Signature Sleep Adjustable Bed Review

Signature Sleep, the renowned brand in mattresses segment has announced its entry into adjustable beds segment with the launch of its basic model.

First thing first, drawing a comparison with other basic adjustable beds, Signature Sleep power adjustable base has clearly secured much better customer satisfaction.

Please do take a quick look at its overall rating, reviews and affordable price before we proceed into detailed review.

Signature Sleep Adjustable Bed Review


Signature Sleep


Head and Feet

Remote Control

Wired with 4 functions

Preset positions


Memory positions


Massage functionality


Weight capacity

Up to 700 lbs

Height adjustability

Fixed 18.5 inches

Number of legs



No tools required assembly process

Mattress retention system

Retainer bar


1-Year with paid option to extend up to 5-Year warranty


Head and Feet adjustments

Signature Sleep Adjustable Bed ReviewsSignature Sleep Adjustable Bed Reviews

Signature Sleep Adjustable Bed Reviews

Head section can be adjusted all the way up to 66 degrees and the feet section up to 45 degrees.

  • Head section is relatively similar to other basic adjustable beds
  • But the feet section with 45 degrees of adjustment is on par with medium and high-end adjustable beds

Remote Control

With just 4 functions embedded, the wired remote control is relatively sleek and quite easy to use. It has 2 dedicated buttons for head up / down and another 2 dedicated buttons for feet up / down.

Preset & Memory programmable positions

Well, it is not quite expected from a basic adjustable bed to have memory programmable positions. However, Signature Sleep adjustable bed with a simple to use remote control does not offer preset positions either.

TV, anti-snore, zero-gravity including basic flat positions, all have to be adjusted manually.

Signature Sleep Power Adjustable Bed Base Reviews - Remote Control

Signature Sleep Power Adjustable Bed Base Reviews - Remote Control

Weight Capacity

Gauging customer feedback, the queen versions weight capacity is up to 700 lbs making it quite comfortable for two adults.

Height and number of legs

Signature sleep power base stands at a height of 18.5 inches from the ground after assembly. It is somehow fixed height and with no individual leg units to adjust the height.

Again, power base comes with 4 legs which are sufficient to support weights capacity up to 600 lbs to 700 lbs.

Most adjustable beds now come with 6 legs as they are designed to support weights above 800 lbs. Additionally, they need to sustain powerful motors for lifting head and feet sections along with offering powerful massage function.

Whereas, basic adjustable beds are designed for lifting just head and feet sections with no massage functionalities. Hence, 4 legs are sufficient to sustain and support weights up to 700 lbs.


Assembly process is perhaps one of the unique selling points. It comes almost fully assembled and you need to just put in the leg units and plug it to socket.

It just takes few minutes to assemble entire unit with no tools required and no assistance either.

Mattress retainer bar

Signature Sleep power adjustable bed comes with traditional mattress retainer bar at feet level.


Signature Sleep adjustable bed comes with 1-Year warranty. Additionally, there seems to be options available to buy extended warranty up to 5-years.

Conclusion - Signature Sleep Adjustable Bed

Signature Sleep power adjustable bed is one of the simplest and basic adjustable base offering just head and feet articulation.

  • However, the performance of its lift motors is outstanding and noise-free.
  • Additionally, the price factor is another major advantage for Signature Sleep. It is almost equal or even less than a memory foam mattress.

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