Actron CP9185 Elite Auto Scanner Diagnostic Code Scanner Review

So I decided to venture out of my comfort zone start my very own business of delivering pizza in my area. I started off with just one vehicle but with time demands started to pour in so fast I couldn’t manage to work with one car.

So I purchased two extra ones to release some overload on the first. With time my first car started to acquire some glitches and every time I took it to the mechanic for diagnostics he always gave me a wrong evaluation since it would still bring up the same issues.

So one of my staff members recommended to me the Actron CP9185 Elite Auto Scanner. This scanner was heaven sent for me because it is so super cool I could not contain myself with excitement.

Even though Actron 9185  provides exclusive territorial operational limitations, it has a lot of benefits and features to it. Another impressing fact is that it can be used on a range of vehicles; hence I was able to use it on all my delivery cars which saved me a lot of cash since I did not have to buy each and its scanner.

It Is Designed To Show Live Engine Data

The Actron CP9185 Elite Auto Scanner comes with an online updatable feature that is internet enabled and in this way it allows the user real-time live data feeds. It allows the user to read, record, and review information in real time.

Actron Elite Autoscanner CP9185 is enabled to provide its user with an organized breakdown of the similar live data making its use not to be a constant worry.

It Delivers And Deletes Generic And Manufacturer Detailed Dtcs And Descriptions

The Actron Elite Auto Scanner CP9185 is also prepared to be capable of reach a wide range of coding both within the manufacturer specific and generic codes.

In so doing it can provide and erase generic and manufacturer details. In addition, the scanner can access direct threaded codes (DTC) which are more advanced and complex.

Review Of Vehicle Data When Off With Powered Battery

The Actron CP9185 Elite Auto Scanner comes with a battery power source. It ensures that the data can be accessed off the engine.

This means that the Actron CP9185 Elite Auto Scanner can access data from the vehicle while it is still not yet turned on from its powered battery which is its power source.

Shows Graphing Data

The Actron CP9185 Elite Auto Scanner has been equipped with a good feature that allows it to display its information as a graphical presentation still at the real time.

The screen has been designed in such a way that the user can read the information without having to strain. This screen also allows the graphical data to fit in perfectly and still can be seen clearly.

Playback Mechanism

The Actron CP9185 Elite Auto Scanner enables the user to access the information which may not have been clearly understood thanks to its playback feature.

The user can go back to information that he/she might have forgotten, either way, the user may also use this feature to go back and just clarify things hence we see it can be highly reliable.

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 It has wide compatibility
It is easy and simple to use
It is efficient
Elite Autoscanner CP9185 is both affordable and user-friendly


 Actron 9185 provides exclusive territorial operational limitations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this Actron Elite Autoscanner CP9185 compatible with Windows 8?
A: Yes, the software does work with Windows 8.

Q: Does it read airbag codes?
A: No, it does not.

Q: Does Elite Autoscanner CP9185 give ABS codes or just check engine?
A: This one does not give ABS codes .it just checks engine codes. It also does not give transmission information.

Q: Does it give you code numbers and read out a diagnosis?
A: It gives you codes with full details or definitions.

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Final Verdict

What I like with the Actron CP9185 Elite Auto Scanner, it is compatible with a wide range of motor vehicle brands hence if you have to change your car you will not have to change your code scanner. Hence one can use it across several vehicles you may have which will save you money.

Elite Autoscanner CP9185 is a simple to use equipment which gives one the opportunity to get fast access to the vehicle engine data. I would recommend it for both users who have experience and those who do not since it is a basic equipment.