ideal Massage Full Featured Shiatsu Chair Review

In massage chairs segment, features are directly proportional to the price. More the number of features, higher the price.

And iDeal massage chair offers fair number of advanced features for the quoted price. And the number of reviews and the overall rating it secured is again Very Good. Any chair with reviews below 50 and rating below 4 have to put on watch list. But iDeal massage chair has nearly 4 times the reviews and 4 plus rating.

The number of reviews proves that it’s a reliable brand bought by many and the rating shows people are happy with their purchase.





Body Scan


Height supported

6 feet 3 inches

Fully body massage


No. of Auto Massage Programs


Massage Timers

5 mins to 30 mins, Time adjustable











No. of Airbags


Lower Body Massage


Control Panel

Fully Electronic

Heat Therapy

Yes, lower back


Yes – 3 Positions


3 Year warranty and 10 day return policy


Design – Ideal Shiatsu Massage Chair 

With S track design, quad massage rollers cover your entire back, up to your lumber area.

Body Scan

You really can’t afford to miss out on body scan feature. It is now available with all massage chairs. While high-end expensive massage chairs offer 3D body scan, both mid-range and low-end chairs measure height and body width.

Ideal Shiatsu includes body scan feature that accurately measures both height and width.

The intelligence from body scan results are passed onto the massage rollers which in turn adjust to body stats so as to cover every nook and corner of upper and lower back.


Zero-gravity position is mostly not found in massage chairs in this price band. But ideal Shiatsu massage chair offering not one but three zero-gravity positions is a big takeaway.

  • Back Down
  • Back Up
  • Zero-Gravity
ideal massage Full Featured Shiatsu Chair Review

ideal massage Full Featured Shiatsu Chair Review

ideal massage Full Featured Shiatsu Chair Review - Control Panel

ideal massage Full Featured Shiatsu Chair Review - Control Panel

Auto-Massage Programs

ideal Shiatsu comes with 4 auto programmed massage options

  • Upper Back
  • Lower Back
  • Activate
  • Relaxation

Massage Techniques

Along with the following manual massage modes, there are a wide range of combinations of these for enhanced massage experience.

  • Kneading
  • Rolling
  • Shiatsu
  • Vibration

Massage Combinations

There are instances when preset massage functions might really not provide the expected massage experience. This is where advanced massage chairs offer the flexibility to combine these individual functions to avail enhanced massage experience.

And ideal Shiatsu, although an entry level chair, offers as many as 14 massage combinations.

Massage Adjustability

This is again a high-end feature. Instead of being helpless with preset intensity levels as seen in most low-end massage chairs, ideal Shiatsu has included a range of adjustability.

Massage intensity, speeds, rollers reach as well as the airbags contraction, all of these can be adjusted to your desired intensity levels.

Massage Timers

I would say massage timers are a must as we can avoid overdoing a particular massage for long durations. It is always suggested to have different massage types for different lengths of time.

Massage timers options are embedded in Ideal Shiatsu’s control panel that offer you the flexibility to set the timing for each individual or a combination of massage functions. The range is between 5 minutes to 30 minutes.

Air Massage

And in areas where implanting massage rollers is difficult, design includes airbags. Best examples are arms, shoulders and in some instances in feet section as well.

While quad rollers cover the upper back and lower back area, the airbags cover pretty much every other part of the body.

Airbags in ideal Shiatsu are spread across arms, shoulders (upper body), legs, calves and feet (lower body) and seating (glutes and thighs).

There are again kneading balls embedded in the feet section to give some much needed feet massage when you are really tired after a long walk or drive.

Another added advantage, control panel has two dedicated intensity levels for air massage as well which are different from roller speed adjustments. This helps you to adjust massage across arms and legs between gentle and strong intensities.


Although vibration mode is not exactly a type of massage function but it is now embedded as a massage option in most massage chairs.

This feature vibrates or shakes the chair with powerful intensity but it is not that strong to really push you out of the chair. You can opt for vibration along with other massage function combinations.

It’s intensity replicates the standing vibration machines which you generally see in gyms. However, in this chair it is placed as a vibration plate on the seating.

Lower body

While arms and shoulders having airbags followed by back area which has quad rollers, the seating has vibrator + airbags and finally the legs and feet sections.

There are airbags in the calves area well and kneading balls + airbags in feet section. The feet section does not have rollers, hence the massage experience might not be as perfect but kneading balls along with airbags offer pretty much satisfactory intensity.

The feet section is adjustable or rather extendable by few inches. This adjustability is offered mainly to help people up to 6 feet 3 inches to fit in the chair.

Heat Therapy

Heat therapy helps relax or soothe sore muscles pretty fast when compared to regular massage. Although it’s embedded in both back and leg/feet sections in high-end adjustable beds, it’s completely goes missing in basic massage chairs.

However, ideal Shiatsu does offer heat therapy for upper and lower back.

Control Panel

With seven functions and nearly 20 buttons, the control panel is elaborate and easy to operate with visual display for all adjustments. It’s in the size of a tablet and the keys are not congested either.


The performance is again exceptional as it has earned some decent number of reviews and rating too is extraordinary.

Remember, the number of features are always directly proportional to the price.

At this price, it is seriously unfair to expect any further features as it is already incorporated with most features of a mid-range massage chair, especially therapeutic massage.