How To Clean A Vacuum Cleaner

Having a vacuum cleaner is good. Having a well-maintained vacuum cleaner is great. But when you have both? You have the power in your hands:

Funny as it sounds having your vacuum cleaner operating at maximum efficiency:

…………It’s like you have a magic wand in your home, with which you can use to make your home clean.

Today lets for a moment look at how you can get vacuum cleaning superpowers. To have the power in your hands, one important aspect that you should maintain is having a vacuum cleaner operating at maximum efficiency. So how do I get my vacuum cleaner operating at maximum efficiency?

The answer is simple, a properly cleaned and well-maintained vacuum cleaner will always operate at maximum efficiency and will ensure that your vacuum cleaner does not smell like feet or does not have an awful scent.

Steps of how to clean a vacuum cleaner

Step 1: Material Assembly

When it comes to cleaning of the vacuum cleaner, you should ensure that you have the tools to do the work. To clean the vacuum cleaner properly, you should make sure that you have the following

  • Scissors
  • Wafer
  • Water
  • Soap / Detergent
  • Brush
  • Dry piece of clothing
  • Vacuum cleaner user manual
  • Water
  • Vacuum cleaner

Step 2: Unplug your vacuum cleaner

In cleaning a vacuum cleaner, unplugging the vacuum cleaner from the socket is very crucial. Having a vacuum cleaner still plugged to your socket can pose some danger to you, which may include; getting an electric shock or tripping over the code.

Step 3:-Empty the contents in the vacuum bag

After ensuring your vacuum is unplugged. The next step is to check your vacuum bag or canister. While cleaning your house, do you have instances whereby there your vacuum cleaner leaves fuzz where there was none? Or does your vacuum sometimes smells like vomit. If such situations do occur, it best that you check your vacuum canister or bag.

Why is it important to check your vacuum bag or vacuum canister? When your vacuum bag is almost full, it means that your vacuum cleaner does not have the enough space. Thus it leads to overworking of your vacuum cleaner. In some cases, it makes your vacuum cleaner feel like burning. It is important to note for your vacuum cleaner to operate at maximum efficiency it should be less than 1/3 full. However, when the vacuum bag is 2/3 full take your time and replace it.

Cleaning a bagged vacuum cleaner is easy and you need to do is remove the bag and dump the contents in the trash. In case of the bagged vacuum cleaner, and you do not know how to remove the bag, it is best that you use the user manual to learn how. Also, you can check with the user manual, if the bag can be washed with water. If according to your user manual it is allowed, you can use soapy solution. After washing the bag, ensure that it is properly dried off. Then carefully secure your bag or container, if you want your vacuum cleaner to continue working properly

However, when it comes to a bagless vacuum cleaner, there is a bit of challenge. How do you clean a bagless vacuum cleaner, you may ask? The first thing is you take the vacuum cleaner outside, to avoid dirtying your entire house. Using the instruction from your user manual, you can remove the tray from your bagless vacuum cleaner

Step 4:- Clean the Filters

In every vacuum cleaner, it contains filters which in some vacuum it maybe one and in others, it may consist of multiple filters. So how does one clean the vacuum cleaner filter?

Using the instruction from your user manual, you can remove the filters and clean them. Also, it is important to check your user manual if it is safe to clean the filters with water. If it is safe, do use mild soapy solution and ensure that it is thoroughly dried off. Properly drying off, will make sure that there is no growth of mold or bacteria which can pose dangerous effect to your health. Also, if according to the user manual, it is not allowed to use water, a brush can do the trick.

Step 5:- Clean the brush roll

In every vacuum cleaner, there is a brush roll or the beater bar. The brush roll is an essential part of the vacuum cleaner; some people do not understand the great importance of the brush roll. As in some cases you may find that, the brush roll is not properly cleaned and pet or human hair may clog the brush roll. If you have pets in house, it is best you know the best canister vacuum cleaners for pet hair. As pet hair may make the vacuum to be overworked and your vacuum cleaner may start smelling like its burning. However not all vacuum cleaners will feel the effect. So it is important that it should be cleaned properly. So how does one clean the vacuum brush?

To clean the vacuum brush, it is important you know where it is located. It is located underneath the machine at the front of the machine Take your time to examine it. If it is has a lot of hair or dust debris, then it is time to clean it

If you have identified that your vacuum brush is full of dust or hair. The next step is to remove your brush plate. Carefully withdraw the plate, you should pay attention to the direction the brush roll goes in and also if the brush plate has screws try not to lose them. You can use a pair of scissors and a small brush to clean the brush plate. The pair of scissors will help you to remove the strands of hair or threads stuck on the brush roll, while the small brush will help you to remove the dust particles. However, it does not need to be spotless