Kyvno Adjustable Bed and Mattress Reviews

Of late, companies that were earlier into manufacturing of mattresses are increasingly looking towards expanding their portfolio. They are venturing into adjustable beds segment and selling both their mattresses and adjustable beds as combo offers.

And Kyvno is one such brand that is right now offering its mattress and adjustable bed as a combo offer.

Kyvno adjustable bed, although falls in basic adjustable beds segment but it offers all 3 mandatory preset positions. Let’s first take a quick look at its adjustable bed features.

Kyvno Adjustable Bed Reviews


Kyvno Reviews


Head tilting

Up to 65 degrees

Feet tilting

Up to 50 degrees

Remote Features



Total functions

9 buttons and 11 functions

Preset & Memory Programmable Positions

Preset Positions










Memory Programmable Positions

2 (TV/PC and zero-gravity are reprogrammable)

Unique feature

Folding hinge system

Yes, foldable in the middle. Easy to carry and store

Height Adjustability and No. of Legs

Height Adjustability

Fixed 10.5 inches

No. of Legs


Other Key Features

Motor Capacity

Each individual units supports 400 lbs Split-king supports 800 lbs

Mattress Retention System

Retainer bars

Emergency Power backup


Mattresses Included


Price Comparison

Kyvno Adjustable Bed Reviews

Basic adjustments

Kyvno Adjustable Bed Reviews - Adjustments

The head section can be raised up to 65 degrees and feet section up to 50 degrees.

  • These adjustment angles are on par with high-end adjustable beds, especially feet section’s angle of 50 degrees is really on the higher side.

Another interesting and which can also be called as an advance feature is the simultaneous adjustment of both head and feet section.

  • Yes, there are dedicated buttons on the remote control which help you to either raise or lower both the head and feet sections together.

Remote Control

Kyvno adjustable bed comes with an intuitive wireless remote control embedded with 9 buttons. However, the number of functions that can be performed are almost 11.

Kyvno Adjustable Bed Reviews - Remote Control

Preset positions

Kyvno offers all 3 types of preset positions – Flat, TV/PC and Zero-gravity.

Memory programmable positions

Even though there are memory programmable positions as such, but the best part is that both TV/PC and zero-gravity positions are reprogrammable.

This means you can conveniently adjust to your desired angles and save them as preset positions, which in a way are again memory savable options.

Foldable hinge system

Kyvn, apparently is the only adjustable bed that comes with a foldable hinge system. This allows you to fold the bed in the middle and move it quite easily.

Height adjustability and no. of legs

Kyvno adjustable bed comes with a fixed height of 10.5 inches which is perfect ideal for both tall and short people.

Like all new generation adjustable beds, Kyvno also comes with 6 legs. The two additional legs in the middle add to frames durability and offers enhanced sturdiness.


With each individual bed base managing 400 lbs, the split-king model comfortably supports weights up to 800 lbs.

Shipping & Assembly

Kyvno Adjustable Bed Reviews - Assembly

Not just the company but even consumers have the same say. Kyvno adjustable bed is relatively easy to assemble and takes around 20 to 25 minutes on an average to put it together.

Mattress retention system

Kyvno adjustable beds come with traditional mattress retainer bar at the feet section. This is relatively larger and lengthier in size and can easily support large size mattresses.

Power back-up

Power back-up is a must have feature which is mostly missing in old generation adjustable beds. Kyvno comes with emergency power back-up. If and when there is a power outage, the bed gets back to flat position.

Kyvno Memory Foam Mattress Review

Memory foam mattresses are luxury to sleep on. And gel infused mattresses are no less than a bliss. They stay cool all night and the plush surface helps you fall asleep faster and enjoy a deep and quality sleep.

Kyvno offers its 12-inch gel memory foam mattress along with its adjustable bed. These mattresses are designed to be medium firm and with cool gel beds infused into the top layers, the mattress offers cool and plush sleep surface.

Kyvno Gel Memory Foam Reviews

Kyvno Gel Memory Foam Reviews

It comes with zipper cover which is easily removable and also machine washable. Kyvno mattress is again CertiPUR-US certified following all regulatory health guidelines in its manufacturing.

Trial period and warranty

Kyvno Adjustable Bed Reviews - Warranty & Trial Period

Kyvno is offering 120-day trial period and if you didn’t like it during this time, you can return the mattress. And it’s not just the shipping being free, even the returning the mattress too is free.

Both the mattress and adjustable are covered by 10-year warranty.

Conclusion - Kyvno Reviews

With 12-inch cool gel mattress, by far this combo offer is a perfect choice if you are looking for a simple adjustable bed with no massage functionality.

And in case you are looking for a combo offer with either 10-inch or 12-inch mattress along with massage functionality then Blissful Nights Ananda is best suggested option.

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