BAHOM Adjustable Bed Reviews

BAHOM, might be a new entrant in adjustable beds segment, however, the company extensive presence and an excellent track record in home, furniture, electronics and electric toys segment.

The company has meticulous launched its first basic model into the market and within a year it has achieved excellent traction from consumers.

Special thanks to their quality and customer service.


BAHOM Adjustable Bed - Adjustments

BAHOM Adjustable Bed - Adjustments

BAHOM Adjustable Bed - Capacity

BAHOM Adjustable Bed - Capacity

Head & feet adjustment

While the head adjustment of 60 degrees is on par with most of its contemporaries, the feet adjustment, with 45 degrees, is in fact on the higher side.

Weight capacity

For a basic adjustable bed, lift motor capacity of 800lbs is really on the higher side. Moreover, it has successfully cleared 20,000 load bearing tests. Only mid-range and high-end adjustable beds offer above 800lbs of motor capacity.

Apparently, BAHOM is the only adjustable bed on the market that has come up with exact number of lead bearing tests it was subjected to. There is no other brand on that market that has disclosed its test numbers.

Remote Control

BAHOM Adjustable Bed Review - Remote Control

BAHOM Adjustable Bed Review - Remote Control

BAHOM Adjustable Bed - Positions

BAHOM Adjustable Bed - Positions

BAHOM comes with a simple wireless remote control with 7 buttons. While two buttons are dedicated for head adjustment, another two buttons are for feet adjustment.

Preset & Memory positions

It comes with one preset (FLAT) and one memory position.


Basic adjustable beds limit to offering just head and feet articulation but BAHOM being a step ahead offers flashlight as well on its remote control.

Other Important Features

Height adjustability & No. of legs

Like all modern adjustable beds, BAHOM too comes with 6 leg units. However, there is no height adjustability option and it comes with a fixed height of around 12-inches from the ground.

Mattress compatibility

Although the frame is compatible with all types of mattress, the company clearly suggests for mattresses up to 10-inches in size.

Mattress retention system

The design surrounding the mattress retainer bar is quite interesting. Unlike in other models where the bar is directly fixed to the bed, in BAHOM clips are fixed and retainer bar is hooked to the clips from sides.

This way it becomes quite easy to remove the retainer bar when needed.


Assembling BAHOM adjustable base is one of the simplest tasks and it won’t take more than 10 minutes of your time.

In fact, the frame comes almost fully assembled, all you have to do is fix the motors, leg units and mattress retainer bar. That’s it, your adjustable base is now ready.

BAHOM Adjustable Bed Review - Assembly

BAHOM Adjustable Bed Review - Assembly

Conclusion - BAHOM Review

BAHOM adjustable bed base is the newest in the market, yet it has secured excellent customer satisfaction ratings. It’s not like just one or two but there are several features that make appealing in basic adjustable beds segment.

  • Great adjustments – 60 degrees and 45 degrees of head and feet tilting
  • 800lbs massive lift motor capacity
  • Ultra-quiet motors
  • Wireless remote control with 1 preset and 1 memory position
  • Flashlight on remote control
  • 10-minute quick assembly

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