The Actron CP9575 Auto-Scanner Review

Most often I had a lot of trouble with my vehicle. The car sometimes would not start hence frustrating me to an extent I would get late for meetings with some very important clients. When I rushed it to the mechanic for a diagnostic check he always over charged me, so I asked my uncle for some advice on what to do.

He recommended the Actron CP9575 scanner, which he said would do the diagnostics for me and confirm on what my mechanic was claiming was the problem. Actron cp9575 manual that comes with the device helped me figure how to use it within no time.

I plugged it in and within a few seconds it provided me a code which clearly gave me information that differed with what the mechanic gave me. So I did the necessary changes, and Actron 9575 started running so well I was impressed.

Since then the Actron CP9575 scanner became my best friend. I will be mentioning some of the features to be found within the Actron CP9575 Auto Scanner.

The Actron CP9575 Auto-Scanner Review

Live Data Freeze Frame Capability

Actron autoscanner CP9575 reads and displays freeze frame data, displaying the condition of your vehicle at that given moment the check engine light turns on.

The freeze frame capability makes sure you will not miss out on anything that could lead you to the problem.

It also saves you the worry of re-doing the live scan process again. With this, you will have no worries what so ever for missing out on anything.

Allows Code And Internet Updates

With The Actron CP9575 one can update online; hence you will make sure that you stay current with the latest codes and software. Actron CP9575 update can be done via a USB cord that connects the scanner to your computer.

This will help you to stay in tune with modern technology and programs. It should constantly be done to ensure to keep up to date.

Actron CP9575 Manual is Trilingual

This, in turn, allows it to speak your language. It has explanations in English, French, and Spanish hence making it one of the most resourceful scan tools on the market.

If you are comfortable with either of these languages, then this model will be the best choice for you. It also offers menus and manuals still in the three languages.

It Comes With A Back-Lit Screen

One problem I encountered with other scan tools is difficulty in reading the screen. Most would be too reflective or dim especially when working outside on a sunny day.

This can be annoying. With The Actron CP9575, these issues do not arise, thanks to its back lit screen that helps in displaying the data more clearly. With this, you can work on a sunny day without straining at all.

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It is easy to use
Highly practical
Professional grade scan tool features at a code reader price


Internet update process needs some attention

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it worth upgrading to CP9575 from a previous model?
A: It may be determined by what you are looking forward to since for me I just used it to check codes and get information of engine. I may recommend you to check with your local repair shop and seek more advice if you are doing more general repairs.

Q: Does it read abs codes?
A: No, apparently this scanner does not.

Q: Does it come with its internet updatable USB cable?
A: You will have to purchase and supply yourself with one because it does not come with its internet updatable USB cable. The cable should have an A connector on one end and a B connector on the other.

Q: Let’s say the engines are not running, will the Actron CP 9575 scanner still read the codes?
A: The error codes have been saved within the onboard computer. That is where the Actron scanner CP9575 will read those error codes. You will just have to turn your ignition key to its normal position.

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Final Verdict

If you want a good value for your product, then the Actron CP9575 Auto Scanner will be a perfect choice for you. Its value is worth its features. It is an awesome scan tool whose affordability is quite reasonable.

It worked so well for me since I had never operated one before hence proving it’s a basic model that anybody with no experience can use.

For those who have experience, Actron Autoscanner CP9575  will still be a good choice for you too. Its features allow one to get a thorough diagnosis and its tri-lingual function makes it highly practical.