way to bring down the motion isolation to almost zero for a comfortable and sound sleep. Motion isolation also promotes deep sleep which is must to improve the overall quality of sleep.

Edge support

The edge support is a necessity we all know about. The supportive edges essentially make the quality of your sleep much better and extend the mattresses life by 2x.

Sleep innovations Marley makes sure you get the best of sleep even if you love living on the edge. The foam is designed in a way that it is much more supportive on the edges to add more to the already perfect mattress.

The life of the mattress depends on two factors, edge support, and base foam. With the exclusive 6-inch support foam and the greatest edge support, you get a mattress that’s going to last at least 15 years.

Cooling effect

Sleep innovation has worked very hard to improve on the memory foam’s properties while emitting the heat retaining part. The Marley sports a 2inch of cool gel foam as the top layer.

The main issue with viscoelastic foam is its heat retaining property which leaves it unusable during summer, Sleep innovations have improvised on the generic memory foam to create the perfect sleeping solution which manages keeps you cool.

The Marley promises a great quality of sleep with almost the same price as a generic memory foam mattress.

Suitable for side sleepers, back sleepers, or stomach sleepers?

Sleep innovations Marley promises best sleeping postures for every single sleeping position.

Essentially, when you sleep on your side, your spine should be aligned straight. With Marley’s innovative technology, you get exactly straight posture while sleeping on your side, making the Marley suitable for side sleepers.

When you choose to sleep on your back or on your stomach, things get much more complicated and your spine needs to maintain its natural curve. In the Marley, even if you choose to sleep on your back or stomach, the natural curve of your spine will be retained, thanks to the intricately set firmness and density of the top layer of the mattress.

Warranty, trial, and shipping

Sleep Innovations Marley Review - Warranty

Marley ships in a box, the mattress is packed in vacuum lock to fit in a tiny box and expands when you open it and let the air fill on its own. The procedure takes almost 72 hours and you are recommended to not use the mattress for that period of time.

The settling period may be a concern for people who have already discarded their old mattress and immediately want to use Marley mattress.

The Sleep innovations Marley comes with a 10-year warranty, they promise to covers any manufacturing defects what so ever. However, unlike a few of brands, Marley doesn’t offer anything like a free trial and no questions asked returns.

The limited warranty covers everything that usually goes wrong with a mattress for over a period of 10 years. The free trial thing may still remain a deal breaker for some.

Shipping from Sleep Innovations is keeping up with the now industry standard of a mattress in a box. The Marley comes vacuum sealed and starts to expand as soon as you open it.


There is particularly nothing on the downside with the Sleep Innovations Marley, except for, of course, the missed trial period. But, on the brighter side, they are offering a fully customized mattress size for fitting your bed in the perfect way.

The mattress remains medium firm/plush and may not be suitable for those who are used to very plush type soft ones.

Medium firm mattresses offer great support and will keep your spine in shape, so if you are currently using a medium firm mattress, or are looking to replace your old mattress, Sleep innovations Marley is the perfect choice for you.

Sleep Innovations Taylor Mattress Review - 12 inch mattress

How thick would you want your mattress to be? No matter what measurement you have in mind, this mattress from Sleep Innovations Taylor just won’t let you down. The mattress comes with a thickness of 12 inches. Yes, you heard that right. Twelve inches. That being said, here are a few features of the mattress that we shall now take a look at: 

Taylor 12-inch Mattress - Layer Construction

Sleep Innovations Taylor Mattress Review - Layer Construction

Sleep Innovations Taylor Mattress Review - Layer Construction

Cover- The cover of a mattress goes a long way in ensuring that it looks nice and is durable too. That being said, we shall now have a look at the cover of the Sleep Innovations Taylor mattress.

This mattress comes with a poly cotton cover, giving it the benefits of polyester and cotton. With a blend of these two materials, the cover makes the mattress beautiful, breathable and finally, highly durable.

Soft, comfortable, flexible and tear-resistant, the cover goes a long way in giving the mattress a luxurious feel. And it’s not just this. This cover is also quilted to give you an additional layer of cushioning and make your bed comfortable to sleep on.

Top Layer - The top layer is one of the most important of all the layers of the mattress as this is the closest to the body. Sleep Innovations perfectly understands this by providing its Taylor mattress with a thick top layer of two inches.

Built with memory foam, this makes the mattress soften when pressure and heat are applied, thus conforming to the body and providing relief when you sleep.

Added to this memory foam is a cooling gel that pulls heat away from your body and keeps your body cool when you sleep. Thus, the top layer makes the mattress ideal for a hot country like ours.

Intermediary Layer - And it’s not just the top layer. The middle layer plays an equally important role and has to be looked at if you want to ensure that a mattress makes a comfortable sleep possible. Pressure relief and spinal alignment are some of the most important things that a good middle layer contributes to in a mattress.

The Sleepover Innovations Taylor mattress comes with a comfortable middle layer of air channel foam that responds to your body temperature and channels all the warmth out so you can enjoy a cool night sleep. This layer of air channels come in two inches for a perfect sink down feel.

Base Layer - Finally, you have the bottom layer. While the top layer and middle layer are important, you can’t ignore the role played by the bottom layer of a mattress.

The bottom layer is the thickest layer of the Sleep Innovations Taylor mattress. This layer comes with eight inches. It is, in fact, this layers that plays a role in providing the mattress its thickness, making it different from other mattresses out there.

This layer of the mattress is constructed with support-plus foam, so your muscles can relax when you lie down. This, as the name suggests, goes a long way in providing all the support that you need. 

Sleep Innovations Taylor Mattress Review - Warranty


While there are a lot of things that are important in a mattress, firmness is one of the first in the list. Firmness is nothing but the feel of the mattress and goes a long way in determining the amount of comfort and support that the mattress can provide you.

While some will smile at the thought of lying on a mattress that lets them sink deep into it, this is not everyone’s idea of a comfortable sleep.

So, if you don’t like a mattress that has lot of sink, this Taylor mattress from Sleep Innovations is a perfect choice for you. The mattress provides a proper middle ground between plushness and hardness.

The Tri-Comfort technology that the mattress is built with will ensure that it is neither too soft nor too hard but comes with just the right amount of firmness needed for a good sleep.

The medium-firm feel of the mattress makes it ideal for those with back pain and other such problems. Apart from this, the mattress is also proved to be aligned in such a way as to provide you with pressure point relief while you sleep.

Equal distribution of weight, reduced neck and back pain and improved posture are just a few of the many benefits that you will enjoy with this kind of mattress. 

Motion Isolation

This is very important if you are choosing a double bed for your partner and you to sleep on. This feature refers to nothing but the way in which your mattress can absorb your movement without causing any movement to the other side of the mattress.

In other words, a mattress with a good motion isolation is that which lets your partner enjoy a sound sleep no matter how much you toss and turn while you sleep.

Sleep Innovations Taylor mattresses are built with proper motion isolation which makes them ideal for couples to have in their bedroom. The memory foam and just right firmness of the mattresses go a long way in making all this possible. 

Edge Support

A bed should not just be comfortable to sleep on but to sit on too. This makes the edge support another important feature to look for when you buy a new mattress. Theedge support refers to the amount of resistance that is provided by a mattress at the edges.

Apart from making sitting on the bed comfortable, a good edge support can prevent a mattress from sagging and letting the edges fall over to make your bed look ugly.

Sleep Innovations Taylor mattresses come with just the right amount of edge support to make all the above things possible.

Cooling Effect

A mattress may have all the features possible to give you all the support and comfort you need when you sleep. But this is going to be a waste if you are going to be tossing and turning due to heat. 

While the AC can go a long way in keeping your bedroom cool, it is also important to have a good mattress that makes sleeping in summer comfortable. This makes the cooling effect another thing to look for in a mattress.

Sleepover Innovations understands that sleepers tend to feel warm when they sleep and has designed a mattress that provides just the right amount of coolness for a good night sleep. 

Suitable for Side Sleepers or Back Sleepers or Stomach Sleepers

You can’t really have a fixed sleeping position, can you? It just depends on what sleep position you want to take for the night. You may want to sleep on your stomach tonight, on your back tomorrow and on your side the day after.

Sleepover Innovations totally understands it and so here is a mattress that is suitable for any sleeping position. So, it doesn’t matter what position you sleep in when you buy this mattress.

By aligning and adapting to your body, the mattress is designed to be comfortable for all sleeping positions.

Side sleepers can enjoy the cushioning they need on their shoulders and hips.The medium firm of the mattress also sees to it that side sleepers don’t sink deeply into it.

If you are a back sleeper, on the other hand, you would prefer a mattress that cradles your spine in the right way. The memory foam of the mattress makes this possible.

Finally, if you are a stomach sleeper, you may want exceptional support around the midsection. The mattress makes this possible too, again, thanks to the medium firmness of the mattress.

With a Sleep Innovations Taylor mattress in your bedroom, it doesn’t matter what your sleeping position is.

Warranty, Trial Period, Free Pillows and Shipping

Sleep Innovations Taylor Mattress Review - Features

Sleep Innovations Taylor Mattress Review - Features

Now that you are satisfied with the features of the Sleep Innovations Taylor mattress, the next question on your mind probably is how long can the mattress last in your house.

Well, this mattress is highly durable and can last for almost two decades. This is why the mattress comes with a 20-Year. In this way, you can be sure to have the mattress in your bedroom for a long time. 

In the case of any defect found in the mattress during this period, you will either have the mattress repaired or replaced. If at all the mattress that you have is no longer in stock, then it will be replaced with a comparable substitute.

If you still are in doubt when it comes to buying the mattress for your bedroom, you can try it out for a period of time till you are convinced about how perfect it is for you.

Buy this mattress from Amazon to enjoy 30 days return window period. In this way, you can try the mattress out for 30 nights, and toss and turn as much as you want to see if this mattress is right for you. 

If you are still not happy, a refund will be provided and the mattress can be returned back from you. This will not include any extra shipping charges.

Finally, you may be wondering how to buy this mattress for your home. No, you don’t have to go through all the hassle of getting the mattress transported. The mattress will be delivered to your doorstep.

The Sleep Innovations Taylor mattress comes well compressed and rolled in a box, and this makes it easy to unpack. The fact that the mattress is vacuum packed will ensure that there is no damage to it in the process of getting it shipped to you. 

Conclusion - Sleep Innovations Taylor mattress

With the Sleep Innovations Taylor mattress, you don’t just have a thick and stylish mattress in your bedroom, but a bed that gives you a sound sleep with just the right amount of firmness, cushioning, alignment and support that you need.

Apart from this, you can also enjoy a good sleep without sweating in bed. The mattress is not just comfortable for sleeping in different positions, but sitting too.

And if you have the habit of tossing and turning, don’t feel guilty because your partner won’t be affected. Finally, you can be sure that this mattress is going to last long in your bedroom.

Sleep Innovations Reviews


Best for 

Children, teenagers and average built adults

Average to above average built adults

Above average and slightly heavy built adults

Suitable for

(Side, stomach or back sleepers alike)

All types of sleepers

All types of sleepers

1. All types of sleepers

2. Extra cool, best for people who sleep hot

No. of layers




Top layer

3 Inch

SureTemp™ proprietary foam

2.5 Inch

SureTemp™ proprietary foam

2.5 Inch

SureTemp™ proprietary foam

Intermediary layer



2.5 Inch

Breezy air channel foam 

Base layer

7 Inch
premium support foam

​9.5 Inch
premium support foam

9 Inch
premium support foam



(on a scale of 1 to 10)

(on a scale of 1 to 10)


(on a scale of 1 to 10)

Motion Isolation

Very Good

Very Good

Very Good

Edge Support




Safety certifications

CertiPUR-US certified

CertiPUR-US certified

CertiPUR-US certified

Made in









Bed in box

Bed in box

Bed in box


But how Sleep Innovations managed to prove itself above the rest? The secret lies in its proprietary foam, SureTemp™. Well, before we review in detail on how SureTemp proved to be the game changer, let's first take quick look at the following feature set.

What is SureTemp foam all about?

Layer material: Every memory foam mattress is either two or three layered. And the foam material used to make these layers is more or less the same in all mattresses. However, there are very few brands that develop their own proprietary foam and one such brand is Sleep Innovations and their proprietary foam is SureTemp™ memory foam.

What's the benefit with this SureTemp foam?

"Regular memory foam mattresses only suit either side sleepers or back sleepers or stomach sleepers. Mattresses that are suitable for every sleeping posture alike are rare breed"

And Sleep Innovations unique selling point is the same, the proprietary foam is specially designed to best suit all types of sleeping postures.

When a mattress brand claims that it is also suitable for side sleepers means it is generally suitable but not specially tailer made, like Sleep Innovations proprietary foam SureTemp™ to offer that extra support for side sleepers.

Proprietary SureTemp™ adds medium firmness, especially around pressure points like hips and shoulders.

Layer Construction

Be it any size mattress –10 inch, 12 inch or 14 inch it’s almost the same layer construction in Sleep Innovations mattresses.However, what varies is the size of the top proprietary foam layer and the base high density layer. 

Sleep Innovations Shiloh Review – 12 inch mattress

Shiloh Mattress Reviews


12 inches 

Number of layers


 - Top layer

2.5 Inch SureTemp™ proprietary foam

 - Base layer

9.5 Inch premium support foam


Medium Firm

(6 on a scale of 1 to 10)

Best for

Children, teenagers and average built adults

Sleep Innovations Shiloh Mattress Reviews

Why the top layer is just 2.5 inches thick?

With a simple 2 layer construction, this 12 inch shiloh mattress is specifically designed to offer medium firmness. 

Even though the overall size is 12 inches, the top layer is just 2.5 inch in thickness. While other brands would have had this layer stand at 3 or 3.5 inches.

But with the idea of catering to a wider range of consumers who prefer medium firmness level, the top layer's thickness has been intentionally fixed at 2.5 inches. Anything above 3 inches thickness makes mattresses slightly plush.

Top Layer: 2.5 inch proprietary SureTemp™ foam

In regular foams, cooling gel is infused so as to widen the cell structure and make it porous, cool and breathable. This often results in disturbing the actual ILD of these foams and thereby creating uneven sleeping surface.

However, in proprietary SureTemp foam, the layer itself is created with wide cell structure. This makes the foam relatively plush, breathable and uniform in size.

It cuddles with body curvature as if you are hugged by the mattress.

Bottom Layer: 9.5 inch Premium Support foam

Instead of employing high density foam as base layer, which otherwise is quite hard in feel , the base layer in Sleep Innovations mattresses are made from premium support foam.

Apart from sustaining weights, this variation of foam effectively removes vibrations, thus reducing annoying motion transfer issues.

Why such high thickness of base layer?

But the remarkable difference is the sheer size of this support layer, 9.5 inches, which is way higher than one can expect.

With such massive size, it can sustain any amount of weight, making it ideal for all types of sleepers – lean, average built or even above average, catering to everyone alike.

High density foams, although of less size could also do the job. But they are rock solid in feel.

  • Moreover, if a high density foam is used as base layer, then there has has to be an additional intermediary transition layer.
  • Whereas, premium support foam removes the need and costs associated with having such additional layers. 

Hence, the cost of Sleep Innovations mattresses are nearly 50% less compared to other mattress that also have proprietary multi-layered foams.

Motion Isolation – Shiloh Memory Foam Mattress

Being just a two layer construction, even if slight extra pressure is applied the top layer won’t sink more than 2 or 2.5 inches at the maximum.

Backed up by 9 inch thick premium support layer, placed right beneath the top plush top layer, the mattress can't sink any further. Unlike high density foams that are quite hard in feel, this 9 inch premium support layer is firm yet carries the tendency to remove motion related vibrations.

Rebound: And when pressure is released, the top layer quickly bounces back to normalcy, well within the stipulted two seconds window. 

And again as it quickly bounces back to shape, this motion does not transfer beyond couple of inches from the point of impact. Hence, the vibration won’t transmit up to your sleeping partner.

As a thumb rule, for every one inch plush layer, the motion transmit can be felt up to 1 or 1.5 inch in radius. Hence, for a 2.5 inch top layer, the motion transmits up to 2 to 3 inches inches radius for a medium built person.


On a scale of 1 to 10, the overall firmness of this mattress is 6. Anything that falls between 6 and 7 is neither too firm nor too plush.

Please do not assume that the mattress might be firm as the base layer is 9.5 inches in thickness. It is incorrect as the base layer is not made from high density foam. Instead it is made from premium support foam.

It has been meticulously chosen as it is slightly elastic in nature. Hence, it supports all types of sleepers (side, stomach and back sleepers).

Cooling Effect

Difference between memory foam and gel memory foam mattresses

Although cooling effect is a term proprietary to gel memory foam mattresses as they have cooling gel infused into the top layer.

Whereas, memory foam mattresses are in fact known for heating up within minutes of sleeping. The heat from our body is captured in closed cell structure of top comfort layers.

But as mentioned throughout the article, the proprietary SureTemp™ foam, in Sleep Innovations mattresses, has relatively quiet open cell structure compared to regular comfort foams.

This makes the mattress breathable and the heat from your body gets dissipated quickly owing to the enhanced air flow through the open porous structure.

Odor and Inflation Time

Yes, similar to all memory foam mattresses, even Sleep Innovation mattresses carry odor as the foams are compressed before being shipped. And the moment you unwrap the covers, along with inflation even the odor starts spreading. It is a common with mattresses and nothing new to worry.

However, it is relatively very mild and should not cause any inconvenience. You feel the smell as the mattress inflates to its full size for the first time and disappears within few hours thereafter.

It might take 12 to 24 hours ideally to inflate to its full size but always give it up to 48 hours for it to open up in every nook and corner. For best results and longevity, do not test the mattress or try to use it during this period. Give it ample time and allow the mild odor to vanish fully.

Safety regulations, Manufacturing and Shipping – Made in USA

  • All three versions – Sleep Innovations Shiloh, Shea and Alden are CertiPUR-US certified and comply with safety standards.
  • Made in USA - Entire manufacturing process, including making of proprietary SureTemp foam and premium support foam, is in USA. 
  • Sleep Innovation mattresses are compressed, rolled and shipped vacuum sealed in box.


Another unique selling point (USP) of Sleep Innovations mattresses is the warranty factor. The company offers 20-Year warranty, which is way to high and can easily be called as lifetime warranty.

Sleep Innovations Shea Review - 10 inch mattress

Leaving aside the size difference, Sleep Innovations 10 inch Shea mattress can be labelled as a photocopy of 12 inch shiloh mattress.

The design, layer construction, material used are all the same in both the mattresses. The only difference is the size of these individual layers.

  • The size of the top SureTemp proprietary foam has been increased by 0.5 inches in Shea mattress and stands at 3 inches thickness
  • Whereas, the size of the base layer has been decreased by nearly 2 inches and stands at 7 inches instead of 9.5 inches like in shiloh mattress

Sleep Innovations, 10 inch Shea mattress has been specifically designed to best suit people with lean phyique to average size built. It means it is best for children, teenagers as well as adults with average body type.

Shea 10-Inch SureTemp Memory Foam Mattress - Layer Construction

Shea Mattress Reviews


10 inches 

Number of layers


 - Top layer

3 Inch SureTemp™ proprietary foam

 - Base layer

7 Inch premium support foam


Medium Firm

(6 on a scale of 1 to 10)

Best for

Average to above average built adults

Motion Isolation & Firmness

Parameters like overall firmness, motion isolation, breathability/cooling effect remain the same like in Shiloh 12 inch version, as long as people with average to lean physique use it.

Firmness stands at 6 on a scale of 1 to 10 while motion isolation is also exceptional. Owing to the simple two layer construction, neither motion disturbances nor vibrations are transferred to sleeping partners.

The radius of sink/impact while turning around in the bed will be 3 to 4 inches at the maximum and does not really reach up to your sleeping partner.

However, for people with above average built, these parameters tend to be different. Hence, it is best advised for them to go with either 12 inch Shiloh or 14 inch Alden.

Warranty, Shipping and Certifications

Manufactured in USA, Shea mattress too comes with 20-Year warranty and is rolled, compressed shipped in a box.

Sleep Innovations Alden Review - 14 Inch mattress 

The only difference, design-wise, between this 14 inch version and the remaining 10 inch and 12 inch versions is the extra 2.5 inch layer that has been embedded as an intermediary layer.

Sleep Innovations has specially designed its 14 inch Alden mattress for

  1. people who are slightly on the heavier side (above average to heavy) or
  2. for those who tend to sleep hot and looking for an extra cool memory foam mattress
Wondering what is the special design in Alden mattress?

Well, Sleep Innovations has added an intermediary layer that is 2.5 inch thick and made with open cell structure. Known as Breezy Air Channel Foam, this adds superior ventilation and better air flow as an add-on to the enhanced breathability offered by the top SureTemp™ layer.

Now that the top two layer are 5 inches thick combined, it adds the extra plush feel making it perfectly suitble for average to average built people.

However, if you are lean then Alden mattress might appear to be a bit firm for you.

Sleep Innovations Alden - Layer Construction

Alden Mattress Reviews


14 inches 

Number of layers


 - Top layer

2.5 inch SureTemp™ proprietary foam

 - Intermediary layer

Breezy 2.5 inch air channel foam

 - Base layer

9 inch premium support foam


Medium Firm

(6 on a scale of 1 to 10)

Best for

Average to above average built adults


Addition of an extra layer slightly increases the overall firmness of the mattress but makes it ideal for average and above averageg built people. It stands at 6.5 on a scale of 1 to 10 making it medium firm.

And, as the base layer is still 9 inches thick high density foam, the mattress would never bottom out and can comfortably sustain extra weights. 

Cooling Effect

Sleep Innovation 14 inch Alden mattress is much more cooler compared to 12 inch Shiloh and 10 inch Shea mattresses.

The reason again is the intermediary 2.5 inch Air flow channel layer that has wide porous cell structure that significantly increases breathability and heat dissipation.

Motion Isolation

Motion isolation in Alden is very similar to that in Shiloh and Shea mattresses. It does not carry motion disturbace to your sleeping partner.

Warranty, Manufacturing, Shipping and certifications

Alden mattress too comes with the same 20-Year warranty, CertiPUR-US certified and manufactured in USA.

It is rolled and compressed shipped Bed-in-a-Box mattress.


Sleep Innovations mattresses are suggested if you are looking for a mattress that has to support every sleeping posture alike (side, stomach and back sleepers).

  • The 10 inch Shea mattress best suits children, teenagers and adults who are light weight in built

  • For average to above average physical built, the 12 inch shiloh mattress is recommended

  • And for those who are slightlly on the heavier side then the 14 inch Alden mattress is best suitable as it also offers some extra cooling effect with an additional breezy air channel intermediary foam

Sleep Innovations is backed by a massive 20-Year warranty which reflects the confidence of the company in its products. Thousands of reviews and 4+ overall rating also showcase exceptional customer satisfaction levels.