Reverie Adjustable Bed Reviews – Reverie 8Q, 7S & 5D Comparison

Reverie brand has surely carved a niche for itself in best adjustable beds market. It offers both high and mid range adjustable beds and has become a preferred choice over the period owing to its exquisite feature set, comfort, convenience and durability.

Reverie 8Q Adjustable Bed Review Features

Reverie 8Q Adjustable Bed Review Features

Tilt Options – Reverie 8Q

In addition to head and foot tilts, Reverie 8Q also offers pillow tilt.

While the head section adjusts up to 62 degrees, the foot section tilts up to a maximum of 38 degrees.

The third adjustment i.e., Pillow tilt feature is in fact an advanced feature perhaps available only with high end adjustable beds like Reverie 8Q and Leggett & Platt’s Prodigy 2.0.

Why Pillow tilt? Watching TV with head section tilted upwards might not necessarily need an extra pillow under our head. However, while reading books or working on laptop, our neck tends to bend forward as we concentrate on our work.

This is when most of us surely lookout for pillow to support our neck and shoulders. The pillow tilt has been embedded as an additional tilt with the idea of removing the need to have an unbalanced pillow behind our head and neck region.

Although a great feature but it surely needs exquisite design and expertise to make it work effectively which otherwise is only possible for reputed and proven brands like Reverie and Leggett & Platt.

Wall Hugging

Wall hugging is a must have feature for those who experience pain around neck area while turning sideways or backwards to reach out to your mobile or water bottles placed on your bedside tables.

Although Reverie 8Q does offer wall hugging feature, there will still be some noticeable gap between the head section and the wall behind.

While lifting the head section upwards, the mid portion of the bed should effectively move backwards to achieve wall hugging feature.

However, in case of Reverie 8Q, the mid portion of the bed frame does not move backwards to the required extent for achieving perfect wall hugging.

Even though there is some distance between the head section and the wall, but the overall distance is not too far and you can surely reach out to your bedside table without too much turning.

A simple fix to this issue is that you need to place your bed side table a bit away from the wall behind so that you can conveniently reach it, both from a flat sleeping position as well as upright sitting position.

Mattress Retention System

Almost all adjustable beds come with a single mattress retention bar at the foot level. However, in case of Reverie 8Q instead of retention bar, it offers corner retention system which has 4 retention bars on all four corners.

The only constraint being that these are permanently fixed and it might take some extra time and effort while putting covers to the mattress.

On the plus side, the mattress remains absolutely in its place without sliding or tossing even by an inch while adjusting the bed to desired tilt and memory positions.

(Whereas, the Microhook corner retention system of Prodigy 2.0 from Leggett & Platt offers removable retention bars on 4 corners thus making it easy while putting covers to the mattress.)

Height Adjustable Legs

Height adjustability is an important factor which can never be ignored by opting for fixed height beds.

Any bed at proper height suitable for an individual helps remove the strain on knees and back while getting on and off the bed.

Reverie 8Q comes with 3 different height adjustable lengths, 3 inches 5.25 inches and 8.25 inches when combined.

People with average heights can find 5.25 inches height to be most convenient. However, for tall individuals, they can add the 3 inches length to attain maximum height of 8.25 inches thus sufficing their requirement. For kids or growing teens, 3 inches length should work fine.

Remote Control Features

The below image of Reverie 8Q is pretty much self explanatory.

Tilt Adjustment

The head and foot section tilts can be adjusted to a wide range of angles

Factory Preset Positions

Anti-Snore: Anti-Snore function lifts the head section by certain angle and helps open up air valves resulting in enhanced breathability.

Flat: Both the head section and foot section return to flat position simultaneously without causing inconvenient jerks or disturbing your sleepy mood.

Zero-Gravity: This function lifts both the head and foot sections while our back still rests in flat position. In this position, our body experiences the ultimate weight loss kind of feeling that helps rejuvenate and relax our muscles.

Reverie 8Q Adjustable Bed Review Remote Control Features

Reverie 8Q Adjustable Bed Review Remote Control Features

Programmable Positions

Based on our height and body contour, we rest in different angles for reading books, lounge, working on laptop or watching TV.

Perhaps, tuning to these angles every time you are on bed is time consuming. And there is no definitive chance that we would tune into the exact position or angle which we enjoyed last time.

What is programmable memory position? Available mostly with high end adjustable beds, Programmable memory position is an advanced feature that helps you save your favourite position and tune into the same every time you get into the bed with the touch of a button.

All you have to do is set your favourite angle, save it as either M1, M2, M3 or M4. Based on your task (reading/watching TV/working on laptop), simply select your saved memory position from remote and the bed will automatically adjust your head and foot sections to the desired angles.

Reverie 8Q is the only adjustable bed in the market that offers 4 programmable memory positions. Even Prodigy 2.0 from Leggett & Platt offers only 2 memory positions.

Remote Control Holders & USB Ports

“A place for everything and everything in its place”, having a remote control holder is an advantage as you might not misplace your remote as it has its own holder. Reverie 8Q offers 2 remote control holders, one for each bed. Each of these have 1 USB port embedded.

Apart from the one port embedded to the remote holder, there are 2 more ports for each bed on the sides.

Overall, Reverie 8Q offers total of 6 USB ports, 3 for each bed.

Dual Massage

The one appealing feature that prompts most of us into buying an adjustable bed is the massage function. After a long and hectic day, massage at right intensity levels for short periods every night will surely help us fall asleep quickly.

Yes, dual massage runs therapeutic waves from head to toe, relax plus rejuvenate our muscles and help us slip into deep sleep.

Note: However, one another parameter that we have to be particular about while choosing an adjustable bed is the noise emanating from vibration motors while performing massage function. Instead of relaxation, it might result in inconvenience if the noise is medium to high.

Thankfully, vibration motors of Reverie 8Q are relatively very silent and known to be ultra quiet. As split-king version has two independent beds, massage feature running on one bed will not cause unnecessary disturbance to your partner sleeping on the other bed.

Reverie 8Q offers head only, foot only or both head & foot full body massage.

While Prodigy 2.0 from Leggett & Platt offers only 3 levels of massage (low/medium/high), Reverie 8Q offers intensity levels between 1 and 10. This way you can choose your desired massage frequency to a very precise level even in low, mid or high vibration ranges.

Under the Bed Lighting System

Some of us might find focus from bed lamp a bit intrusive in the night hours. Or while returning to our bed from the restroom in the middle of the night, we might end up hurting our knees by hitting the sides of our bed as we can’t locate its exact position.

Under the bed lighting system has been conspicuously designed to provide absolutely non-intrusive minimal lighting system. With the lights fixed under the bed, without groping in the dark you can locate the exact position of the bed.

Mobile App

Reverie 8Q functions can also be controlled via its free mobile app. The free app is available for both Apple phones and tablet devices.

The alarm feature accessible from mobile app is quite interesting as it offers 2 different ways to wake you up.

1. Wake up by lifting head: At set time, the head section lifts by a certain angle thus waking you up in a very subtle non-intrusive manner.

2. Wake up gentle massage: At set time, the vibration motors initiate gentle massage from head to toe.

Reverie 7S Adjustable Bed Split King Review

Reverie 7S Adjustable Bed Split King Review

Reverie 7S falls under mid range category. It comes in all sizes and at reasonable prices.

Frankly, 7S is a stripped down version of Reverie 8Q high end adjustable bed. Yet, the number features offered by Reverie 7S are relatively more than the number of features included in other adjustable beds in mid range category.

What makes Reverie 7S market leader in mid range category?

One best example being the dual massage feature.

Other mid range adjustable beds in the market do offer dual massage feature but the noise emanating from these vibration motors is on the higher side and causes more of inconvenience than desired comfort. Instead of offering you a comforting sleep, vibration motors might in fact end up disturbing your sleep.

Whereas, the vibration motors of 7S are the same that are part of Reverie 8Q. They are ultra quiet and absolutely do not generate any annoying noise.

Tilt Positions

Offers both head and foot adjustments but does not include pillow tilt (as offered in Reverie 8Q).

Wall Hugging

Although wall hugging is supported by Reverie 7S but it’s the same like the Reverie 8Q.

There is this noticeable gap between the lifted head section and the wall behind. However, it is far better and much satisfactory than the wall hugging offered by other adjustable beds in mid range category.

Mattress Retention System

Reverie 7S also offers the 4 corner retention bars.

Instead of offering just a single retention bar at the foot section, Reverie 7S has 4 retention bars at all four corners. They ensure that the mattress does not move even by an inch while performing all adjustments as well as dual massage function.

Height Adjustable Legs

There are two sets of lengths for each leg, 3 inch and 5 inch which offer three different heights, 3 inch, 5 inch and 8 inch when combined.

Remote Control Features

One noticeable difference in the remote control setup offered by Reverie 8Q and 7S are the remote control holders. Reverie 7S does not include holders for placing the remotes.

Memory Programmable Positions

Unlike 8Q, Reverie 7S offers only 2 memory programmable positions.

However, one should note that no other mid range adjustable bed, including Pragmatic and Classic brands adjustable beds, offer even a single memory programmable position. This again is a USP for Reverie 7S in mid range category.

Preset Memory Positions

Just like in 8Q, Reverie 7S also offers Flat, Zero Gravity and Anti-Snore function.

Anti-snore is again an advanced feature offered only in high-end adjustable beds and mostly not included in other mid range category beds.

Reverie 7S Adjustable Bed Remote Control

Reverie 7S Adjustable Bed Remote Control

USB Ports

This is the only concern as Reverie 7S does not include even a single USB port.

Dual Massage

As mentioned in the very beginning, the vibration motors that provide the dual massage feature are ultra quiet and do not generate any kind of annoying noise. Other mid range adjustable beds have substandard motors that produce more noise and less comfort.

Reverie 7S offers both 1. head or foot only massage and 2. full body massage. You can again choose between 1 and 10 intensity levels as per your choice of comfort. The performance of dual massage is relatively class apart and comfortably elevates 7S model to high-end category.

Mobile App

Reverie 7S also offers a Bluetooth Smart mobile control for Apple phones and a free app for other tablet devices.

You can perform all functions from this mobile app including alarm wake-up by head lift or gentle massage features, just like in Reverie 8Q.

Reverie 5D Adjustable Bed Review

Reverie 5D Adjustable Bed Review

5D model is the low end version from Reverie but again it offers more number of features that any other adjustable bed in low end category.

While Prodigy 2.0 has only couple of better features than Reverie 8Q in high end models, but Reverie 8Q is leader in mid range category and Reverie 5S is leader in low end category as both these clearly offer better features than their peers in respective categories.

Tilt Options

Reverie 5D offers both head and foot tilts. They can be adjusted to a wide range of angles as per your comfort and convenience.

Wall Hugging

Reverie 5S employs wall snugger features which allows the mid section of the bed to simultaneously move backwards while the head section is lifted upwards. This positions your bed very near to the wall thus offering wall hugging.

Remote Control Features

Reverie 5D Adjustable Bed Remote Control Features

Reverie 5D Adjustable Bed Remote Control Features

Programmable Memory Positions

One exquisite out of the box feature not to be really found in other low end adjustable beds is the programmable memory savable positions. Yes, Reverie 5D also offers 2 memory savable positions.

Just tune into your preferred head and foot adjustments and save them as either M1 or M2. Anytime in the future, just with the click of a button your bed will automatically switch to your favourite position.

Reverie 5D remote offers all features just like in 7S and the only difference being that it does not come with a mobile app. Hence, there is no wake-up by head lift or gentle massage alarm feature in Reverie 5D model.

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