Classic Brands Hercules Bed Frame Reviews – 14 Inch

Even before we start the review, it is apt to highlight one important factor pertaining to Hercules bed frame, it is the most affordable option among all bed frames right now on the market.

And if you have a hunch on its performance, then the brand name “Classic Brands” should be sufficient to vouch for its performance. You can also check its price, number of reviews, rating and customer satisfaction to know its dominance in bed frames segment.

Fine, let’s quickly check through its specifications before moving into detailed analysis.


​14 Inch – Bed Frame



Foldable frame


No. of legs


Weight capacity

4000 lbs

Additional box spring needed

Works with and without box spring

Headboard compatibility

Yes, but brackets sold separately

Compatible with all mattresses


Under the bed storage space

13 inches

Tool free assembly




Unique Selling Point (USP)

Low Cost


Classic Brands Hercules Bed Frame Reviews – Compatibility

Classic Brands Hercules Bed Frame Reviews – Compatibility


Like all bed frames, even Hercules is made from heavy duty steel. It is all metal construction with no wooden slats employed, making it is remarkably sturdy.

No. of legs

The queen and king size frame design is unique in Classic Brands Hercules bed frame. It’s like two twin sized beds are put together and there are two pairs of middle legs. Hence, the total leg count stands at 12. This only adds to enhanced stability.

If it were to be a regular design then the frame would have had just 9 legs, with 3 legs in the middle section.

Foldable Frame

Another flexibility being that the frame is foldable in the middle. It makes it easy to pack and store when not needed, consumes less space.

Double Advantage

Significant advantage being that if you just need a single frame, just unscrew the connection between the two frames, fold and store the other and continue with single twin sized frame.


Metal frame with 12 leg construction, all contribute to sustain weights up to 4000 lbs. This is more than the mandatory capacity to hold weights of two persons.

Even when you use the two frames separately as individual twin sized frames, each should again support 2000 lbs weight.


Frame Compatibility

The design removes the need to have additional box springs or foundations.

One another issue with box springs and bed frames going together is that both have to be new. Old or worn out box springs are not advised to be used along with new bed frames and mattresses.

Olee Sleep T-3000 bed frames are, perhaps, the only ones that can be used both with and without box springs.

Headboard and Footboard Compatibility

Although Hercules bed frames do not come with slots to attach headboards or footboards, but it is still compatible and the necessary brackets to attach them are sold separately.

Mattress Compatibility

Hercules bed frames are compatible with all types of mattresses. Memory foam, Tempurpedic, latex or spring mattresses, all can be placed directly on the frame itself.

While majority of bed frames come with just horizontal slats, Hercules frames also have thin vertical slats that run from top to bottom.

This meticulous design precisely removes the need to have flat boards that are otherwise most necessary especially when you have Tempurpedic mattresses.

Height and Under the Bed Storage Space

This version of Hercules bed frame from Classic Brands is 14 inches tall and the under the bed storage space is precisely 13 inches.

This space is standard with most bed frames in the market.

However, if you are purely looking for additional under the bed storage space then 18 inches T-3000 bed frame from Olee Sleep is another reliable option.

Shipping & Assembly

Owing to foldability feature, the frame is shipped compact. It is tool free assembly process and putting together all units can be done within few minutes.

Just unfold both the frames, open the legs and screw the side support arms to main frame, and finally lock both the frames together.

That’s it. You won’t even need another person as the frame itself is lightweight weighing mere 44 lbs.


Classic Brands offers 3-Year warranty period on all models of Hercules bed frames.


If you are looking for an affordable bed frame but with reliability then Hercules 14 inch bed frame from Classic Brands is surely a bet.

It supports weights up to 4000 lbs, the two frames can also be used individually and comes with 3-Year warranty period.