Hofish Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review – 10 Inch

Besides making adjustable beds, Hofish has also ventured into mattresses segment. Their 10 inch gel memory foam mattress is not just like every other mattress.

What’s Hofish mattress all about?

In a nutshell, for Hofish mattress the unique selling point is the green tea extract that is infused into both intermediary and base layers.

Out of the 10 inch thickness, it has green tea extract infused into 8.5 inch thick intermediary and base layers, making it the most effective mattress against unpleasant odors, harmful bacteria and keeps it fresh all the time.

And the top 1.5 inch layer is gel infused providing you the ultimate experience of sleeping on a cool memory foam mattress.

Quick Specifications - Hofish Gel Memory Foam Mattress


10 inches

No. of layers


Top Layer

1.5 inch cool gel infused

Intermediary Layer

2 inch comfort layer with green tea extract

Base Layer

6.5 inch high density layer with green tea extract


Soft ventilated removable and washable fabric

Firmness Level



CertiPUR-US Certified


Compressed & Rolled


Motion isolation & Pressure relief

Unique Selling Point (USP)

8.5 inch layers with green tea extract


Why buy Hofish memory foam mattress?

All gel mattresses have the same construction – top gel layer followed by comfort layers and a base high density layer.

But Hofish is offering the same set of layers with green tea extract and moreover at the same price. Green tea extract costs a bomb and infusing it into foam layers of a mattress is again a tedious process.

Keeping in mind all the above, Hofish mattress is worth every penny when compared to other ordinary gel mattresses with plain layers coming at the same price.

Layer Construction
Hofish Gel Memory Foam 10 Inch Mattress Layer Construction

Hofish Gel Memory Foam 10 Inch Mattress Layer Construction

Top Gel Layer – 1.5 inch thick cooling gel infused layer

Cooling gel is infused in this soft memory foam layer. Gel infusion not just keeps the top surface cool all the while but it also opens up foam’s cell structure. This ultimately results in enhanced breathability and effective heat dissipation.

Being soft in feel, this layer hugs to your body shape. It conforms to your body at critical pressure points like hips, shoulders and neck.

Note: Hofish also sells 3 inch gel memory foam topper separately. Just place the topper on your regular mattress (memory foam / spring) and enjoy the ultimate experience of sleeping on a cool surface.

Second Layer – Green tea infused 2 inch thick comfort layer 

Almost all gel memory foam mattresses have 3 layer construction. The intermediary layer is made from comfort foam that is designed to provide pressure/pain relief and comfort.

In this Hofish memory foam mattress, this layer is 2 inches in thickness and in addition it is infused with green tea extract.

At critical pressure points where you tend to sink deep into the mattress, like around hips and shoulders, this layer absorbs that excess weight and distributes it evenly around these spots thus flattening/lessening the sinkage.

Base Layer – Green tea infused 6.5 inch thick high density foam

The base layer in any memory foam mattress is made from high density foam. The only factor that varies is the size. Hofish memory mattress has 6.5 inches thick high density foam as base layer.

In 10 inch memory mattresses, this base layer is mostly 7.5 inches thick but in gel memory foam mattresses, owing to the 1.5 inch top gel layer, the base high density layer thickness has to be decreased. Nonetheless, 6.5 inches is, in fact, the right thickness, neither more nor less.

And again, even the base layer is infused with green tea extract.


Mattress with a removable cover is surely a bliss. Otherwise, trying to spot clean mattress surface is a tedious process and you might even end up spoiling top gel layer.

But all thanks to Hofish mattress, it comes with a removable and washable cover. Made from rayon and polyester blend, it is ventilated soft fabric.


On a scale of 1 to 10, the firmness of this mattress stands between 6 and 6.5.

For average weight people, the firmness shall be precisely at 6.5 while for people slightly on the heavier side, the overall firmness shall be around 6.

Motion Isolation

As the top two layers, soft and comfort foams, combined stand at 3.5 inches thickness, the maximum sink can’t be more than 3.5 inches. But remember, for average and above average people, the sink shall be at the maximum between 2 to 2.5 inches.

Moreover, the response time of the top two layers is pretty fast. These rebound to normalcy within couple of seconds. This ensures that as you get in/out of the bed or turn/roll while asleep, it shall absolutely not disturb your sleeping partner.


I personally believe that this is the best way for Hofish to enter into the business. Without just offering a regular mattress like other brands with similar design, construction and material, Hofish has meticulously added green tea extract to its layers.

This is definitely a major factor as the mattress is always free from unpleasant odors, harmful infectious bacteria accumulating on the layers over a period of time and remains fresh round the clock.

Note: It costs the same like all other 10 inch gel memory foam mattress.