Inofia Adjustable Bed Review

Inofia Adjustable Bed Reviews

Inofia Adjustable Bed Reviews

Inofia adjustable bed, as we quickly looked at its features set and its price, it was pretty much clear that Inofia is going to rule the adjustable beds segment, at least for the next couple of years.

Feature-wise it is surely a high-end adjustable bed but price-wise its less than most other mid-range models.

Inofia Adjustable Bed Reviews


Inofia Reviews


Head tilting

Up to 65 degrees

Feet tilting

Up to 45 degrees

Lift motor capacity

850 lbs

Remote Features


Wireless + Backlit

Total functions

15 buttons

Preset & Memory Programmable Positions

Preset Positions


 - Flat


 - Zero-gravity


 - TV/PC


 - Anti-Snore


Memory Programmable Positions


Mobile App





Massage Functionality

Massage type

Dual massage - Head and feet

Massage modes

2 modes, wave and pulse

Massage intensities

3 speeds - low, medium and high

Massage timers

3 timers - 10 mins, 20 mins & 30 mins

Other imporant features

USB ports

4 ports in total, 2 on each side

Flashlight & Torch

Yes, offers both

Height Adjustability and No. of Legs

Height Adjustability

4-inch, 7-inch and 11-inch when combined

No. of Legs


Mattress Retention System

2 Retainer bars



Price Comparison


Inofia Adjustable Bed Review - Adjustments

Inofia Adjustable Bed Review - Adjustments

Head and feet adjustments

The head section can be tilted up to an angle of 65 degrees and the feet section up to an angle of 45 degrees..

Although, the feet section articulation is impressive but the head section articulation should have been at least up to 65 degrees to be on par with high-end adjustable beds.

Lift motor capacity

In any adjustable bed, the performance is measured in terms of its lift motor capacity. Secondly, these motors have to be ultra-quiet while performing head and feet adjustments.

And Inofia’s motors have a lift capacity of 850lbs which is the highest in mid-range models. In fact, high-end models have a slightly higher capacity of 900lbs.

Moreover, the motors produce far less than 50db sound which otherwise is negligible when compared with its contemporaries.

Remote Control

Inofia offers wireless, backlit remote control with 15 buttons embedded on it. The ergonomic design comes with a flat surface at the bottom for perfect gripping.

Inofia Adjustable Bed Review - Remote Control & Mobile App

Preset and Memory positions 

The number of preset and memory positions are somehow on the lower side. It comes with just one memory programmable position and two preset positions – Zero-gravity and Flat.

Would have been great if zero-gravity was also customizable.

Mobile App

Inofia also offers Android and Apple mobile app which is an exact replica of its physical remote control.

Massage Functionality

If adjustments are the primary reason for buying an adjustable bed then the second most important reason the massage functionality.

Especially after a hectic day at work or outdoors, a soothing massage will help be an ultimate experience. And Inofia comes with dual massage feature for both head and feet sections.

Massage modes and intensities

The wave and vibration massage modes come with three different massage intensities – low, medium and high. There are dedicated buttons the remote control to adjust the intensities individually.

Massage timers

Inofia is perhaps one of the very few mid-range models to offer massage timers as well. It has 3 timers to choose from – 10 mins, 20 mins and 30 mins. Upon reaching the set time, the massage motors will auto shut-off.

Other important features

Flashlight and Under-the-bed lighting

Inofia Adjustable Bed Review - Under-bed lighting

Inofia Adjustable Bed Review - Under-bed lighting

Gone are the days when certain features were especially available in high-end models. 

But with growing competition, all the newly launched models too are including some of these features.

Flashlight and under-bed-lighting are a must have features and Inofia does include both of these.

While flashlight serves as your torch, and non-intrusive under-bed-lighting works like your bed lamp.

USB ports

The base comes with dual USB ports on each side of the frame. For a queen size bed, there are a total of 4 ports, 2 on each side of the frame.

Height adjustability

One size doesn’t fit all, and one fixed height too is not suitable for all.

Hence, Inofia adjustable bed comes with 3 different height options – 4-inch, 7-inch and 11-inch.

It has two leg units of 4-inch and 7-inch and when combined they offer 11-inch height.


A 5-minute assembly is a must these days so as to remain in this competitive landscape.

And Inofia adjustable base too almost fully assembled and it won’t take more than 5-minutes to unbox and fix the leg and motor units.

Inofia Adjustable Bed Review - USB Ports
Inofia Adjustable Bed Review - Height Adjustability
Inofia Adjustable Bed Review - Mattress Retainer Bar

Mattress retention system

It comes with standard mattress retainer bar.

As of today, advanced mattress grip retention systems are still in testing phase.

Although, certain high-end adjustable bed brands do offer these but they also include mattress retainer bar as a backup.


If a brand is new into the market, then its product quality can be assessed from its warranty period.

Inofia with 5-year warranty surely shows the level of confidence it has in its product. This warranty period is on par with established brands in the market.

Conclusion - Inofia Adjustable Bed Reviews

Well, Inofia as mentioned in the introduction itself is a bet. Its no less than a steal at this price when compared with other mid-range or high-end adjustable beds on the market. It offers

  • 850 lbs of lift motor capacity
  • Wireless backlit remote control
  • Full-fledged massage functionality
  • 4 USB ports, 2 on each side and
  • 5-Year warranty

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