Arctic Dreams Mattress Review – 12 Inch And 10 Inch

Every gel memory foam mattress in mid-range category has its own takeaway.

For Arctic Dreams 12-inch memory foam mattress, the exceptional cooling effect its innovative Energex layer provides is its major unique selling point.

Mattresses are either made from visco-elastic foam or latex foam.

While visco foams are very famous for durability and support but they are not responsive and tend to slow recovery. On the other hand, latex foam mattresses are bouncy and recover fast enough but lack in providing right amount of support at key pressure points.

The innovative Energex foam used in Arctic dreams is a blend of both visco-elastic and latex foam. It carries the durability of visco-elastic foam and additionally provides latex foam like bounce and quick recovery needed for achieving motion isolation.

Layer Construction - Arctic Dreams 12 Inch

Top Layer: Super soft quilt of 0.75 inch thickness

Middle Layer: 3 inches Energex gel foam

Base Layer: High density 8.25 inches polyurethane foam

Arctic Dreams Layer Construction

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0.75 inch Super Soft Quilt

Who would not love to sleep on a mattress whose cover is pamperingly smooth and offers superb breathability.

Made from super soft foam, this top layer provides ultimate smooth and comforting feeling the moment you lie on it. It’s highly breathable and is designed to reduce heat retention on the top surface of the mattress.

3 inch Energex Gel Layer

Energex foam needs a special mention owing to its design purpose. Energex is very similar to latex memory foam yet offers superior support and durability. As mentioned in the introduction, latex foams are highly response. The foam gets back to its original shape very fast, however, the problem lies with its support at key pressure points around neck, shoulders and back. While visco elastic foam offers ultimate support around these pressure points but they are prone to slow recovery.

Energex is a mix of both latex and visco elastic foams. It offers the bounce and quick recovery of a latex foam while providing ultimate support and durability of a visco foam.

Additionally, this layer is infused with cooling gel. Instead of sprinkling cooling beads on the surface, cooling gel is infused into this foam.

Cooling gel infusion offers greater heat reduction when compared to foams that are infused with cool gel beads.

8.25 inch HD Polyurethane Foam

As with every mattress, Artic Dreams also offers very thick base foundation foam layer. This massive 8.25 inches layer is designed to sustain weights from top layers and ensure that the mattress does not bottom out by sinking any further.

While most other gel memory foam mattresses have the top layer at least 2 inches thick while cutting short the bottom layer to around 6 inches. However, Arctic dreams’ top layer is just 0.75 inches while adding additional 2 inches to base layer making it stand at 8.25 inches.

As mentioned in the very beginning that the unique selling point of Arctic Dreams is it’s extraordinary cooling effect, the design encompasses this vision as well. The top layer being very thin and the middle layer infused with cool gel offer superb cooling effect plus breathabiligy not to found with other mattresses.

However, with such design there is always scope for the mattress to be too plush and sink further downwards on taking heavy weights. But the extra thick 8.25 inches base layer offers stability and firmness needed to avoid the mattress from bottoming out.


The cover of this mattress is solely designed as an extension to the top super soft foam layer. Made from a blend of cotton and polyester, this breathable cover removes heat retention from the top surface and allows the cooling gel effect to reach to the top sleeping surface.

Arctic Dreams Layer Comfort


As depicted in the image here, the higher the thickness, the plush the mattress. However, the 12inch mattress is really not on the plush side. It’s in fact medium firm.

The 10 inch and the 12 inch mattress offer more of less the same amount of firmness with the 12 inch mattress being plush by another point and stands at 4 on a scale of 1 to 10 whereas the 10 inch mattress stands at 5.

However, the difference lies in the thickness of base foundation layer. While 12 inches mattress offers 8.25 inches HD base layer and the 10 inches mattress offers 6.25 inches HD base foam layer.

Although on the plush side, the extra 2inch thick base foundation layer in 12 inches mattress offers greater level of deep compression support.

Motion Isolation

With the top layer being mere 0.75 inches thick and limited to offering only pressure relief, one would wonder how the mattress achieves motion isolation.

But the design of extra thick base layer and the meticulous selection of Energex foam as secondary layer make the key difference.

8.25 inches extra thick base foundation layer offers deep compression support and avoids the mattress from bottoming out by easily supporting weights between 250 to 400 lbs.

And the secondary Energex layer quickly bounces back to original shape without creating any inconvenience to your sleeping partner.

Hence, the mattress on the whole offers very good motion isolation thus helping you and your partner sleep comfortable without disturbing each while moving sideways on the mattress.

Back Pain Relief

The best part of this mattress is how it provides support at key pressure points around neck, shoulder and back. The innovative Energex layer offers right amount of support without sinking too deep into the base layer.

In case of heavier sleepers, Arctic Dreams 12 inch mattress will be an ideal choice for overall pain relief.


Off gassing or odor is an innate problem with almost all gel memory foam mattresses. The off gassing pertaining to Arctic Dreams is very minor when compared to other gel memory foam mattresses. The smell is really not as strong as you might experience with other typical gel mattresses.

As the mattress is CeriPUR-US certified, it does not make use of toxic chemicals in it’s manufacturing thus assuring us that the smell is not hazardous in nature as we might fear.

Arctic Dreams Layer Features
  • Made from Energex foam
  • Excellent cooling effect
  • Passed motion isolation tests
  • CertiPUR-US certified and Made in USA
  • 10 Year Warranty and 120 Night Trial
  • Mild Odor
  • A bit soft for heavy sleepers


Arctic Dreams is highly recommended in case your body has tendency of overheating while asleep. Give no second thoughts if you have been looking for a mattress that offers excellent cooling effect without retaining heat on the top surface.

At this price, a gel memory foam mattress with innovative Energex foam and unmatched breathability is definitely a steal.