INNOVA 3100 Review

As a professional technician, I have been up and down seeking for the most invisible scanning device. The ones I have come across have turned out to be problematic. Like scanning wrong error codes and sometimes finding no issue with a vehicle when there in fact a really big issue.

I recently found INNOVA 3100 diagnostic scan tool or INNOVA 3100 code reader with ABS. Innova 3100 Review further explains you why it stands as the best seller among vehicle diagnostic tools.

I must say it is the ultimate entry-level tool designed to motivate any technician in their work of vehicle maintenance.

Innova scan tool 3100 significantly works with all cars that were assembled from the year 1996 and also newer cars, together with light trucks, SUVs, and minivans. I handle all of them, despite the fact that a car may be imported or domestic.

The little handy device performs much faster, easier and gets to the point of the problem with little or no interruptions. The level of performance of Innova scanner 3100 surpasses its weight and size.

Reliable Light Warnings

The self-powered INNOVA 3100 diagnostic scan device features reliable light warnings. What I mean is that the INNOVA 3100 diagnostic scan tool quickly reveals the cause of the check engine function by giving you the real time alerts.

Irresistible light warnings on any car. As I had mentioned earlier, the quick check function applies to both domestic and foreign cars assembled from 1996. Newer cars, light trucks, and SUVs are on the list too.

Efficient Light Trouble Codes

Besides this incredible Innova scanner telling you the current codes, pending codes as well as what the monitors have run, the INNOVA 3100 diagnostic scan tool comes with efficient light trouble codes.

This awesome feature will give you the ease to read and erase ABS light trouble codes for most versions of vehicles. Some of the vehicles compatible with this handy device include GM, Ford, Chrysler and Toyota.

Patent Display

The INNOVA 3100 diagnostic scan tool is undeniably designed to handle big brands of vehicles irrespective of its small size and weight. The immeasurable device comes with a patent all in one screen and LED display.

As you can see it will allow you to readily check, quickly state emissions and drive cycle verification. Be sure to be called the vehicle doctor once you have the INNOVA 3100 in your hands.

Automated Data Update

The INNOVA 3100 diagnostic scan tool will also automatically refresh data every half a minute as it features uninterrupted automated data update.

Unlike ordinary diagnostic scanning devices, all you will have to do is connect the device to the vehicle supposed to be scanned.

This way you will not only be able to scan issues quickly but you will also verify repair completion instantly.

Off-Car Review

The small but well made scanning device to service you for an incredibly long time, comes with a nicely drafted booklet which will explain to you how OBDII works with a code chart for a wide range of cars to guide you.

The innova 3100 diagnostic scan tool has an efficient battery and memory backup that will allow you to review and analyse the status of a vehicle even when its no longer connected.

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  • check
    Perfect entry level tool
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    It is excellent for both old and new cars
  • check
    The Innova scanner has a clear viewing screen
  • check
    Works at a world class level
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    Very reliable
  • It cannot be used to activate ABS brake bleeding on old cars

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can INNOVA 3100 read airbag codes?
A: Unfortunately, the INNOVA 3100 code reader can only check other codes like engine lights only

Q: Which vehicles can INNOVA 3100 scanner work on?
A: The INNOVA3100 ABS scanner can work on many vehicles including GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, and Asian vehicles.

Q: Is it necessary to connect the INNOVA 3100 scanner to a computer for results?
A: No, its not necessary it automatically updates information and stores it for later checking.

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Final Verdict

Am sure for you to read the whole of this review up to this point means that you are looking for an ideal scanner.

The INNOVA 3100 diagnostic scan tool (INNOVA 3100 ABS code reader) and battery backup for OBD2 vehicles is exactly what you need.

I would recommend you to purchase this handy device at a ridiculously affordable price since its deliberately engineered and built to be sufficiently satisfying in diagnostics.