SNODE Adjustable Bed Review

Leggett & Platt and Reverie were the pioneers in adjustable beds. Seeing the immense potential, mattress brands too ventured into adjustable beds segment.

Snode Adjustable Bed Review

Snode Adjustable Bed Review

And now SNODE, primarily a fitness equipment champion, has also launched its first adjustable bed into the market. Although, it has meticulously come up with a basic model but it has got all the latest features except massage functionality.

At the given price and the number of features it offers, I have absolutely nothing to doubt that SNODE is going to be a long-term player in the industry. I wish the company all the best for embedding some of the excellent features in its very basic model.

SNODE Adjustable Bed Reviews


SNODE Reviews


Head tilting

Up to 65 degrees

Feet tilting

Up to 45 degrees

Remote Features


Wireless + Backlit

Total functions

9 buttons and 11 functions

Preset & Memory Programmable Positions

Preset Positions










Memory Programmable Positions

2 (TV/PC and zero-gravity are reprogrammable)

USB Ports

USB ports

4 ports in total, 2 on each side

Port Types

1A for slow charging and 2A for regular fast charging

Height Adjustability and No. of Legs

Height Adjustability

4-inch, 7-inch and 11-inch when combined

No. of Legs


Other Key Features

Motor Capacity

Each individual units supports 850 lbs

Mattress Retention System

2 Retainer bars



Customer care support

24 hours

Price Comparison


Snode Adjustable Bed Reviews - Adjustments

Snode Adjustable Bed Reviews - Adjustments

Head and feet adjustments

Both the head and feet section adjustment in SNODE is on the higher side. It allows head section to be tilted up to 65 degrees and the feet section up to 45 degrees.

Lift motor capacity

Adjustable beds in this price range offer lift capacity of either 650lbs or 750lbs. But SNODE is an exceptional case which offers massive 850lbs weight capacity.

Remote Control

Of late, even basic adjustable beds are offering wireless remote controls. Whereas SNODE being a step ahead of its competitors is offering backlit wireless remote.

Preset positions

Out of the total 4 preset positions, it offers 3 on its remote control – Flat, Zero-gravity and TV/PC. The only missing one being anti-snore.

Memory programmable positions

Well, having reviewed adjustable beds from all 3 segments – advanced, mid-range and basic, there is apparently no brand that offered 2 memory positions like SNODE.

Although, there are no dedicated buttons for memory positions, but both zero-gravity and TV/PC positions can also be programmed and saved to your desired angles.

Snode Adjustable Bed Reviews - Remote Control

Snode Adjustable Bed Reviews - Remote Control

Other Important Features

Snode Adjustable Bed Reviews - USB Ports

Snode Adjustable Bed Reviews - USB Ports

USB Ports

Initially, it was hard to believe that SNODE is offering 2 USB ports on each side of its adjustable bed frame. But it is a fact that the very basic model from SNODE has a total of 4 USB ports, two on each side.

In the 2 ports, one is a 1A slow charging port, ideal for charging small devices while smart watches and the second one is 2A which is suitable for bigger devices like mobiles and tabs.

Height adjustability

SNODE adjustable bed frame comes with 3 different height options – 4-inch, 7-inch and 11-inches.

It has two individual leg units of 4-inches and 7-inches and you can again both to attain maximum height of 11-inches.

Mattress retention system

Yet again, instead of just one mattress retainer bar, SNODE frames come with 2 bars.

Although one bar is enough to hold a mattress in its place but 2 will ensure much more steadiness.

And the upholstery too is non-slip with dotted patterns spread across that helps in effectively gripping the mattress.

Snode Adjustable Bed Reviews - Height Adjustability

Snode Adjustable Bed Reviews - Height Adjustability

Snode Adjustable Bed Reviews - Mattress Retention System

Snode Adjustable Bed Reviews - Mattress Retention System

Warranty & Customer Support

SNODE adjustable bed frames comes with standard 1-Year warranty. Although the warranty part is relatively less when compared to others but the customer care is operation 24 hours.

As SNODE is a renowned brand in fitness segment, it sure has professional work force to address to your needs and queries at any time of the day.


As mentioned earlier, leaving out massage functionality, SNODE has got everything in its very first model. 4 USB ports, 3 preset and 2 memory positions on its wireless backlit remote and 2 mattress retainer bars matched with height adjustability. Well, you name a feature and they sure have it.

SNODE is definitely going to dominate the market for the number of features as we the affordable price.

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