Dolphin Triton PS Plus Review – Robotic Pool Cleaners

Dolphin Triton PS Plus Review

Dolphin Triton PS Plus Review

How soothing a swimming pool would be in the arena, be it our own residency or a commercial suiting, the look, feel and ambience it gives is non- comparable.

Besides using the best of it, we observe that they are most of the time unused. Yet yes, one can definitely go with them for the quantum of beauty they add.

Nonetheless, maintenance definitely is a challenge to keep up the look and feel of it.

Timely cleaning seems the major issue though the pool is kept unused. Imagining the effort of resources both man and money to be spent scowls us and the task involved is no easy either. 

But what if this maintenance is all efficient within your budget and saves both your money and risk, one such amazing solution I found is Dolphin Triton PS Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner.

I have been using this from quite a time now that it just makes my task so simple and yes, it just requires the minimal of the effort with simple clicks. It is easy to handle and simple to use to have incredibly efficient cleaning.

This is highly recommended for in ground pools with at most 50 feet length having the cartridge filter system and active scrubbing brush spins.

Some best features that just amazed in this Robotic cleaner goes like.

Dolphin Triton PS Plus Review

Pool scanner and Navigation system 

Now the best part about the Dolphin Triton PS Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner is that it first scans your pool with its advanced screening technology and sets the navigation to itself based on the dimensions and the paths. 

Whatever might be the shape of the pool, one can use this with no concern to set up the navigation and set the route map. 

Dolphin Triton PS Plus Review - Smart Navigation

Dolphin Triton PS Plus Review - Smart Navigation

Cleaning cycle / time

Though a quick set up is not a boon, it has the standard fixed setup of 2 hours to clean the arena.

Yes, the whole swimming pool can look tidy within two hours with all the scrubbing including the floors and walls of all directions.

Dolphin Triton PS Plus Review - Brushes

Dolphin Triton PS Plus Review - Brushes


The small and active scrubbers present has the new Dolphin’s PowerStream mobility technology which gives the flexibility to reach the uneven surfaces.

Its superior scrubbing power also enables the brushes reach all the corners and continuous stream line to not miss a fragment underlying.

Surface, Walls and Stairs cleaning

With the constant grip technology utilized mid- stream, the ability to withhold the vertical surfaces is immense even on a slippery surface.

The rudiments on the walls, surface and stairs as well are collected without any of your intervention requirement. Circulation of water is simultaneously performed making the water fresh to use right after the cleaning.


The advanced filters set within not only captures the smallest of the debris and dirt particles but also sucks in the large leaves and paper materials.

The extra- large basket capacity on the top allows the dolphin pool cleaner to store the amount till the completion of the cleaning without any intermediately disturbance to the process.

Dolphin Triton PS Plus Review - Filters and Cartridges

Dolphin Triton PS Plus Review - Filters and Cartridges


This small pool cleaner with 16.5 x 16.8 x 9 inches is within 16.5 pounds (7.5 kg) of weight, making it the lightest compared to other automatic robots available in for now.

Its single click huge basket though has the good capacity, it allows the low weight giving the flexibility for mobility.

Supported Pool type / size 

Dolphin triton PS gives the access to cleanse the in-ground swimming pools up to 50 feet in dimensions. 

Mostly utilized for in- house pools, they are even flexible for both fiber glass and concrete pools. The standard time is set upon the scanning right recursively.

Dolphin Triton PS Plus Review - Swivel Cable

Dolphin Triton PS Plus Review - Swivel Cable

Dolphin Triton PS Plus Review

Dolphin Triton PS Plus Review

Programmable timer 

Now with the automatic timer system instilled, Dolphin triton makes your cleaning more comfortable with the periodic cleaning at regular intervals. 

It allows you with weekly, every 3rd day, alternative day and every day cleaning schedules to ease up the procedure. Remembering the schedule is no longer an issue.


With quality assurance of 2 years, the replacement or repair of immediate spare parts is checked and serviced.

A quick and hassle free cleaning is assured with lot more advancements to enhance the tedious procedure. All of the product accessories and parts are readily available even on the online markets.

Conclusion - Dolphin Triton PS Plus Review

Dolphin Triton PS, definitely is one of a kind with most advancements in Dolphin pool cleaners. 

Though the smart phone connection is not enabled, the complete offline automation with forge ahead scrubbing, tighten grip to surface and huge top loading basket gives the complete freedom to stress free pool cleaning.

Scheduler although is a boon to the product, the powerful suction motor given leave no trace of dirt with waterline cleaning being an added edge cutting feature.

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