iJoy Massage Chair Reviews – iJoy 2580

iJoy-2580 is not a high-end massage chair and does not offer plethora of advanced massage options either. But how did it become a preferred choice of people with significant rating/reviews and good number of sales?

Let’s see it this way,

Just image you are sitting in your regular sofa or a recliner, watching TV and relaxing after a hectic day. That’s regular stuff, right? But now add massage functionality to your recliner sofa and imagine the additional level of relaxation it brings in. And this is iJoy-2580 Massage Chair.



Auto Massage Programs


Massage Timer

15 minute with auto shut-off feature

Manual Programs

Kneading, Percussion and Compression

Power Recline

Up to 180 degrees

Massage adjustability


Cup Holder


Auxiliary Power outlet

Yes, for charging both mobiles and laptops


Mere 88 lbs


Roller wheels for easy movement

Leg and Foot Rollers



Comes fully assembled


2 Years


The pricing of iJoy2580 is reasonable when you compare it with other low-end massage chairs and their feature-set.

The biggest advantage with iJoy-2580 is its durability. Several user reviews suggest that it can last up to a decade if maintained the right way.

Control Panel Features

3 Auto Massage Programs

There are 3 auto massage programs that come preset on control panel.

  • Back massage
  • Neck and shoulder massage
  • Lower back massage
Massage Timers

Each of the above auto massage programs come with 15 minute timers post which the massage function shuts-off automatically.

Manual Programs

Apart from auto massage functions, the control panel also offers you to manually select the type of massage. This has a wide range of options,

Area: Either upper back or lower back

Roller Position: Rolling or Zonal

Massage Types:

Kneading – For muscle relaxation

Compression – press and release muscles

Percussion – for strengthening tissue muscles

iJoy Massage Chair Reviews – iJoy 2580 Control Panel Options

iJoy Massage Chair Reviews – iJoy 2580 Control Panel Options

iJoy Massage Chair Reviews – iJoy 2580 Features

iJoy Massage Chair Reviews – iJoy 2580 Features

Power Recline

This is one major advantage with iJoy-2580 massage chair. With just touch of a button, the chair auto tilts all the way up to 180 degrees thus achieving near flat position.

The power recline makes it relatively easy to achieve accurate inclination level which is otherwise mostly tiresome to manually recline to desired angles.

iJoy Massage Chair Reviews – iJoy 2580 Power Recline

iJoy Massage Chair Reviews – iJoy 2580 Power Recline

Massage Adjustability

Although there is no massage adjustability from the control panel but it has removable softening pads on the back cushion surface. Insert the soft pads and the massage intensity mellows down but for higher intensity just remove the soft pads.

The massage intensity is again proportional to recline inclination. Higher the inclination, greater the massage intensity.

Cup Holder & Auxiliary Power Outlet

While the control panel has been embedded on the left armrest, the right armrest comes with a cup holder. Large enough to hold size cups, glasses or medium size bottles.

But the biggest takeaway is the power outlet. Yes, iJoy-2580 comes with a power outlet on the right side making it convenient for you to charge your mobile or laptop while enjoying your daily massage.

iJoy Massage Chair Reviews – iJoy 2580 Cup Holder

iJoy Massage Chair Reviews – iJoy 2580 Cup Holder

Roller Wheels & Weight Advantage

iJoy-2580 is the lightest massage chair in the breed. It weighs mere 88 lbs and additionally comes with wheel base, making it easy to move it to any corner in your home.


The biggest positive is the durability. This is what sets it apart from other ordinary low-end massage chairs.

As per several user reviews, this massage chair has lasted for nearly a decade while others, even premium ones, lifespan hardly touches 5 years.

Most of them start showing tantrums in 2 years but iJoy-2580 withstands for a very long time thus justifying your investment.


On the downside, there are a couple features that you need to know.

Low height

Height is one grey area for this chair. The seating is low and you bend your back and knees to sit on it. This is not a choice for people who suffer from knee strains, especially elders.

It’s not like your office chair but it is very similar to car seating where you need to bend your knees to reach your seat. As we do get in and out of our car multiple times in a day, sitting down on this chair should really not be a concern.

Not For Tall People

There is absolutely no exception to this. iJoy-2580 is best suitable for people who are up to 5 feet 10 inches. Anything above that, you need to check for other options.

No Foot Rollers – Sold Separate

You cannot expect foot roller at least at this price. As I told you in the introduction, it is just an extension to your regular recliner chair with some perfect massage functionality cover neck, shoulders, upper back and lower back.

But if you really need foot and leg massagers as well, you can rather buy them separately. Best is to buy them from Human Touch itself to avoid compatibility issues.

iJoy Massage Chair Reviews – iJoy 2580

iJoy Massage Chair Reviews – iJoy 2580


This is perhaps the biggest advantage of choosing iJoy-2580 as it comes fully assembled. You need not worry about tiresome assembly process, reading through manual, watching videos or paying for assembly (white glove delivery).


iJoy-2580 Comes with 2-Year limited warranty

Conclusion - iJoy 2580 Massage Chair Review

As explained in the introduction, iJoy-2580 is a massage extension to your regular recliner sofa. However, this massage performance is exceptional.

Has 3 levels of auto-massage programs covering – neck, shoulders, upper and lower back, with auto-shutoff timers. Lightest in weight and easy to move around, comes fully assembled and has all manual functions kneading, tapping, combination and a massive 180 degree near flat power recline.

Closing Summary
  • iJoy-2580 offers simple 3 auto massage programs
  • Power recline to achieve greater level of inclination, almost 180 degrees and to precise position
  • Built-in, handy control panel embedded to armrest
  • Cup holder on other armrest
  • Auxiliary power outlet on the sides for charging devices
  • No assembly hassles as the iJoy-2580 comes fully assembled
  • Durability, it lasts for many years unlike other low-end beds that work for only one or two years at the maximum

The feature-set and performance clearly outweigh its price.