Blissful Nights Adjustable Bed Reviews

Well, before moving into detailed Blissful Nights adjustable bed review, let us first look at its unique selling points.

  • German powered lift motors are absolutely smooth and noise free
  • 4 massage motors even for a queen sized bed (2 for each occupant)
  • 4 USB ports, 2 on each side
  • Total 3 custom memory programmable positions
  • 10-Year warranty

Furthermore, there are two variants, one being basic adjustable bed with limited features and the other is a mid-range adjustable bed with advanced features.

Latest Update: In a remarkably short period, Blissful Nights achieved immense success and customer satisfaction in both mattresses and adjustable beds segments. 

This prompted the company to launch a combo of the two, Ananda Sleep System. We have also covered Ananda Sleep System review in further sections.


Blissful Nights



Head - Up to 65 degrees

Feet - Up to 35 degrees

Remote Features


Backlit remote with 14 functions 

Remote Holder


Preset & Memory Programmable Positions

Preset Positions










Memory Programmable Positions


Massage Functionality


Advanced, 4 massage motors (2 for head and 2 for feet sections)

Massage Intensity Levels


Height Adjustability

Height Adjustability

3 pieces offering and 6 inch, 9 inch and 12 inch

No. of Legs


Other Key Features

USB Ports

Total 4 USB ports, 2 on each side

Motor Capacity

750 lbs lift capacity

Mattress Retention System

Retainer bar


No Pillow Tilt

Only iOS App

Unique Selling Point (USP)

- 4 massage motors

- 4 USB ports, 2 on each side

- 3 memory programmable positions

- 10-Year warranty

Mattresses Included




Price Comparison

Blissful Nights Adjustable base – Basic Model

The basic version offers head and foot tilting along with one touch flat button. The pros include

  1. No tools required easy assembly process and
  2. Motors installed are German technology powered and the best in the industry. They are absolutely silent even while performing head and feet adjustments.
Blissful Nights Adjustable Bed Reviews - Head and Feet Adjustment

Blissful Nights Adjustable Bed Reviews - Head and Feet Adjustment

Remote Control

Blissful Nights adjustable bed comes with a simple and easy to operate wireless remote control. It has just 5 options, 2 each for head and foot adjustments and 1 for Flat position.

While Twin XL and queen size beds come with single remote control, split-king adjustable bed comes with 2 remote controls, one for each unit.

Head and Foot Articulation

As seen in the image above, the head section can be tilted up to 65 degrees and the foot section up to 35 degrees.

There are no dedicated options on the remote control for TV, anti-snore or Lounge positions and there are no memory programmable positions either. If you need any of these positions, then you have got to do them manually.

The only option the remote control has to offer is FLAT position. In whatever position you are, this option will bring the bed back to flat position.

Blissful Nights Adjustable Bed Reviews - Remote Control

Blissful Nights Adjustable Bed Reviews - Remote Control

Foot retainer bar

Just like in all basic adjustable beds, Blissful Nights also comes with a single mattress retainer bar at the feet level.


One big advantage with this adjustable bed being that it is a tools free assembly process. Unlike other bed frames, Blissful Nights is relatively quick to set-up and absolutely needs no additional tools.

Lift Capacity and Motor Performance

Although this model does not come with massage feature but performance of lift motors is simply extraordinary. Incorporated with German technology, these motors are whisper quiet, super smooth and produce absolutely no noise at all while adjusting head and feet sections.

Each bed unit has a lift capacity of 750 lbs.

No. of legs 

Blissful Nights comes with 6 leg units thus offering more sturdiness to the frame, especially when performing adjustments. Remember all latest adjustable beds are now coming with 6 leg units while the traditional ones had only 4 legs.

Height adjustability

It comes with four 3 inch leg piece and together they offer height adjustability of 6 inch, 9 inch and 12 inch. And the base leg piece comes with floor glide, intended to protect the floor from any unwanted scratches.


Blissful Nights adjustable beds come with 10-Year limited warranty.


If you are looking for a basic adjustable bed without the need for massage feature and USB ports then this model from Blissful Nights is surely a bet.

Motors: The primary reason being the motors' performance. Most other basic adjustable beds are plagued with sub-standard motors that produce annoying noise while performing adjustments.

But the motors installed in Blissful Nights adjustable bed are powered by German technology and are renowned for offering whisper quiet performance.

Assembly:Other features include wireless remote control, massive 750 lbs lift capacity and another major reason being tools free assembly process.

The main frame comes compact and assembled. Just plug in the legs in respective units and your bed is ready to use.

Blissful Nights Adjustable base – Mid-range Model

Apart from the basic features mentioned above, this mid-range model from Blissful Nights additionally offer the very important dual massage functionality, 4 USB ports and under the bed lighting system.

Blissful Nights Adjustable Bed Reviews - Premium

Blissful Nights Adjustable Bed Reviews - Premium

Dual Massage Motors

Another unique selling point of Blissful Nights are the number of massage motors installed. While majority of adjustable beds, even in queen size, offer only 2 massage motors, one for the head section and the other for feet section.

But a queen size bed is occupied by 2 persons and massage motors being installed in the center make the massage intensity insufficient for either of the occupants.

Blissful Nights Adjustable Bed Reviews - 4 Massage Motors

Blissful Nights Adjustable Bed Reviews - 4 Massage Motors

No. of massage motors

Whereas, Blissful Nights comes with a total of 4 massage motors, 2 at head section and 2 at feet section. With individual massage motors under each occupant, the massage intensity is undivided and dedicated, very similar to split-king adjustable bed.

The remote control has dedicated buttons to control head and feet section massage functionalities, both individually as well as simultaneously.

Massage intensity adjustment

There are 3 intensity levels to chose from low, medium and high.

Remote Control

Blissful Nights adjustable bed offers back-lit, wireless remote control and comes with as many as 14 functions thus offering a wide array of adjustments as shown in the picture here.

Pre-set positions

Blissful Nights comes with 3 preset positions – Flat, Zero-gravity and anti-snore. The only other option missing is lounge but it is neither important nor difficult to adjust to manually.

Zero-gravity and anti-snore are a must have preset positions in any mid-range adjustable beds. Zero-gravity offers ultimate relaxation posture and when massage functionality is turned while lying down in this position, the results will be pretty fast.

With head section at 30 degrees angle, the anti-snore functionality opens up air valves and helps overcome annoying snoring issues.

Blissful Nights Adjustable Bed Reviews - Backlit Remote Control

Blissful Nights Adjustable Bed Reviews - Backlit Remote Control

Memory Programmable positions

In addition to preset positions, Blissful Nights also comes with 3 more custom memory programmable positions. Offering custom programmable is common in this price range but what is uncommon is offering as many as 3 positions.

Yes, other adjustable beds at this price only offer, at the maximum 2 custom programmable positions.

Blissful Nights Premium Adjustable Bed Reviews - Features

Blissful Nights Premium Adjustable Bed Reviews - Features

Dual USB ports

Blissful Nights adjustable bed comes with a total of 4 USB ports, two on each side.

Under the Bed Lighting system

It also comes with Under the bed lighting system. In fact, it is a must have feature and every adjustable bed newly launched in the market include it.


Be it the basic model or the mid-range version, adjustable beds from Blissful Nights are definitely not sub-standard on any parameters.

They are surely a bet owing to their

  • German technology powered powerful and ultra-quiet lift motors
  • 3 memory programmable positions
  • 4 USB ports, 2 on each side
  • Tools free quick assembly process
Blissful Nights Ananda Review

Blissful Nights Ananda Review

Blissful Nights portfolio includes both adjustable beds as well as mattresses. The company sells them separately as well as in combo offers.

And this review is all about combo of Blissful Nights Ananda mattress and Ananda adjustable bed.

Ananda 12-inch mattress is their best seller in mattresses segment. Along with cooling gel, infusion of crushed pearls makes it the coolest of all memory foam mattresses on the market

  • And they have combined this with their premium adjustable bed
  • Moreover, the combination is pocket friendly where you get both the mattress as well as the adjustable bed at reasonable price

A perfect strategy – combination of best sellers with competitive pricing. Let’s quickly look through some salient features before moving into in-depth review.

Blissful Nights Ananda Mattress Review

Heating issues with regular memory foam mattresses?

We all are aware that memory foam mattress offers exceptional sleeping experience. However, they tend to heat up the sleeping surface overnight as heat from our body is captured inside foam layers.

What other mattress companies did?

This prompted mattress companies into infusing cool gel into the top layer, thus keeping the sleeping surface relatively cool.

And how Blissful Nights is far better option?

Well, Blissful Nights moved a step further by infusing crushed pearls along with cooling gel into top layer. The second layer too is again infused with cooling gel.

This makes Blissful Nights Ananda exceptionally cool, unmatched even by other 14-inch cool gel mattresses.

Blissful Nights Ananda Mattress layer construction

Blissful Nights Ananda Mattress Review

Blissful Nights Ananda Mattress Review

Top layer:

2-inch thick and 3lb dense memory foam infused with both crushed pearls and cooling gel

Dissipates heat and keeps the sleeping surface cool

2nd layer:

1-inch thick 3lb dense memory foam infused with cooling gel

This layer offers further support in keeping the mattress cool all through the night

3rd layer:

2-inch thick transition foam

The cellular structure of this layer is large and ensures enhanced air circulation

Offers support and ensures you do not directly come in contact with base layer

4th layer:

  • 7-inch high density foam with air grooves
  • These grooves are designed to address 2 important factors
  • To improve air flow and remove heat from getting captured inside the mattress.
  • Additionally, to make it compatible with adjustable beds. The design offers perfect flexibility while performing head and feet adjustment along with massage functionality

Firmness and Motion Isolation

Blissful Night Ananda mattress is designed to offer medium firmness and stand at 5.5 on a scale of 1 to 10.

The top two layers infused with cooling gel and crushed pearls are relatively plush but are limited to 3 inches in thickness.

This provides plush and smooth sleeping surface and doesn’t really sink too deep. The 2-inch transition layer holds weights and offers exception support thus removing motion isolation issues.

Edge Support

Apparently, there is no memory foam mattress brand that claims of offering perfect edge support.

Apparently, Blissful Nights Anand is the only one that talks of patented wedge support designed to offer even support on the edges as well.

This patented design increases mattress’s overall sleeping surface area by nearly 20% and also extends overall mattress life span.

Blissful Nights Ananda Sleep System Reviews

Blissful Nights Ananda Sleep System Reviews

CertiPUR Certified

Ananda mattress followed all safety regulations and is US-CertiPUR certified.

Warranty and Trial Period

Blissful Nights offers 120-day trial period and 10-year warranty on Ananda mattress.

Blissful Nights Ananda Adjustable Bed Review

First thing first, Ananda adjustable bed comes with all the features of a high-end adjustable bed. While all other premium adjustable beds offer only Bluetooth based apps, Ananda offer mobile app that connects on Wi-fi.

Blissful Nights Ananda Adjustable Bed Review

Blissful Nights Ananda Adjustable Bed Review

Following is a brief snapshot of Blissful Nights Ananda adjustable bed review.

  • Head and feet adjustment
    • Head tilting – 60 degrees
    • Feet tilting – 35 degrees
  • Remote: Backlit Wireless
  • Preset positions: 3
    • Zero-gravity
    • Anti-snore
    • Flat
  • Memory positions: 1
  • Motors: Whisper quiet dual motors
  • Massage:
  • Massage mode: Dual massage
  • Massage intensity: 3 levels
  • USB ports: 2 on each side - Total 4 USB ports
  • Height adjustability: 6 inches, 9 inches and 12 inches
  • Mobile app: Wifi based mobile and tablet apps
  • Assembly: No tools required assembly process
  • Emergency power backup: Yes
  • Warranty: Warranty on both mattress and adjustable base: 10-year warranty

Blissful Nights Adjustable Beds with Mattress Sets

Blissful Nights has both adjustable beds as well as mattresses in its portfolio. The best option it offers is a combo of the two. If interested, you can purchase mattress along with adjustable bed.

It offers 8 inch, 10 inch and 12 inch mattresses. These are again infused with either cool gel or cool copper. 

Gel memory foam mattresses were the most wanted till date. And now copper infused mattresses are the new innovation that keep the sleeping surface relatively more cool.

12 Inch Cool Gel mattress with premium adjustable bed

Blissful Nights Ananda 12 inch Pearl and Cool Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress with Premium Adjustable Bed Frame Combo

12 Inch Copper infused premium mattress with adjustable bed

Adjustable Bed Frame and 12 Inch Split King Copper Infused Cool Memory Foam Mattress

10 Inch Cool Gel mattress with adjustable bed

Blissful Nights 10 Inch Gel Infused Medium Firm Memory Foam Mattress with Adjustable Bed Frame Combo

8 Inch Cool Gel mattress with adjustable bed

Blissful Nights Adjustable Bed Frame with 8 inch Firm Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress