Prodigy Elite Comfort Vs Reverie 9T & Prodigy 2.0 Vs Reverie 8Q

Prodigy Comfort Elite, the latest adjustable bed from industry famous Leggett and Platt is a direct competition to Reverie 9T.

Prodigy 2.0 had been the market leader for a long time and ahead of Reverie 8Q. But Reverie with the launch of its advanced 9T model had conveniently left behind Prodigy 2.0 in competition.

And now Leggett and Platt has come with this latest and most advanced adjustable bed, Prodigy Comfort Elite.

Prodigy Comfort Elite Vs Reverie 9T




Head, Foot, Lumbar & Pillow

Head, Foot & Lumbar

Wall Hugger



Remote Features


Touch Capacitive

OLED display

Remote Holder



Preset & Memory Programmable Positions

Preset Positions















Memory Programmable Positions

Total 6

- 2 on remote & 4 on app

Only 2

Massage Functionality


- Dual massage

- Pulse and wave massage modes

- 3 intensity levels

- Dual massage

- 4 wave massage modes

- 10 intensity levels

Massage Intensity Levels


1 to 10

Height Adjustability

Height Adjustability

- 4 inches and 6 inches individual leg units

- When combined offer 10 inches height

- Adjustable to every inch between 4 to 6 inches

- 3 inches and 5.25 inches individual leg units

- When combined offer 8.25 inches maximum height

No. of Legs



Other Key Features

USB Ports

4 USB ports on each side

(total 8 ports for split king/queen versions)

Only 1 USB port on wireless Qi charger

Motor Capacity

850 lbs lift capacity

Split-king/queen - 1700 lbs

850 lbs lift capacity

Split-king/queen - 1700 lbs

Mattress Retention System

MicroHook Retention System+Retainer bars (both)

ProGrip Technology + Retainer bars (both)

Mobile App

For both Apple iOS and Android devices

Only for Apple iOS devices


No zero-gravity preset position (but can be memory programmed)

- No pillow tilting

- No Android app

- Only 1 USB port

Unique Selling Point (USP)

- Pillow tilting

- 4 USB ports on each side (total 8 for split-king/queen models)

- Android and iOS mobile apps

- Wireless Qi charging pad

- OLED remote control

Mattresses Included

Yes,  2 Luxury 12” Gel Memory Foam Mattresses for split-king version



Prodigy Comfort Elite

Reverie 9T

Price Comparison

Prodigy Comfort Elite Review Vs Reverie 9T

Prodigy Comfort Elite Review - Head, feet, lumbar and pillow adjustments

Prodigy Comfort Elite Review - Head, feet, lumbar and pillow adjustments


Head and feet adjustments are part of every adjustable bed on the market. But pillow and lumbar adjustments are advanced and need sophisticated design.

Prodigy Comfort Elite offers both pillow tilting as well as lumbar adjustment.

  • Offering perfect pillow tilting can rather be said as a trademark feature of all Leggett and Platt adjustable beds. It has dedicated buttons on remote control for pillow tilting.

  • Lumbar support is a new feature embedded in Prodigy Comfort Elite model

Prodigy Comfort Elite Review - lumbar support

Prodigy Comfort Elite Review - lumbar support

Reverie 9T offers only lumbar adjustment and no pillow tilting.

  • Pillow tilting which was part of Reverie 8Q is somehow removed in 9T model

  • But lumbar support is pioneered by Reverie and first introduced in 9T model

Wall Hugger

Both Prodigy Comfort Elite and Reverei 9T offer wall hugging feature.

  • However, Leggett and Platt adjustable beds are industry famous for offering impeccable wall hugging feature

  • On this parameter, Prodigy Comfort Elite scores better than Reverie 9T

As an alternate to traditional mattress retention bars, advanced adjustable beds are now coming with new and innovative mattress strips.

This new feature includes two strips, one at the top and the other at the feet section, that are designed to hold the mattress in its place and prevent it from slipping sideways or downwards while performing adjustments.

  • Both Prodigy Comfort Elite and Reverie 9T offer this feature

  • This was first introduced in Prodigy 2.0 model by Leggett and Platt and later Reverie too developed similar design for its 9T model

While it is called as MicroHook retention system in Prodigy Comfort Elite, in Reverie 9T it is named as ProGrip Technology.

  • Quick note, both Prodigy as well as Reverie 9T packages also include traditional mattress retainer bars as backup.

Remote Control

Leggett and Platt offers touch capacitive remote control with Prodigy Comfort Elite. It is similar to the remote control that comes with Prodigy 2.0. It also includes a remote holder.

However, Reverie 9T offers advanced OLED designed remote control

Leggett and Platt's touch capacitive remotes were the most advanced on the market until Reverie came up with OLED powered remotes.

Preset Positions

While Prodigy Comfort Elite comes with 2 preset positions, Reverie 9T comes with 3.

Zero-gravity is somehow not included as a preset position in Prodigy Comfort Elite. That's perhaps the only noticeable drawback in Prodigy model

If needed, you can surely memory program it

Prodigy Comfort Elite Review - Remote Control with holder

Prodigy Comfort Elite Review - Remote Control with holder

Memory Programmable Positions

Prodigy Comfort Elite comes with as many as 6 memory programmable positions compared to only 2 in Reverie 9T.

  • Prodigy offers to save 2 memory positions from its remote and another 4 from its mobile/tablet app

  • Whereas, Reverie 9T offers only 2 memory positions from remote control

Under-the-bed lighting system

Leggett and Platt has taken under-the-bed lighting to the next level. Instead of just having a LED light beneath the bed base, now Prodigy Comfort Elite comes with

  • multi-directional lighting system

  • fully dimmable focus with adjustability

  • lights can be linked with alarm feature so as to offer refreshing wake-up ambience

Whereas, Reverie 9T comes with the standard LED powered under the bed lighting system.

Prodigy Comfort Elite Review - USB ports

Prodigy Comfort Elite Review - USB ports

USB Ports

This is one major feature that puts Prodigy Comfort Elite way ahead of Reverie 9T. It's clearly a deal maker for Prodigy adjustabe beds.

  • Prodigy Comfort Elite comes with a total of 4 USB ports for each base. Hence, a split-king/queen version comes with 8 USB ports, 4 on each side.

  • Whereas, Reverie 9T has only 1 USB port that too on its wireless Qi charging pad.

Height Adjustability

Prodigy Comfort Elite comes with 4 inches and 6 inches individual leg units which when combined stand at a maximum height of 10 inches.

  • And very similar to Prodigy 2.0, Prodigy Comfort Elite too offers height adjustability at every inch between 4 inches and 6 inches.

  • There are cavities for every inch into which pin can be inserted to attain desired height (as shown in the image here).

Reverie 9T comes with 3 inches and 5.25 inches leg units that combined offer 8.25 inches of maximum height.

  • There isn't per inch height flexibility like in Prodigy Comfort Elite or Prodigy 2.0.

Motor Capacity

Both Prodigy Comfort Elite and Reverie 9T's individual units support weights up to 850 lbs. That means split king/queen versions support weights up to 1700 lbs.

Massage Functionality

When it comes to massage functionality, there is absolutely no match to Leggett and Platt's adjustable beds.

In fact, their motors are the most advanced and industry famous for offering whisper quiet performance as well as ultimate massage experience.

Prodigy Comfort Elite offers

  • dual massage feature with separate motors for head and feet sections
  • wave and pulse massage modes and
  • 3 differet intensity levels (low, medium and high)

Reverie on the other side has significantly worked on improvising its massage functionality. This is evident from its new and powerful massage motors installed in its Reverie 9T model.

Reverie 9T offers

  • dual massage feature
  • 4 wave massage modes
  • 10 different intensity levels 

Mobile App

Prodigy Comfort Elite has mobile app for both Apple iOS devices as well Android devices. Whereas, Reverie 9T too has a mobile app but only for Apple iOS devices.


With the launch of Prodigy Comfort Elite and the features that are embedded in it, Leggett and Platt has brought in the competitor to Reverie 9T.

Feature-wise, Prodigy Comfort Elite is ahead of Reverie 9T

  • Has next generation lumbar support
  • Advanced under-the-bed lighting system with multi-directional and dimming lights
  • 8 USB ports (4 on each side) is another big winner for Prodigy, whereas Reverie 9T comes with only 1 USB port (on Qi charging pad)
  • 6 memory programmable positions compared to only 2 in Reverie 9T
  •  Includes 2 Luxury 12” Gel Memory Foam Mattresses (for split-king)

Prodigy 2.0 Vs Reverie 8Q

Until the launch of Prodigy Comfort Elite and Reverie 9T, Leggett & Platt Prodigy 2.0 was undoubtedly the best premium adjustable bed in the market. 

Although Reverie 8Q is another advanced adjustable bed on par with Prodigy 2.0 but owing to couple of missing features it stands right behind Prodigy 2.0.

Every feature embedded in Prodigy 2.0 has been crafted to perfection. Except few, most of these features are available in other adjustable beds as well. But there is a significant difference in their performance level.

And again, if someone is under the impression that Prodigy 2.0 costs more than other adjustable beds then they have to realize that the performance of Prodigy 2.0 is light years ahead of others.

Let’s have a look at each of these features in detail and also compare the same with other adjustable beds in the market.

Wall Hugger® Engineering

Wall hugging is an ultimate comfort feature. I would say it’s a must have feature if you experience difficulty while turning backwards or sideways while sitting in your bed, especially for elderly people or for those recovering from health ailments. Few other adjustable beds also offer wall hugging feature but there is a catch in their performance.

What’s wall hugging? When you lift the head section upwards to your desired angle, the upper section of the bed simultaneously moves away from the wall. This is when you have to stretch sideways/backwards to reach your bedside table. But with wall hugger feature, the bed’s head section stays in its very place without moving away from the wall, thus removing the need to turn backwards.

Wall Hugging Prodigy 2.0 Vs Reverie 8Q

Wall Hugging Prodigy 2.0 Vs Reverie 8Q

Without Wall Hugger: Simply imagine you are working on your laptop with your head section lifted upwards, away from the wall and you need to reach out to your mobile or water placed on the bedside table. You try to turn but all the while you have to be careful that your laptop doesn’t slip and fall. For elderly people or health patients, turning sideways or stretching backwards is a painful process.

With Wall Hugger: But if your bed really didn’t move an inch from the wall even when the head section is lifted upwards, there absolutely no need to fear that your laptop might fall, no need to turn or stretch backwards to reach the bedside table.

Prodigy 2.0 offers this wall hugging feature to perfection. The below comparison illustrates why I mentioned that every feature in Prodigy 2.0 is crafted to perfection.

Wall Hugger® engineering embedded in Prodigy 2.0 is a bench mark which no other adjustable bed has been able to breach till date.

Reverie 8Q Wall Hugging

Even though Reverie 8Q also offers wall hugging feature but it is not as perfect as Prodigy 2.0. The distance between the wall and the head section will still be around half-feet to one-feet depending upon the inclination.

S-Cape Wall Hugging

As S-Cape is again from Leggett & Platt, unique wall hugger™ engineering has been incorporated in this model as well. It works the same way as in Prodigy 2.0, headboard sticks to the wall no matter how much you tilt the head section.


The primary task of an adjustable bed is to offer head & foot tilts and every adjustable bed offers these basic adjustments. Whereas, only a couple of beds like Prodigy 2.0 and Reverie 8Q offer pillow tilt in addition to basic head and foot tilts.

Pillow tilt is a must have feature if you are used to working on laptop or writing/reading while lying down in your bed. While doing these tasks, if you have ever noticed, our head tends to incline forward and we typically place a pillow to support our neck and back. Yet, it is still an unbalanced posture which might result in neck pain in the long run.

Pillow Tilt - Prodigy 2.0 Vs Reverie 8Q

Pillow Tilt - Prodigy 2.0 Vs Reverie 8Q

Pillow tilt removes the need to have an additional unbalanced pillow and provides the right inclination, supports our neck and helps us focus better on our work.

Pillow tilt is an advanced feature and needs exquisite design. Even though other adjustable beds offer most of the advanced features but pillow tilt is something beyond their design expertise.

Reverie 8Q Adjustments

Reverie 8Q also supports wide range of head and foot tilts. However, pillow tilting is linked to the head section adjustment.

As you raise the head section, simultaneously the pillow section also adjusts accordingly. Of course, it is not as perfect as Prodigy 2.0.

Pillow Tilt Options - Prodigy 2.0 Remote Control

Pillow Tilt Options - Prodigy 2.0 Remote Control

Just like head and foot section adjustments, Prodigy 2.0 has dedicated options on remote to adjust the pillow section to desired angle but Reverie 8Q doesn’t have such an option.

S-Cape Wall Hugging

S-Cape only has head and foot tilting. Pillow tilting has not been included in the design.

MicroHook™ Retention System

Typically, adjustable beds have only one retention bar at the foot level just to avoid the mattress from sliding downwards.

1. Yes, these retention bars do hold the mattress in its place but we could still notice that the mattress does sway slightly as we perform adjustments or when the massage motors are working.

2. And while putting on covers, there is always this difficulty in tucking the covers beneath the retention bar. Every time you do it, you have to either push your hands into the retention bar to insert the covers correctly or lift the mattress, tuck the covers and then push the mattress into the retention bar. Even though it’s not difficult, but sometimes it’s annoying.

Prodigy 2.0 MicroHook Mattress Retention

Prodigy 2.0 MicroHook Mattress Retention

Prodigy 2.0’s MicroHook™ retention system removes the need to have metal bars. These are strips that run at the middle and lower sections of the bed. Their grip is so perfect that it latches to the surface of the mattress and absolutely holds the mattress in its place. However, it is specifically designed for one sided mattresses.

Do the adjustments, turn-on the vibration motors, jump around but the mattress will stay in its place. And this is called PERFECTION.

Prodigy 2.0 does not offer any feature just for the sake of offering it. It puts in time, effort and walks the extra mile to offer every feature to utmost perfection. Unlike other beds, Prodigy 2.0 might cost a bit extra but it’s PERFECT.

Reverie 8Q Mattress Retention System

Reverie 8Q has mattress retention hooks on all four sides. But there is a catch here. These retention hooks are non-removable and might make bedding a bit time consuming.

Nonetheless, having retainer hooks on all corners holds the mattress perfectly in its place, just like Prodigy 2.0.

Reverie 8Q Mattress Retainer Bars

Reverie 8Q Mattress Retainer Bars

S-Cape Mattress Retention System

It depends on the model that you are choosing. Certain models come with traditional retainer bars while others with removable micro-hook retention system, just like in Prodigy 2.0.

USB Ports

USB ports are a must have feature. At any given time, we have at least couple of devices like mobiles, power banks or tablets that need to be charged frequently. However, charging points are mostly away from our bed and all that we could do is place them on the bedside table until they are charged to requisite levels.

But having charging ports embedded to your bed and right on the sides of the frame is highly beneficial. And Leggett & Platt Prodigy 2.0 does offer USB ports and there are altogether 4 ports on each side. So, if you have a split king version then you would have totally 8 USB ports.

And yet again, no other adjustable bed comes with 4 USB ports. That’s Prodigy 2.0, when it offers something it’s the finest and to the fullest.

Reverie 8Q USB Ports

Reverie 8Q comes with a single USB port embedded at the front of remote holder.

USB Ports Prodigy 2.0 Vs Reverie 8Q

USB Ports Prodigy 2.0 Vs Reverie 8Q

However, the biggest advantage is that it also has 2 AC outlets at the back of the remote. Not just your mobile but you can even connect your laptop charger as well. Prodigy 2.0 doesn’t come with AC power outlets.

S-Cape USB Ports

The only flaw with S-Cape model is that it does not come with even a single USB port.

Touch Capacitive Backlit Remote Control and Holder

All high-end adjustable beds offer wireless, backlit remote controls. That’s like an advanced feature. But offering wireless, backlit and touch capacitive remote control is, perhaps, a super advanced feature.

Well, no other adjustable bed in the market offers touch capacitive user interface for a remote control. Prodigy 2.0 is the only bed that has done it till date.

Additionally, it also comes with a remote control holder. That adds security.

Reverie 8Q Remote Control

Reverie 8Q remote control is neither backlit nor touch capacitive. However, Reverie 8Q also offers remote control holder along with a USB port embedded to it. This is one rare area where Reverie 8Q has scored over Prodigy 2.0.

S-Cape Remote Control

Backlit remote controls are available with certain S-Cape 2.0 model. Although, there is no remote control holder but the base is quite flat that they can stand vertical.

Remote Control Features Prodigy 2.0 Vs Reverie 8Q

Remote Control Features Prodigy 2.0 Vs Reverie 8Q

Preset Memory Positions

Flat and anti-snore are the only preset positions offered by Prodigy 2.0.

Zero Gravity, TV/PC and lounge are the additional preset positions that most advanced adjustable beds have to offer.

Anti-Snore: However, anti-snore is an advanced feature that not all adjustable beds offer. This is an important function as most people, at some time or the other, suffer from snoring issue.

In anti-snore position, the head section lifts by around 30 degrees, opens air valves, improves breathability and reduces snoring.

Reverie 8Q Preset Positions

In addition to Flat and Anti-Snore, Reverie 8Q also offers Zero-Gravity as preset position. Most adjustable beds have zero-gravity preset position but really it’s somehow missing in Prodigy 2.0.

Nonetheless, as Prodigy 2.0 has 6 memory programmable options, you can always configure and save zero-gravity as a programmable position.

S-Cape Preset Positions

In S-Cape 2.0, Leggett & Platt has included zero-gravity as preset position along with Flat and Anti-Snore.

6 Programmable Memory Positions

Memory savable positions are a delight to have. A preset TV/PC or lounge position might not be at the same desired angle that one would prefer. This is when memory savable positions come in handy.

You can tune into your favourite angle, save it and happily tune into the same at any time in the future.

Prodigy 2.0 offers six memory programmable/savable positions, M1 & M2 from remote and 4 more from mobile app (Android & Apple iOS).

While most other adjustable beds offer no more than 2 memory savable positions, offering 6 positions is a huge lead for Prodigy 2.0 over its contemporaries. 

Reverie 8Q Programmable Memory Positions

Reverie 8Q offers 4 memory savable positions and all 4 are configurable from remote and none from its mobile app.


S-Cape comes with 2 memory programmable positions on remote, M1 & M2. However, as it does not have a mobile app, there are no more additional memory savable positions.


Another major reason that prompts most people these days to buy an adjustable bed is its massage function. And who doesn’t want to enjoy a perfect massage after a hard day at work? 

A massage that runs therapeutic waves from head to toe at our desired intensity levels. Almost all high-end and mid-range adjustable beds do offer massage function. However, noise emanating from these vibration motors is something that no one should ever ignore.

But motors installed in Prodigy 2.0 are both powerful yet ultra-quiet.

Dual Massage Leggett & Platt Prodigy 2.0 Split Adjustable Bed

Dual Massage Leggett & Platt Prodigy 2.0 Split Adjustable Bed

1. It offers dual massage function for both upper and lower body.

2. Additionally, the wave massage runs therapeutic waves from head to toe offering full body massage, relax your muscles and help you quickly fall asleep.

There are three massage intensity levels to choose from – low, high and medium.

Reverie 8Q Massage Feature

It offers only dual massage feature for upper and lower body. You can choose between 1 and 10 intensity levels.

S-Cape Massage Feature

Massage functionality in S-Cape model is similar to Prodigy 2.0. It has both wave massage and standard massage. In wave massage, therapeutic waves run from head to toe while in standard, therapeutic waves are focused around upper and lower body.

Height Adjustability

Most beds come with height adjustability but when I say this I am talking about two individual units that have to be combined to get maximum height.

For example, there are beds that have 6 inches and 3 inches units. So, when you are not okay with 6 inches height, all that you can do is add the 3 inches unit to the 6 inches unit and combined you would get 9 inches height.

But what if you just want 7 inches or 8 inches height instead of mere 6 inches or max 9 inches height?

Prodigy 2.0 Adjustable Legs

Prodigy 2.0 Adjustable Legs

And this is the flexibility that Prodigy 2.0 offers. It has 6 inches and 4 inches units but placed within each other and not as individual units. There are cavities for inserting pin at every inch.

So, if you just need 8 inches height, lift the leg and insert the pin in the right cavity to attain desired height.

Reverie 8Q Height Adjustability

It offers two individual units, 3 inches and 5 inches and when combined offer total 8 inches height.

Reverie 8Q Adjustable Legsjpg

Reverie 8Q Adjustable Legsjpg

S-Cape Height Adjustability

Height adjustability in S-Cape is very similar to Prodigy 2.0. It has two lengths within each other and allows adjustability between 6 to 10 inches. With pin model, you can adjust it to every inch between 6 and 10 inches height.

Under-bed lighting System

Under the bed lighting system looked like an innovative feature initially but over a period almost all leading high-end and mid-range adjustable beds have this feature embedded.

Minimum non-intrusive under the bed lighting system helps you safely navigate to your bed in pitch dark rooms. Prodigy 2.0 offers this feature and it can be controlled from its remote and mobile app.

Reverie 8Q Under-bed Lighting System

Reverie 8Q also offers under the bed lighting system that can be turned on/off directly from its remote control. S-Cape 2.0 also offers this feature. 

Under bed lighting Leggett & Platt Prodigy 2.0

Under bed lighting Leggett & Platt Prodigy 2.0

Mobile App

Alongside remote control, Prodigy 2.0 also provides the luxury of controlling the bed from your mobile as well. It offers both Android and iOS apps.

Mobile app functionality is not just replica of remote control but the app also offers several additional functionalities as well.

Out of the total 6 memory programmable positions, while remote control offers only 2, mobile app offers additional 4 positions.

Reverie 8Q Mobile App

Reverie 8Q also offers mobile app for both Android and iOS devices.

S-Cape Mobile App

S-Cape doesn’t offer any mobile app.

Prodigy 2.0 Mobile App

Prodigy 2.0 Mobile App

Sleep Timer

Some of us have the habit of falling asleep while watching TV or reading a book. Instead of being in a flat position, the bed might be in a TV/PC or lounge position when we slip into sleep.

And no matter in whichever position the bed might be in when you fall asleep, with sleep timer ON, the bed will return to flat position upon reaching the set time.

Reverie 8Q Sleep Timer

Reverie 8Q also offers sleep timer functionality from its mobile app

S-Cape Sleep Timer

Not offered


The alarm functionality is of two types in Prodigy 2.0.

1. The remote will beep on reaching set time, but we all have mobile phones that also do the same task.

2. Wake up by gentle massage: The bed comes with a built-in alarm feature and this is surely a luxury and not to be found even most other advanced adjustable beds. It is like wake-up by massage wherein the bed vibrates gently upon reaching the set time. A gentle massage early morning is surely a bliss.

Reverie 8Q Alarm

Although it does not have beeping alarm on remote but it has wake up by gentle massage option.

Additionally, the bed also offers “wake up by lifting head section”. On reaching set time, the bed slowly lifts the head section by few degrees to wake you up.

S-Cape Alarm

Not offered

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