Sleep Innovations Mattress Reviews – Shiloh, Shea & Alden

Memory foam mattresses are either two or three layered. And all these layers are more or less the same in all mattresses.

However, there are just a handful of companies that develop their own proprietary foam and one such brand is Sleep Innovations and their proprietary foam is SureTemp™ memory foam.

We can discuss in further sections on how and why this proprietary foam is different from other foams. But first let me tell you the summary in short,

“Every memory foam mattress by nature only suit either side sleepers, back sleepers or stomach sleepers. Mattresses designed for side sleepers are very few in the market. And mattresses that are suitable for every sleeping posture alike are rare breed.

And Sleep Innovations unique selling point is the same, the proprietary foam is specially designed to best suit all types of sleepers”

When a mattress brand claims that it is also suitable for side sleepers means it is generally suitable but not specially designed like Sleep Innovations proprietary foam SureTemp™ to offer that extra support for side sleepers.

Proprietary SureTemp™ adds medium firmness, especially around pressure points like hips and shoulders.

Layer Construction

Be it any size mattress –10 inch, 12 inch or 14 inch it’s almost the same layer construction. However, what varies is the size of the top proprietary foam layer and the base high density layer. Just take a quick look at the following specs,

Size: 12 inches

No. of layers: 2

Top Layer: Deep Sleep 2.5 Inch SureTemp™ proprietary foam

Intermediary Layer: No

Bottom Layer: 9.5 Inch SureTemp™ proprietary foam

Firmness: Medium Firm (6 on a scale of 1 to 10)

Best for: Side, stomach and back sleepers alike

Size: 10 inches

No. of layers: 2

Top Layer: Comfort Flex 3 Inch SureTemp™ proprietary foam

Intermediary Layer: No

Bottom Layer: 7 Inch SureTemp™ proprietary foam

Firmness: Medium Firm (6 on a scale of 1 to 10)

Best for: Side, stomach and back sleepers alike

Size: 14 inches

No. of layers: 3

Top Layer: Comfort Luxury 2.5 Inch SureTemp™ proprietary foam

Intermediary Layer: Breezy 2.5 inch air channel foam

Bottom Layer: 9 Inch SureTemp™ proprietary foam

Firmness: Medium Soft (5.5 on a scale of 1 to 10)

The two layer 12 inch mattress has been designed to offer medium firmness.

The top layer here is 2.5 inch even though the overall size is 12 inches. Other brands would have had this layer stand at 3 or 3.5 inches.

But to be able to cater this Shiloh version to majority section that prefers medium firmness, the top layer’s thickness has been intentionally fixed at 2.5 inches.

Anything above 3 inches thickness makes mattresses slightly plush.

Top Layer: 2.5 inch proprietary SureTemp™ foam

This layer is quite porous in nature and very similar to gel memory foam layer wherein cooling gel is infused that which in turn opens up cell structure.

But in SureTemp, the layer itself is created with wide cell structure. This makes the foam relatively plush, breathable and it cuddles with body curvature as if you are hugged by the mattress.

Bottom Layer: 9.5 inch High Density foam

Like in all mattress, the base is layer is again made from high density foam. But what makes remarkable difference is the sheer size of this layer. 9.5 inches is way higher than one can expect.

With this size it can sustain any amount weight making it ideal for all type of sleepers – lean, average or even above average. Caters to everyone alike.

Motion Isolation

Being just a two layer construction, the top layer won’t sink by more than 2 inches at the maximum.

As the high density layer is right beneath the plush top layer, the mattress sink any further. And the top layer perfectly bounces back to normalcy when within two seconds interval.

And as you move or turn on your sides while asleep, only the top layer realigns to your body curvature.

And again as it quickly bounces back to shape, this motion does not transfer beyond couple of inches from the point of impact. Hence, the vibration won’t transmit up to your sleeping partner.

As a thumb rule, for every one inch plush layer, the motion transmit can be felt up to one inch in radius. Hence, for a 2.5 inch top layer, the motion transmits up to 2 inches radius for a medium built person.


On a scale of 1 to 10, the overall firmness of this mattress is 6. Anything that’s fall between 6 and 7 is neither too firm nor too plush.

Although, the mattress top layer is just 2.5 inches thick, but there is a slight variation in the base 9.5 thick layer.

The cell structure of the base high density foam has been created to be slightly elastic in nature. Instead of being fully foam with closed cell structure, this elasticity makes the layer absorb additional weights as well.

Whereas, if you observe the base layer of the 10 inch version, it is firmer and similar to regular high density foams. And this is why the firmness in 10 inch Shea mattress stands at 6.5.

Cooling Effect

Although cooling effect is a term proprietary to gel memory foam mattresses that have cooling gel infused top layer.

And most memory foam mattresses are in fact known for heating up within minutes of sleeping. The heat from our body is captured in closed cell structure of top comfort layers.

But as mentioned throughout the article, the proprietary SureTemp™ foam has relatively lose cell structure compared to regular comfort foams.

The makes the mattress breathable and as your body generates heat, it gets dissipated quickly owing to the enhanced air flow through the open porous structure.

Odor and Inflation Time

Yes, similar to all memory foam mattresses, even Sleep Innovation mattresses carry chemical odor as the foams are compressed before being shipped.

And the moment you unwrap the covers, along with inflation even the odor starts spreading.

However, it is relatively very mild and should not cause any inconvenience. You feel the smell as the mattress inflates to its full size for the first time and disappears within few hours thereafter.

It might take 12 to 24 hours ideally to inflate to its full size but always give it up to 48 hours for it to open up in every nook and corner.

For best results and longevity, do not test the mattress or try to use it during this period. Give it ample time and allow the mild odor to vanish fully.

Sleep Innovations Warranty

All three mattresses from Sleep Innovations, Shilo, Shea and Aldren come with 20 Year warranty.

Manufacturing and Shipping

The proprietary foam and the overall manufacturing, everything is happens in USA. Like all memory foam mattresses, Sleep Innovation mattresses are also shipped vacuum sealed.

Alden 14-Inch SureTemp Memory Foam Mattress Review

And if you are looking for some extra plush on the top surface then I would suggest you to try the 14 inch Alden memory foam mattress from Sleep Innovations.

The only difference between the 14 inch version and the remaining 10 inch and 12 inch versions is the extra comfort foam that has been embedded as intermediary layer in 14 inch version.

Known as Breezy Air Channel Foam, this adds superior ventilation and better air flow as an add-on to the enhanced breathability offered by the top SureTemp™ layer.

However, addition of this layer also softens the overall firmness of the mattress. It stands at 5.5 on a scale of 1 to 10 making it medium soft. However, as the base layer is still 9 inches thick high density foam, the mattress would never bottom out. The extra layer is just like icing on the cake.