Mecor Bed Frame Reviews

Well, basic adjustable beds segment is seeing tremendous competition. However,, these basic models are no longer limited to just head and feet articulation.  

In fact, they are offering several additional features, best example being Mecor adjustable bed, which is offering massage functionality. This, perhaps, is the only basic model to offer dual massage along with USB ports and memory positions. All of which are otherwise advance features.

Let’s take a quick look at its feature set followed by detailed Mecor adjustable bed review.

Mecor Adjustable Bed Reviews


Mecor Reviews


Head tilting

Up to 60 degrees

Feet tilting

Up to 45 degrees

Remote Features


Wireless + Backlit

Total functions

8 buttons and 10 functions

Preset & Memory Programmable Positions

Preset Positions










Memory Programmable Positions

Customizable presets

Massage Functionality

Dual massage

Yes, seperate motors for both head and feet massage

USB Ports

USB ports

4 ports in total, 2 on each side

Port Types

1A for slow charging and 2A for regular fast charging

Height Adjustability and No. of Legs

Height Adjustability

6-inch, 9-inch and 12-inch

No. of Legs


Other Key Features

Motor Capacity

Each individual units supports 750 lbs

Mattress Retention System

Retainer bar

Customer care support

24 hours

Price Comparison


Mecor Adjustable Bed Frame Review - Adjustments

Head and feet adjustments

You can conveniently tilt the head section up to 60 degrees and the feet section up to 45 degrees. While 45 degrees of feet section is remarkable but would have been really great if the head section tilting was up to 65 degrees.

Lift motor capacity

The weight capacity of Mecor adjustable bed stands at 750lbs and this is relatively quite impressive in this price range.

Remote Control

Mecor Adjustable Bed Frame Review - Remote Control

Mecor adjustable base offers ergonomically designed and intuitive looking wireless remote control.

At first look it might appear to be a simple remote but upon closer examination you will surely be amazed to see several advanced features embedded.

Preset and memory programmable positions

You will again be surprised to know that Mecor offers 4 preset positions – Zero-gravity, TV/PC, Lounge and Flat.

The best part is that these preset positions are also customizable. You can tilt the head and feet sections to your desired angles and save them on these preset positions.

Massage functionality

Well, massage as mentioned in the very introduction itself, is an advanced feature and absolutely not included in any of the basic models.

However, Mecor is apparently the first and only basic adjustable bed that offers dual massage feature.

Mecor Important Features

Height adjustability

Mecor is again the only adjustable base to offer 3 individual leg units, measuring two 3-inches units and one 6-inch unit.

When combined these offer 6-inches, 9-inches and 12-inches of height adjustability.

Mecor Adjustable Bed Frame Review - Height Adjustability
Mecor Adjustable Bed Frame Review - Important Features

USB ports

Mecor comes with 2 USB ports on each side of the frame. Additionally, the two USB ports are again 1A and 2A and these help you charge both slow as well as fast charging devices.

Mattress retention system

Like in all basic adjustable beds, Mecor too offers single mattress retainer bar.

Conclusion - Mecor adjustable bed frame

If you are looking for a basic adjustable bed with just head and feet articulation then Mecor is most recommended.

In addition to head/feet tilting. Mecor offers a whole lot of features, including massage and dual USB ports but at the price of a basic model.

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