Leisuit Adjustable Bed Frame Reviews

Leisuit adjustable bed is another best option in mid-range category.

In the last couple of years, there have been several adjustable bed brands targeting this exact price range. However, few stand out from the crowd owing to their feature set.

Without missing even on a single feature, Leisuit on its part has embedded all essential features. Lets compare its features with its contemporaries before moving into in-depth analysis. Both these beds come almost at the same price.


Leisuit adjustable bed supports head tilting up to 60 degrees and feet section tilting up to 45 degrees. This is in fact the maximum we can expect from any adjustable bed.

Simultaneous Head and Feet Articulation:

Every adjustable bed comes with separate options to lift and lower head and feet sections. It is a common feature.

However, Leisuit adjustable bed is one of the very few brands that offer dedicated buttons even for simultaneous lifting and lowering of head and feet sections.

Remote Control Features

Leisuit adjustable bed comes with a wireless remote control and has as many as 18 buttons offering 13 different functions.

Preset Memory Positions

Leisuit adjustable bed frame does not included plethora of preset functions. It has just 2 mandatory preset positions, Zero-Gravity & Flat.

Anti-snore would have been the one that should have been included, however, its somehow missing from the list. That’s the only downside.

Leisuit Adjustable Bed Frame Review Remote Control

Leisuit Adjustable Bed Frame Review Remote Control

May be including two buttons for simultaneous head and feet articulation and another button for additional memory savable position might have consumed the limited buttons space on its remote control.

Otherwise, most other beds in this price range do include anti-snore function but give a miss to simultaneous head and feet articulation.

Memory Programmable Positions

While other beds just have a single memory savable positions, Leisuit offers 2 programmable positions. That’s definitely a takeaway. Anytime, we surely have at least two favourite positions that we love to save.

Massage Feature

Leisuit adjustable bed is embedded with dual massage motors.

The massage functionality is neither too strong nor too weak, it offers the right intensity both at the mid back section and feet section.

Massage Timers

Additionally, it comes with massage timers as well. There are 10 min, 20 min and 30 min timer schedules.

Leisuit Adjustable Bed Frame Massage Functionality

Leisuit Adjustable Bed Frame Massage Functionality

USB Ports

Leisuit comes with 2 USB ports. At any given time, we have at least 2 devices for simultaneous charging, hence having two USB ports is in fact the right number.

Under the bed Lighting & Flash Light

The best part of Leisuit adjustable bed is that it comes with both under the bed lighting system as well as flash light.

These two are rather mandatory features as under bed lighting is minimal and non-intrusive while flashlight works as your torch in night hours.

Leisuit Adjustable Bed Frame Review USB Ports Retainer Bar Underbed Lighting Remote Pocket

Leisuit Adjustable Bed Frame Review USB Ports Retainer Bar Underbed Lighting Remote Pocket

Height Adjustable Legs 

Like all mid-range adjustable beds, even Leisuit comes with 6 legs.

The additional two middle legs offer much need stability to the frame while performing adjustments.

It comes with two individual legs units, 4 inch and 6.5 inch and when combined the bed stands at a height of 10.5 inches from the ground.

Leisuit Adjustable Bed Frame Review Height Adjustability

Leisuit Adjustable Bed Frame Review Height Adjustability

In case you are opting for low height mattress that are less than 10 inches then it would be ideal to use either 6.5 inches leg unit or combine both the legs to attain maximum height. However, if you are opting for 12 inch, 14 inch or 16 inch mattresses then 4 inch leg unit should be best fit.

Mattress Retention System

Leisuit comes with single mattress retention bar at feet level. When you choose your mattress, always ensure that the height of the mattress has to be more than the height of mattress retention bar so as to avoid hurting your feet.


Leisuit adjustable bed comes with just 2 year warranty.


In this price range, Leisuit adjustable bed offers pretty much all mandatory features. There is no missing feature on the checklist.

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