Actron CP9580A Review

We had been using an old version OBD II scan tool for a long time, and I remember one morning my husband was to drive our kids to school and our minivan could not boot start.

He used the old tool to scan the problematic code, but there was no issue detected. All the OBD II scanner could tell us is that the minivan is okay.

Recently, we visited a professional mechanic who told us that the scanner was in a ‘bad state.’ My husband then began the search for a new one and found the incredible ACtron cp9580a auto scanner.

My friends used to tell me how convenient this auto scanner was but at that time, I think, we were blinded.

Ever since, we got the ACtron cp9580a auto scanner life has been better. It is very equipped and even durable unlike the old one.

Quick Solution Finder

The Actron cp9580a auto scanner is highly engineered to quickly scan and find a solution to whatever is ailing your precious automobile. It has been enhanced and expanded over the years to handle over a million verified fixes.

The verifying fixes depend on your vehicle’s model, year of assembly and engine. By just connecting it to your car it will provide you with real fixes to the issues affecting the check engine light to illuminate.

Compatible With Many Cars

The Actron cp9580a auto scanner is precisely engineered with top technology to scan many types of vehicles. Including domestic ABS code system, Honda, Nissan, Toyota, and Hyundai.

The vehicles also, year of assembling matters. For this device to function with your automobile, it should have been in existence for the year 1996. Before that, it cannot. In short, it is compatible for most 1996 cars and newer ones.

Sufficient Data

The Actron cp9580a auto scanner has been constructed to offer relevant information verified by certified technicians. After scanning the vehicle.

the gadget will provide the compatible code charts from its updated database by displaying it on a screen. With an effortless push of a button, you will get the exactly verified codes to fix the problem at hand swiftly.

Auxiliary Features

The Actroncp9580a auto scanner is a unique scanner. Do you know it features a whole lot of new bonus features?

From ABS code read and erase capability.Custom data list for live data, graphs, all modes of global OBD II data display live real time data, play back live engine.

field updateable via USB port as well as the ability to print data, MIL status, freeze frame data, VIN number, OBD II drive cycle mode to code connect and many more.

Excellent Data Analyzer

The handheld automotive diagnostic scanning tool is tailored to be suitable for both advanced automotive DIYers and automotive professionals alike.

It features an excellent data analysis program that gives it the capability to capture and analyze data like any other auto scanning tool.

Besides it can help you prioritize problem checking consequently giving you easy access to the ultimate solution.

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It is an updated auto scanner
It is an enhanced auto scanner
It works quickly
Has a clear display screen
It comes with one year limited warranty


It cannot be used to program new keyless entry remote

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: You have mentioned that it works for vehicles made since 1996 onwords, will it work even for a dodge Dakota?
A: Yes, it will as long as the vehicle falls in the mentioned bracket of years.

Q: Does the Actron cp9580a scanner give a specific ABS code?
A: Yes, the Actron cp9580a scanner is designed to give specific codes unless otherwise.

Q: How about hard codes and soft codes?
A: The Actron cp9580a scanner shows clearly both the hard and soft codes

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Final verdict

Whenever there are only complex and expensive ways of scanning and fixing vehicles, the Actronmanage to come up with a simpler way to help the increasing number of people who want to fix their cars quickly and easily.

The more advanced and powerful Actron cp9580a auto scanner with code connect does more than coding, it ensures your safety.

It is a portable, light in weight handheld tool that is very affordable and compatible with many vehicles available now in the American market.