Insta Bed Raised Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump Review 2018

Most Comfortable Air Mattress Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump

Are you looking for the ideal mattress to use at your home? The Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress With Never Flat Pump should be your choice as it is comprised of the latest technology in the mattress world.

Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress tops the list of airbeds you can carry to the camp ground without any hassles. The technology of the pump bestows the perfect level of comfort to people using the mattress.

The features of the Never Flat Pump ensure that you have a peaceful sleep throughout the night. You do not have to worry that the mattress may lose air at night. It is very east to set the pump. The pump comes with a button which is used for adjusting the firmness of the mattress to a specific level.


The Insta Raised Air Bed happens to be highly comfortable. The Never Flat Pump technology prevents losing of air throughout the night. With the upcoming of these mattresses, gone are the days when you used to end up on the ground with an aching back.

The raised height helps in getting in and out of the bed much easily. The maximum coils form the most comfortable surface that you can avail in any air bed. You can select the options of firmness from plush, firm or medium for enhancing the comfort.

The secondary air pump helps in maintaining the level of comfort throughout the night.

The primary air pump helps in pumping the mattress in less than three minutes.

The storage bag that comes along with the Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress helps in carrying and storing the mattress at much ease.

The primary air pump of the bed comes with an automatic shut-off feature which lets the setting of bed in a perfect way without worrying about the mattress.

It is possible to set up the Bed almost anywhere. With the aid of constant power resource, the secondary pump will make the sleeper comfortable.


The Insta Raised Bed With Never Flat Pump is counted to be an amazing choice for people looking for a convenient, comfort bed that comes with a high durability.

The air bed is comprised of polyvinyl chloride or PVC which is highly durable. The presence of PVC ensures that there is no burning in the casing even if there is accidental pressure on it. The beds are resistant to puncture which means that they are indestructible if used in the proper manner.

The air mattress is constructed in a way that the electric and moving parts confer the right protection to the built-in motors from water or any fluid that may accidentally pour on it.


This Air Bed comes with two pumps in a singular bed. The patented never FLAT pump system assists in keeping the airbed inflated across the night.

The primary pump helps in inflation and deflation of the airbed in less than 4 minutes. The secondary pump helps in monitoring and maintaining the air pressure to the prerequisite level of comfort during sleep.

The 21 circular coils present in the twin size bed and the 35 circular coils present in the queen size bed forms a strong and supportive surface for proper sleep. The bed is of 18 inch height which makes getting in and out of the bed much ease


  • The carry bag that comes with the Insta-bed makes it easy for you to carry the bed anywhere
  • Manufactured by the best craftsmen in the US
  • Most advanced design embedded helps maintain constant air pressure and strong durability
  • The never-flat pump technology ensures that you do not end up on floor while sleeping. Primary pump uses minimum power and that too only if the bed loses pressure, which is of course very rare.
  • The pump shuts off in an automated manner as the right pressure is obtained
  • The circular coils bestow additional comfort while sleeping
  • Made from high quality materials, these air mattresses are resistant to water and puncture


  • Altitude and temperature might affect firmness 
  • The bed needs deep-pocket fitted sheets
  • It does not allow to customize pressure
  • Replacement in case of any issues, might take time


The mattresses come with one year warranty. The customer service is out of the ordinary and they provide answers to the problems and queries of customers in no time. They ensure that the customers avail solutions to their queries on an immediate basis. Thus, you will avail prompt response for your queries.

It is recommended to test the product as soon as you receive it. If you open the packing on the day of your camping and find some faults, it may ruin your plan. There will, however, be no replacement of the products if the warranty period is over.

Final Say on Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump - Queen

Insta-bed happens to be one of the well-renowned brands that boost in creating beds which are more comfortable than any other brands. The Never Flat Pump technology ensures that the products are comfortable and convenient for inducing sleep of every customer.

They make use of high-grade materials which enhance the popularity of the beds. It is also a popular choice of people who go for camping on a regular basis. The Insta Raised bed is also effective for those who suffer from joint pain and back problems. The adequate cushioning aids in the prevention of muscle and joint pain which a person may encounter while sleeping on regular or low-quality air beds.

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