SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress Review 2018

It was in 2013 that SoundAsleep, newbie in air mattresses segment, had launched its first air mattress product and surprised everyone in the industry by registering record number of sales.

They literally changed the competition landscape and almost uprooted all other companies in a fortnight’s time.

Until then, air mattress industry had not produced such a high quality mattress at affordable price.

Thereafter, every other company had to either tweak their existing models or come up with new designs to match SoundAsleep’s Dream Series air mattress version.

From design, manufacturing, material used and marketing they sure got the grip and executed every little aspect to perfection. In further sections of this review, I will reveal how even family businesses like SoundAsleep can give big corporates a run for their money.

Before we move ahead with detailed review, following are quick specs.

SoundAsleep Air Mattress Reviews

Sound Asleep Air Mattress Features



78" x 58" x 19" inches

Sizes Available



19.4 Pounds


19 inches Raised Double Height

Pump Type

High Capacity 1 Click Internal Pump


Supports weights up to 500 lbs


Carry bag included in the package

Construction Type

Dual Chamber / Sure Grip bottom

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress Review ---- Feature-wise

SoundAsleep, being leading seller in air mattresses category, made me to test it myself before coming up with a detailed review.

Thereafter, instead of putting this back in my store after testing, I was so much fascinated by its comfort factor that I use it till date it as my regular air mattress. I even bought another piece to serve my guests and I personally recommended this to my family and friends.

And for those of you who are eager to know what’s the unique selling point that makes this mattress best for indoor use, well then Comfortcoil technology steals the show here.

Note: Although this mattress can be used for outdoor purpose as well, but in my opinion it might not be really suitable for camping, unless you can manage an AC power source while outdoors.

Sound Asleep Dream Series COMFORT

Wondering why SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress is adjudged as the most comfortable air mattresses right now in the market, just read through the following features.

Comfortcoil technology showcases 40 best quality air coils that are like innerspring coils of an air mattress. These air coils hold the bottom and top layers firmly together, reducing bouncing and drifting effects when either one or more than one sleep on it.

What is Comfort Coil Technology?

ComfortCoil Technology, from the name itself, we can understand that coil based construction has been employed instead of the unsteady channel supported construction.

Coil construction design tightly holds the top and bottom layers of an air mattress together. This is to ensure that no unwanted bulges or pop ups appear on mattress surface areas when it is inflated to its maximum firmness level. Coil construction reduces sagging and unwanted drifting.

Although few other air mattresses in the industry also employ coil technology but what makes the difference with SoundAsleep air mattresses is the quality of the coils used.

Yes, SoundAsleep is known for its genius design and quality material. 40 quality air coils are used in manufacture of this mattress.

Coil construction employed in another air mattress of a different company had a number of customer complaints about cracks at seam level when the mattress was fully inflated. Yes, this is what happens, the seams open-up, air coils holding the top and bottom layers develop cracks when low quality air coils are used.

Whereas with SoundAsleep products the company meticulously chooses quality material over cost effective second grade material. And perhaps, this is why this mattress is leading seller in not just air mattresses category but also in the entire SoundAsleep catalogue.

Advantages of Being Raised Double Height Air Bed

With a height of 19 inches above the ground the mattress falls under Raised Air Mattresses category.

Raised mattresses make getting in and out of the mattress easy. You just need not bend yourself while moving in and out of the bed thus relieving pressure off your knees and back.

On an average we move in and out of our bed at least half a dozen times. And whenever we do so, we strain our knees as our entire body weight and balance rests on our knees and spine.

For this reason, I would say raised air beds are an advantage. Low raised air beds, perhaps, can be preferred for outdoor or camping purposes as they are mostly light in weight and easily portable.

"Sure-Grip" bottom

Most air mattresses, in fact some traditional mattresses as well, when put on smooth surfaces drift sideways with bodily movements.

But the patented bottom grip offered by SoundAsleep mattress is very unique. It makes use of suction cup like technology.

The mattress with suction shape bottom will stick to the surface and will not move or release itself unless it is lifted from sideways or pulled with great pressure.

Suction Grip: The large air pressure outside the mattress will outweigh the air pressure within the small bottom area of the mattress, thus pushing it down and not releasing it. When you lift it from side, the air pressure outside the mattress and the pressure within the mattress bottom area balance out, thus releasing the mattress.

This unique suction grip tightly holds the bottom of mattress against the floor and doesn’t allow if from sliding or drifting sideways.

Apparently, the best and only type of bottom grip feature offered in the entire mattress industry. It’s patented and not really available with any other air mattress in the industry.

1-year guarantee

The mattress comes with a 1 Year Guarantee. Yes, you read it right; it’s not warranty but a 1 Year Guarantee. It simply tells you the level of confidence the company has in its product. After all it’s been a killer in the mattress industry.

Family Business: SoundAsleep being family business, takes pride in offering small yet strong product catalogue. It does not release products into the market until and unless it succeeds in creating a wonderful one of its kind product.

Perhaps, it’s modest of them to announce that SoundAsleep is more of an indoor purpose mattress and the company is still working on a perfect camping catalogue. This itself shows their dedication for perfection and customer satisfaction. They promise what they can deliver.

With 78" x 58" x 19" inches dimensions, it is comfortably spacious both for couples and single sleepers. It has been intricately engineered to offer double height at 19 inches above the ground.

Not just in inflating the mattress, the internal high capacity pump also assists in easy and quick deflation.

Sound Asleep Dream Series DURABILITY & CAPACITY

Sound Asleep mattress supports weights up to 500 lbs which means even two heavy people can comfortably sleep on it.

With dual chamber construction, the mattress does not lose air and doesn’t need re-inflation in the middle of the night.

Extra thick, waterproof flocked top

Manufactured using Durable, 15 Gauge materials makes the mattress extra durable as it is really on the thicker side when compared. The flocked top is multi-layered making it waterproof and puncture resistant.

Overall the superior material quality assures you of maximum thickness and leaves no scope for unnecessary sagging or air loss owing to wearing and tearing.

Carry bag included for easy transport!

Yes, the mattress comes with a nylon made carry bag that is conveniently big enough to store deflated mattress. Additionally, there is storage cup space for placing the power cord within the mattress side wall.

All in all, this air mattress can last for a very long time keeping you comfortable for several nights.

The Sound Asleep Dream Series Air Mattress takes less than 4 minutes to fully inflate to 19 inches, thanks to the integrated built-in high capacity pump that makes way for effortless inflation.

This user-friendly integrated pump also helps in eliminating the loss of air pressure and sagging commonly found in the other mattresses.

As per the company, this patented motor from SoundAsleep Dream Series is 20% quieter than most other mattress pumps.

Sound Asleep Dream Series FAQs

What are dimensions of the mattress?

​Soundasleep mattress queen size dimensions measure 78" x 58" x 19" inches when inflated

What's the height and weight of the mattress?

Soundasleep air mattress stands at 19 inches above ground offering raised double height which shall be most comfortable while getting in and out of the bed. The mattress weighs around 19 pounds. ​

​Does the mattress come with built-in pump?

Yes, Soundasleep dream series comes with 1 click internal high capacity pump ​that inflates and deflated the mattress within 4 minutes. 

Does the mattress come with a carry bag?

Yes, the Sound Asleep air mattress comes with a carry bag convenient to pack the deflated mattress without any hassles.

​Whats the warranty of the mattress?

​Sound Asleep Dream Series air mattress comes with 1 Year warranty and even the customer service is exceptional with all issues addressed on priority basis.

Sound Asleep Air Mattress PROS

  • Integrated Ez pump featuring one-click design with 4 minute easy inflation and deflation
  • ComfortCoil design with 40 quality coils hold top and bottom layers tightly
  • Sure-grip suction bottom design avoids mattress from sliding/slipping
  • 19 inches raised double height mattress
  • Dual chamber construction makes entire mattress surface balanced and sturdy
  • Waterproof and puncture resistant material
  • Comes with a spacious bag and power cord storage cup
  • The customer service is top-notch with all customer enquiries solved instantly


  • PVC material stretches when using the mattress for the first time
  • Not for camping

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress WARRANTY & CUSTOMER SERVICE

One of the greatest features of the SoundAsleep Products is the exceptional product support and customer service. Sound Asleep Dream Series Air Mattress offers 1 year limited guarantee with the product reassuring the customers about the benefits of using this air mattress.

Apart from the warranty, users who have already been a part of the company’s list of customers say that the customer support offered is outstanding.

Customers have the flexibility of either calling in or sending e-mails as and when required. The company makes sure to back respond to all the issues reported.

Final Say on SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress with ComfortCoil Technology & Internal High Capacity Pump

If you are fed up with low quality air mattresses or wish to make one time investment on something that has a proven track record with highest ratings and reviews, then Dream Series version from SoundAsleep is the mattress you are looking for.

With raised double height it’s like your regular home bed. ComfortCoil technology, 1-click primary pump and remarkable customer service, SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress is probably on top of all other recommendations in the air mattresses category.

There is nothing much left to say, this detailed review has covered pretty much everything about this exclusive and best selling air mattress that is a gem of a product from SoundAsleep. It is the best buy indeed!!

All the Best!!

Product Images Source: Amazon