Olee Vs Zinus Mattress Review and Comparison

Comparing Olee Vs Zinus, both mattresses fall in budget mattresses segment. However, there is remarkable contrast between the two. 

While Olee Sleep is a simple gel mattress, Zinus on the other hand has infused green tea extract and castor seed oil along with cooling gel. This makes Zinus both anti-bacterial and odor free.

Zinus has recorded massive 31,000 plus reviews and 4+ overall rating making it "The Best Budget Mattress". Please do take a quick look at its reviews, rating and customer satisfaction before we move into detailed Zinus Vs Olee review and comparison.

Zinus Vs Olee Sleep Mattress


Olee 10 Inch Gel Mattress

Zinus 10 Gel Infused Green Tea Mattress

No. of Layers



 - Cover

Polyster Jacquard

Knitted Jacquard

 - Top layer

1 inch Dura I gel infused

2 inch gel memory foam

 - Mid layer 1

1 inch 8 ILD soft memory foam

2.5 inch comfort foam

 - Mid layer 2

1 inch 25 ILD convoluted foam


 - Base layer

7 inch HD base foam

5.5 inch HD foam


Medium Firm

 6.5 on scale of 1 to 10

Balanced Firm/Plush

 6 on scale of 1 to 10

Edge Support



Safety Regulations

CertiPUR-US certified

CertiPUR-US certified


10 Years

10 Years


Both Olee Sleep and Zinus are available in difference sizes in the market.

There are no less 10 different versions of all sizes and it is a painstaking process to look through and compare each against another.

However, this review and comparison between Olee Vs Zinus is limited to 10 inch and 12 inch versions as these are the best selling categories.

Olee Sleep Vs Zinus - Layer Comparison

Top Layer - Olee Vs Zinus

While Olee comes with 1 inch gel layer, Zinus green tea version has 2 inches of this layer.

Note: The more the size of this layer the better the cooling effect. With 2 inches thick gel infused layer, Zinus is clearly more cooler than Olee.

Additionally, this top layer in Zinus is again infused with green tea extract and caster seed oil.

Green tea carries anti-bacterial characteristics and it perfectly protects your mattress from harmful bacteria accumulation that mainly results from sweat absorption. It also retards unpleasant odors off the top surface.

The verdict is loud and clear when it comes to top gel infused layers. Zinus 10 inch version is optimal choice as it carries green tea and castor seed oil extract in addition to cooling gel.

Olee Sleep Mid layers

While Olee 10 inch version has two mid level layers, Zinus green tea mattress has only one mid layer sandwiched between top gel and base HD layers.

Olee made use of foams with different firmness levels as mid layers, one being 25 ILD and other at 8 ILD.

  • 1 inch 8 ILD soft memory foam absorbs weight from top gel layer and conforms to body curvature
  • 1 inch 25 ILD convoluted high density foam is designed for easy air flow and also holds the mattress from further sinking

Zinus Mid layer

Zinus has made use of simple single soft memory foam of 2.5 inches thickness as mid layer. It’s designed to hold the body weight from directly hitting the high density hard base layer.

In other words, it’s like a transition layer between the top plush gel layer and the bottom hard high density layer.

Olee Vs Zinus Base layer

While Olee sleep mattress has a massive 7 inch high density base layer, the Zinus 10 inch version has 5.5 inch thick base HD layer.


While Olee comes with polyester jacquard fabric, Zinus has knitted jacquard cover. Not much of a difference.


With an 8 ILD and 25 ILD intermediary layers and 7 inch thick high density base layer, Olee Sleep is slightly more firmer than Zinus 10 inch mattress. Zinus has a single 2.5 inch intermediary layer that is again soft comfort layer followed by high density 5.5 inch base HD layer.

On the whole, on a scale of 1 to 10, Olee mattress stands at 6.5 making in medium firm while Zinus with a score of 6 is neither too firm nor too plush. 

The 0.5 difference is because of the 2 inch gel layer and 2.5 inch comfort layer in Zinus layer construction.

Motion Isolation

With 2 intermediary layers, we can conclude that Olee Sleep offers a notch better motion isolation than Zinus.

Edge Support

Same is the case with edge support as well, Olee mattress again stands ahead of Zinus owing to the massive 7 inch thick base high density layer.

Nonetheless, both the beds do hold you from slipping downwards in a sleeping position. But while in a sitting position, Olee Sleep is relatively firmer on the edges.

CertiPUR-US Certification

Both Zinus and Olee are both CertiPUR-US certified thus assuring you of all safety regulatory adherence. No harmful material goes into the making of these mattresses.

However, Zinus being additionally infused with green tea and caster seed oil infused gives more protection from bacteria and effectively removes unpleasant odors.


Yet again both Olee and Zinus green tea mattress come with 10 Year limited warranty against all manufacturing defects.

Conclusion - Olee Vs Zinus

Cost-wise both beds fall in the same price range, however, Olee is slightly cheaper by around twenty bucks.

Feature-wise Zinus leads the race, especially with 2 inch gel layer that offers better cooling effect. Additionally, the green tea and caster seed oil extracts work as add-ons giving some much needed health benefits through their anti-bacterial characteristics.

But if you are looking for bit firmer version, Olee Sleep should fit your need. Else, if you are happy with neither plush nor firm mattress then Zinus green tea mattress is worth.

Images Source: Amazon.com