U380 Code Reader Review

Cars should be well taken care of and maintained. They are delicate, and the fact that that they are expensive is more reason for me to maintain mine more but a few problems came along.

The back engine light always stays on, and it was always driving me crazy, the oxygen sensor and a leak in the fuel system gave me a lot of headaches.

I was looking for a tool that could help me turn it off. My knowledge of cars is limited, and so I consulted the internet, and all I could see was everyone talking good about the U380 code reader.

I was impressed and the fact that you only need to plug it for it to work one an easy time.The U 380 code reader works magic.

It will always tell you a code that is assigned to every engine. It can stop leaking in the fuel system and ensure that your oxygen sensor is always put. There is nothing more I can ask for when I have the code reader scanner in my car.

Detachable Cable

What do you need batteries for when you have power and a detachable cable? The code reader tool is powered by a detachable cable which is sturdy and provides you with stable.

connectivity to give you an easy time when you are using the tool. The detachable cable is the way to go as they don’t break away from the tool and they make the tool serve you long enough.

LCD Display

It features an easy to read crystal-clear backlit 2-line LCD display. The LCD display is designed and programmed to help you get to follow up the progress if whatever you are doing.

You can be able to view the different codes including generic codes, pending codes and manufacturer’s specific codes. It helps you get on the right track with what you are doing.

Stand-Alone Unit

The tool is a stand-alone unit. It doesn’t need any connection to additional laptop computers for it to operate. It can perfectly operate on its own and you have the LCD display to el you follow up the progress of what you are doing.

It can also safely communicate with the onboard computer and therefore there is no need for connecting an additional laptop computer.


The code reader is small in size and conveniently fits in your hand. The fact that it is small in size makes it lightweight and therefore you can always carry it around in your tool bag.

Its small feature also makes it take less storage space in our car, and you can conveniently keep it safe in your car or your tool box. You can also be able to walk around with it.

User Manual

The U380 scanner comes with a user manual. The manual is written to guide you when you are using the tool. The instructions and steps on how to use the tool are easy to follow up and understand.

They are written in a language that everyone can understand so you can easily use the tool without having a professional to help you out.

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Highly reliable
Multiple trouble code requests
On-board computer
Continuous DTC scan


Competitive in price

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the U380 code reader tool specifically designed for?
A: It is specifically designed for car owners or DIY

Q: Is it able to read and clear diagnostic trouble codes?
A: Yes, it can read and clear generic and manufacturer specific diagnostic trouble codes

Q: What type or models of cars does the U380 works with?
A: It works with most 1996 and newer cars and trucks that are OBD II compliant.

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Final Verdict

What more do you need to know about the U380 code reader despite the fact that it is perfect for the job it was designed for? It is more than accurate, and that’s more than what should convince you to purchase it.

It is affordable; you don’t need to go through a lot of trouble to get to own it. Well, I promise you that it is worth the purchase, and it will last you forever.

I highly recommend it to you; you need it for your vehicle. Your vehicle is never complete without it.

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