Best Adjustable Beds for Snoring

The very first benefit drawn from adjustable beds is to get rid of snoring and acid reflux. These are the major and immediate results seen from using an adjustable bed.

  • Adjustable beds, the initial concept evolved from electric hospital beds. And with ever growing need for comfort, it has now transformed into an industry in itself.

Many big companies, which were earlier into mattresses manufacturing, have quickly moved into adjustable beds segment.

  • With new innovations, new features adjustable beds have numerous health benefits and also offer unmatched comfort.
  • From basic head and feet adjustments to advanced massage functionality, they have every feature to add to your comfort.

How adjustable beds help reduce annoying snoring issues?

Well, a slight 30 degrees elevation of head section helps open up air valves thus offering substantial relief from snoring problems.

How to perform such an adjustment of head section?

In basic adjustable beds, you can do it manually by raising the head section from remote control.

However, majority of adjustable beds on the market come with anti-snore option embedded on their remote controls.

Just select the option and the bed automatically raises the head section to preset angle thus considerably reducing your snoring.

Best Adjustable Beds for Snoring

What are the best adjustable beds for snoring?

Well, as mentioned earlier, almost all mid-range and high-end adjustable beds come with Anti-Snore as preset option on their remotes, whereas only few basic adjustable beds offer this feature.

Below is the list of best adjustable beds from each of these segments that offer Anti-snore preset option along with a host of features for added comfort.

They include soothing dual massage, under-the-bed lighting for non-intrusive low light, USB ports for charging devices and emergency power backup.

Note: In all the below listed adjustable beds, we have just highlighted the anti-snore feature offered by these beds. In addition, we have mentioned few details on what all extra comfort features they have got to offer.

High-end Adjustable beds for snoring

Leggett & Platt Comfort Elite

Leggett and Platt is the leading number one brand name in adjustable beds segment. They are pioneers in not just introducing new features but also offering them with impeccable diligence. A slightly trimmed version in this is Prodigy 2.0, which had been the best seller till date.

Anti-Snore as preset position

Yes, Leggett and Platt Comfort Elite offer anti-snore as a preset position. You need manually adjustment the head section, just press the option on your remote and the bed tunes to relevant anti-snore angle.


Prodigy Comfort Elite offers all 4 types of adjustments, standard head and feet articulation along with advanced pillow and lumbar adjustments.

Preset and memory positions:

It offers total 2 preset positions – anti-snore and Flat along with 6 memory positions (4 from mobile app and 2 from remote)


Offers dual massage with 3 intensity levels and 2 massage modes (pulse and wave)

USB ports

Prodigy Comfort Elite offers highest number of USB ports in entire adjustable beds segment. It comes with total 8 USB ports, 4 on each side.

Mobile App

Like all Leggett & Platt adjustable beds, Comfort Elite too comes mobile app for both Apple and Andriod devices.

Sven and Son Platinum

Sven and Son, was pretty much a new entrant until a couple years ago but it has shown tremendous number of sales and an impressive rating. It is now earned itself a name as a premium brand in high-end adjustable beds segment.

Anti-Snore as preset position

Sven & Son too includes anti-snore as preset option.


Platinum from Sven and Son is the most advanced model in their catalogue and offers pillow and lumbar adjustment along with standard head and feet tilting.

Preset and memory positions

It comes with 3 preset positions – Anti-snore, zero-gravity and Flat along with 1 memory savable position.


Sven & Son Platinum adjustable bed comes with 4 massage modes and 3 intensity levels

USB ports

Well, with ports on each side, it has got total of 4 USB ports.

Mobile App

Like all advanced adjustable beds, Sven and Son’s platinum too offers Apple and Android mobile apps.


DynastyMattress, initially into premium mattress manufacturing sector, has ventured into adjustable beds segment with the launch of its DM9000s adjustable bed.

The company, instead of introducing a basic model, has launched DM9000s with most advanced feature set. It has even embedded an entire music system to the frame that includes a woofer with main and sub-speakers.

Anti-snore as preset position

Well, DM9000s does not come with anti-snore as preset position. Yet the reason why we have included in our recommendation is due its advanced feature set.

However, it has got 2 memory positions. This means, you can conveniently store one position to your favorite anti-snore angle (usually 30 degrees) and tune into it whenever needed.


Apart from standard head and feet inclination, DynastyMattress DM9000s too offers advanced pillow and lumber adjustments.

Preset and memory positions

It comes with 2 preset, zero-gravity and Flat along with 2 memory positions. As mentioned earlier, you can set 1 memory position to anti-snore angle.


Well, DM9000s from DynastyMattress is apparently the only adjustable bed that comes with 4 massage motors, two each for head and feet sections.

It has 3 massage intensity levels along with 3 massage timers – 10 mins, 20 mins and 30 mins. Massage motors will turn-off upon reaching set massage time.

USB ports

It comes with 4 USB ports, 2 on each side.

In-built Audio System

DM9000s is the only adjustable bed that offers full-fledged in-built audio system. It has woofers along with main and sub-speakers as well.

Mobile App

Yes, DM9000s too offers Android and Apple mobile apps.

Mid-range Adjustable beds for snoring


Williamsburg is the mid-range model from the famous Leggett and Platt. It has all the features of a high-end adjustable bed but costs significantly less than its competitors

Blissful Nights

Blissful Nights, simply loved their dedication in bringing the comfort of an adjustable bed at a decent price. They have initially launched their mid-range model and then followed it up with Blissful Nights Ananda (high-end) and Blissful Nights Basic models.

iDealBed 4i

Ever since, the company launched iDealBed 4i model, there absolutely no looking back. Such is the performance as the company kept adding new and advanced features to its 4i model.

Off late, it has launched iDealBed iEscape – an advance model feature-wise and iDealBed 3i – its basic model.

Images Source: Anandasleep(dot)com & Amazon(dot)com