Classic Brands Adjustable Bed Frame Review

Classic Brands adjustable bed, apparently is the leading seller in mid and low range adjustable beds segment. It is one of the earliest of adjustable beds and yet stood the test of time and still competes with other brands in the segment.

Although, feature wise it lags behind the latest adjustable bed models but it still leads the race on customer satisfaction index, with staggering number of reviews and an outstanding rating.

Following is a quick snapshot of its feature set followed by detailed review on each feature.



Head 60 degrees & Foot 50 degrees

Wall Hugger

Not this model but Classic Brands Comfort Posture is a wall hugger

Preset Positions


 - TV/PC


 - Lounge


 - Zero-Gravity


 - Flat



Wireless with visual display and 10 functions


Yes, with 15 minute timer

Massage Intensity Levels

High, Medium and Low

Height Adjustability

4 inch, 6.5 inches and combined 10.5 inches

No. of Legs


USB Ports


Mattress Retention System

Retainer Bar

Unique Selling Point (USP)

 - Up to 50 degree feet tilting

 - Wireless visual screen remote

 - Dual Massage with 15 minute timer

 - 2 USB ports


3 Years


Classic Brands Adjustable Bed Base Review

Classic Brands Adjustable Bed Base Review


The head section in Classic Brands adjustable bed can be tilted up to 65 degrees and feet section can be adjusted up to 50 degrees.

While the head tilting of 65 degrees is standard like in case of most adjustable beds but what’s extra-ordinary is the feet tilting. Perhaps, there is no other adjustable bed in the market that offers 50 degrees of feet section adjustment.

Wall Hugger

Although this model is not a wall hugger but there is another advanced model "Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Posture Adjustable Bed”, that comes with wall hugger design.

Construction and No. of legs

Durability of any adjustable bed primarily depends on the construction quality of its base. In case of Classic Brands adjustable beds, the frame is built from durable steel.

While all the latest adjustable beds now in the market are now coming with 6 legs, Classic Brands was one of the very first beds that came with 6 legs while other low and mid-range beds in this range had only 4 legs.

The additional 2 legs fixed in the middle determine the meticulous design that is mainly focussed for offering robust support and enhanced durability.

Finally, in case of any manufacturing defect or break within the specified period, replacement is offered as per applicable terms.


Classic Brands adjustable bed comes with dual motors, one at head section and the other at feet section. The motors are in fact neither too loud nor too silent. They are known to be quiet while performing adjustments or massage functions.

And the massage quality offered by these motors is unmatched in comparison to other beds in this segment.

Remote Control

True to its name, Classic Brands wireless remote is sleek and carries classic look.

It offers as many as 10 functions and the biggest takeaway is the visual screen making it easy to perform all functions with flashing numbers and symbols.

Whereas, even the latest adjustable beds like Hofish, iDealBed and Ghostbed do not come with visual display remotes.

Classic Brands Adjustable Bed Frame Review Remote Control

Classic Brands Adjustable Bed Frame Review Remote Control

Pre-set Positions

Classic brands adjustable bed offers 4 preset positions, directly from its remote control.

Zero-Gravity: In this weightlessness position, both the head and foot sections are elevated to certain height.

This posture helps in enhanced blood circulation, relieves pressure off your lower back and eliminates stress from key pressure points. It also opens up air columns thereby improves breathability and results in reduced snoring.

TV/PC: In this position, the head section is elevated by around 30 degrees thereby providing an appropriate head angle for viewing TV or working on your laptop.

This posture eliminates pressure on your lower spine as well as neck. These key pressure points are otherwise strained as you might use double or triple pillows creating uneven gap that ultimately results in severe back pain.

Lounge: The most relaxing posture with head section lifted upwards just by few degrees while the foot section remains flat.

Ideal for reading books, listening to music or just relaxing your body.

Flat: No matter in which position you might be in, just at the touch of a button, the bed returns to flat position.

Both the head and foot sections slowly and simultaneously return to flat position without causing any inconvenience to you.

In case you would want a different angle other than the angle set in preset positions, you can happily adjust the head and foot tilts. The only limitation being you cannot save these positions.

Memory Programmable Positions

Although there are no dedicated memory programmable positions but Classic Brands does offer the flexibility to program (reset) and save the above mentioned preset positions.

Yes, you can adjust/reset the above mentioned Zero-gravity, TV/PC and Lounge preset positions to your desired angles and save them.


The bed offers dual massage function, with separate motors for head and foot sections. And there are 3 intensity levels to choose from – High, Medium and Low.

There is again a 15 minute timer as well for massage function. Just turn on the massage, set the timer and the massage motor shuts-off automatically on reaching the set time.

USB Ports

One of the biggest advantages in this price range is having USB ports. Yes, Classic Brands comes with 2 UBS ports.

Height Adjustability

It comes with 4 inch and 6.5 inches individual units for each leg. When combined they give you a total of 10.5 inches of height above the ground. You can choose the lengths based on overall height of your mattress.

Like mentioned earlier, instead of 4 legs, Classic brands bed comes with 6 legs offering more stability while performing adjustments.

Mattress Retention System

Classic brands come with a mattress retention bar at foot level. It is relatively wide enough to hold the mattress in its place while performing adjustments.


If you are looking to enjoy lifestyle benefits of an adjustable bed but within the budget of a gel memory foam mattress then Classic Brands should be your preferred choice.

In mid-range category, Classic brands adjustable beds’ feature set and durability factor make it the best seller.

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