Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

With lot more available options in the premium high cost sector of pool cleaners, Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner is one propitious product with its evident features of HO Motors, tile line scrubbing especially for the water ridge gaps to avoid the saline marks.

Alongside the corners and nooks cleanup, its advanced technology is quite evident with tangle free cord to extend to quite good stretch. Look into its salient features before you make up your mind on.

Dolphin Premier Review

Pool scanner and Navigation system

Resembling with the Dolphin series of Dolphin Sigma Robotic Pool Cleaner, Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner also has the Smart Nav software system.

Dolphin Premier Review - Smart Navigation

Dolphin Premier Review - Smart Navigation

This innovative system which highly optimizes the scanning and finds the least good possible route to traverse throughout the cleaning ordeal. 

Smart Nav advanced technology scans the pool with every curve and shape fixated in its internal memory and then maps the optimal map which completes the cleansing in the standard time irrespective of the formation and proportion.

This allows the robotic cleaner not to leave a single space in the arena and set off a sparkling clean pool for you.

Cleaning cycle / time

With major advantage of cleaning the waterline along sides the walls, stairs and floor of your pool, all of the cleansing procedure finish within 3 hours of time. 

Irrespective of the amount of dirt and debris accumulated, it would fasten its clean and ensure the whole process to be finished in the standard taken time.


Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner has got two brushes which spins at high – speed. They are located one in the front and the other at the rear end. 

Their small brushes with high spinning speed removes debris, algae, dirt and leaves from the swimming pool.

With their advanced PowerClean brushes movement software, the Dolphin Premier sites itself in a position to reach all the corners of the pool ensuring no dirt being left out.

Dolphin Premier Review - Brushes & Motors

Dolphin Premier Review - Brushes & Motors

Dolphin Premier Review - Filters & Cartridges

Dolphin Premier Review - Filters & Cartridges


One best and unique feature that none of the dolphin robotic cleaners offers is multimedia cartridges which are changeable.

Based on the kind of dirt accumulated in the pool and allowing quick swapping methods for you. 

The media that is fitted in can be changed right immediately between micro – cartridge filter (one which is capable to remove the smallest of the particles including bacteria and algae).

And Standard cartridge (utilized to pick the finer particles such as dirt, sand and bugs), and debris/ leaf bag cartridge (used to pull out the sticks, leaves, seeds and wrapper or paper materials). 

The debris bags are fixed, permanent and extra sized which has the capacity to hold the huge amount without any interruption between the cleansing procedures.

Surface, walls and stairs cleaning

To overcome the conventional pitfalls of the series, the premier robotic cleaner has come up with the best waterline cleaning technology which is a major issue in maintaining the pool like a brand spanking new one. 

The advanced scrubbing algorithm maintains the speed and posture to clean the surface, walls and stairs covering the accurate ring.

The HyperGrip Continuous rubber tracks lets the cleaner to have utmost grip on the walls as well as the floor inside the water.

Dolphin Premier Review - Wall Scrubbing

Dolphin Premier Review - Wall Scrubbing

Dolphin Premier Review - Weight

Dolphin Premier Review - Weight


Having most of the striking features such as multimedia cartridges, ultra efficient motors and tangle free swivel, the whole Premier Robotic cleaner weighs 17.2 pounds (17 kilo grams). 

Its anti – tangle swivel of 60 feet length lets the robot traverse without any obtrusion.

The overall weight of the product sure is a disadvantage which makes it difficult to push the cleaner in and out of the pool underneath the water.

Supported pool type / size

This single operation plug and play systematic Premier robotic pool cleaner supports all the different variants of pools which might be different shapes and volumes. 

They perform an amazing job with pools up to 50 feet and are ready to be usable for variant pool lining types such as Gunite / Plaster lining, Vinyl lining and fiberglass lining. 

Dolphin Premier robotic pool cleaners’ large tangle free swivel and powerful dual scrubbing brushes lets it to be desirable to any kind of pool.

Dolphin Premier Review - Swivel Cable

Dolphin Premier Review - Swivel Cable

Dolphin Premier Review - Timers and Control

Dolphin Premier Review - Timers and Control

Programmable timer

To make cleaning of a swimming pool more convenient and hassle free, the premier robotic pool cleaner has its way in scheduling the cleaning programs. 

It allows you to program every day, every other day and every 3rd day upon your convenience and usage. It has got a full filter indicator guzzled, which indicates and alarms the time to clean your filter as well.

Conclusion - Dolphin Premier Review

Utilized as a robotic home vacuum cleaner, it is one best choice if you have a huge pool with grubby dirt which just can’t be removed with normal pool cleaners. 

Its high efficiency motors and multimedia quick switch filters enables the highest accuracy and hassle free cleaning.

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