Insta Bed Raised Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump Review 2018

“It is easy to get onto the top but what is hard is to stay there”, and this saying perfectly suits Insta Bed raised air mattress with never flat pump, the undisputed leader in air mattresses category.

Ever since it’s been launched in the market, it has completely dominated the air mattress segment with record number of sales.

The thousands of reviews it secured on online portals speak volumes about its performance.

The success can easily be attributed to its patented secondary NeverFlat pump. It helps the mattress maintain air pressure to preset firmness level all night ensuring you enjoy a peaceful and undisturbed sleep.

It can be adjudged as the best air bed for home use and if you have an AC power source while outdoors then this is again a leading choice for camping purpose as well.

Quick Specifications - Insta-bed Raised Air Mattress

Sizes Available

Queen and Twin


80 (L) x 60 (W) x 18 (H) inches


Grey, Tan and White

Maximum height

18 inches





Weight capacity

Up to 500 lbs

No. of motors

2 motors – Built-in primary pump and secondary NeverFlat Pump

Inflation time

Less than 4 minutes

Internal Structure

Circular coils

No. of coils

35 in Queen size and 21 in Twin size

Pressure Levels

Plush / Medium and Firm

Storage & Transportation

Carry bag included


30 days


By the end of this review, you yourself will realize that it’s a class apart when compared to other single pump air mattresses that lose air in the middle of the night.


Inflation Time

Gauging comfort factor of any air mattress starts with setting it up. Insta Bed raised air mattress is very easy to set-up. The primary pump inflates the mattress to desired comfort level well within 4 minutes of time.

Yes, the mattress reaches its maximum height of 18 inches pretty much quickly. During this time the primary pump does make little noise but it’s neither deafening nor unbearable. It’s a common factor with every air mattress pump.

Above all, the primary pump comes with an automatic shut-off feature. The pump turns off by itself upon reaching its maximum air holding capacity or desired firmness level. This avoids the worry about excess inflation that often results in mattress developing cracks at seam level.

Another interesting feature that adds to the ease of use is the dial like setting to select the desired firmness level. Yes, the mattress offers Firm, Medium and Plush comfort levels. You can select the firmness level as per your comfort. And the primary pump when turned does its job, inflates the mattress to set comfort level and then auto shuts off.

It is possible to set up the Bed almost anywhere. With the aid of constant power resource, the secondary pump will make the sleeper comfortable.

Height Advantage

Low height mattresses are always a strain on knees. But standing at 18 inches above the ground, the height of Insta-bed air mattress makes it easy for getting in and out of the bed.

No matter whether the occupants are young or old, using this mattress even on regular basis shall be highly comfortable.

While light weight low raised mattresses are a good option for camping purposes, but for indoor use its optimum to choose a mattress that comes with a double raised height like Insta bed.

18 inches height means it’s quite similar to your regular home beds and you really need not strain your knees and back while getting in and out of the mattress.

No loss of air

If you have ever noticed, the main problem with air mattress is loss of air. There are instances where most air mattresses lose air within few hours into the night.

And if the air pressure level goes down substantially then all you can do is to turn on the noisy primary pump at midnight hour and wake up everyone else with the annoying noise.

However, the story is quite different in case of Insta-bed raised air mattress. The secondary pump, known as NeverFlat pump is what makes the difference.

This pump, connected to power source all night, monitors air pressure level constantly and when air loss is detected, it silently turns on, pumps in additional air to match preset firmness level and then turns off automatically.

The NeverFlat pump is so silent that the next morning you will not even know how many times had the pump turned on.

Preset Comfort Levels

You can choose your desired level of comfort between 1. Plush, 2 Medium and 3. Firm levels. Another major advantage, this time with the primary pump, is its auto shut-off feature.

Why I would call this as a major advantage is because with other mattresses, you would never know whether the mattress has fully inflated or not.

And if you happen to inflate it beyond its air holding capacity, there are chances of the mattress develop cracks around seams or even burst like an air balloon. Hence, any air mattress with an auto shut-off feature is definitely a great deal for money and a must have feature.

Storage bag

The size of the carry bag include as part of the package is large enough for quick and easy storage plus transportation.


When it comes to durability, Insta-bed raised air mattress fares far better than most other mattress in the segment. Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) means durability and Insta-bed raised mattress is made from PVC material.

Although this mattress is mainly for home use where the surface is overall smooth but there could be a chance where it might come in contact with a sharp object or rough surface. The idea behind employing PVC material is to help the mattress sustain on rough and rugged surfaces.

Moreover, PVC material stretches slightly and this stretching is essential in case of air mattresses. It ensures that the mattress is capable of absorbing excessive weights or taking additional air pressure without scope for bursting or developing cracks.

PVC material does not absorb any fluid or water either. In case of any accidental spill over, the motors and electric components are safely insulated from any damage by PVC material.


Two Pumps: While all other air mattresses come with a single primary pump, Insta-bed comes with two pumps. The patented never FLAT pump system is the real game changer.

While the primary pump inflates and deflates the mattress within 4 minutes, the secondary NeveFlat pump monitors and maintains air pressure to preset comfort level all night.

Circular Coils: The circular coils embedded between the top and bottom surface and spread equally across the entire mattress area provide strong and supportive surface for proper sleep.

There are 21 circular coils present in a twin size bed and 35 circular coils in queen size version.

The queen size version employs 35 quality coils that hold both the top and bottom layers together. Circular coil construction is industry proven technology and far more efficient than channel based construction.


  • PVC material offers enhanced durability, makes it water and puncture resistant
  • Absolutely no scope for overnight air loss, thanks to patented never-flat pump. It constantly monitors air pressure levels in the mattress and turns-on only for a brief period to compensate for any air loss.
  • Primary pump inflates mattress to full size within 4 minutes and also shuts-off automatically on reaching full inflation
  • Circular coils structure maintain equal and balanced firmness across the entire mattress sleeping surface
  • Big size carry bag makes it easy to pack and carry the bed anywhere


  • Altitude and temperature might affect firmness
  • The bed needs deep-pocket fitted sheets
  • It does not allow to customize pressure


Insta-bed air mattress comes with 30 day warranty and the customer service is out of the ordinary as they promptly respond back to all user queries.

Note: In case of any air mattress, it is recommended to test the product as soon as your receive it. If you happen to open the packing on the day of your camping and find some faults, it may ruin your plan. There will, however, be no replacement of products post warranty period.

Final Say on Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump - Queen

When it comes to comfort and durability, Insta-bed clearly scores better than single pump air mattresses on every parameter. No loss of air means the mattress remains flat from top to bottom all night and this in turn is of massive help for those who suffer from back problems.

Insta-bed costs more or less the same like all air mattresses in the market today. However, the biggest advantage is the NeverFlat pump technology that proved to be the biggest game changer for the company. It recorded the highest number of sales owing to its innovative patented technology.

Product Images Source: Amazon