iDealBed iQ5 Review – Luxe Series Luxury Hybrid Mattress Plus Adjustable Bed

iDealBed iQ5, is an apparent revolutionary innovation in bedding segment. Personally, I have never seen such a meticulously designed hybrid mattress. Simply loved the multi-layered design and best selling adjustable bed.

Well, following is a quick overview, the combo offer includes

  • Premium hybrid mattress that carries an extra-ordinary and never seen before scientific design
  • Scientifically developed 9-layered construction
  • gel memory foam + inner-spring coil
  • medium firm or medium soft, chose as per your comfort factor
  • Plus industry’s best adjustable bed
  • iDealBed 3i or 4i
iDealBed iQ5 Reviews


While, most brands started their journey in mattresses segment and later on moved into manufacturing adjustable beds and selling them as combo offers. However, the case with iDealBed is different.

  • They first launched their adjustable bed into market, iDealBed 4i. Followed it up with iDealBed iEscape, iDealbed 3i / 5i and 6i.
  • Seeing tremendous success in adjustable beds segment, they have now launched their first hybrid mattress.
  • And this one is on par with some of the best premium luxury mattresses on the market.

Well, first things first, before moving it detailed review, let me assure you one thing. If you have come here looking for a combo offer, an adjustable bed plus memory foam mattress, then there is no better option from any other brand and on any other market place, than iDealBed iQ5.

With an adjustable bed along with premium cool gel mattress that is specially designed for adjustable beds, iDealbed iQ5 is simply the best as of today.

iDealBed iQ5 Review

iDealBed iQ5 comes in 4 different options –

  • Luxury medium firm mattress + 3i custom adjustable bed
  • Luxury medium firm mattress + 4i custom adjustable bed
  • Luxury medium soft mattress + 3i custom adjustable bed
  • Luxury medium soft mattress + 4i custom adjustable bed
iDealBed iQ5 Review

iDealBed iQ5 Review

iDealBed iQ5 Hybrid Mattress Review

No matter what type of mattress it is, a simple memory foam or gel memory foam or a hybrid mattress, the design includes at the maximum 4 or 5 layers. That’s it.

However, iDealBed iQ5 hybrid mattress comes with 9 different layers. Yes, you red it right, there are 9 layers that are specially designed and included to serve every little purpose so as to offer ultimate comfort.

iDealBed iQ5 Mattress Layer Construction

iDealBed iQ5 Reviews - Mattress layer construction

iDealBed iQ5 Reviews - Mattress layer construction

  1. iDeal-Smart temp luxury fabric - Specially knit fabric for easy breathability and continuous airflow
  2. iDeal sense gel foam - Offers perfect body contouring
  3. iDeal smart adapt foam - Offers zero-gravity floating like ultimate relaxation
  4. iDeal-Firm contour memory
  5. Response support hypoallergenic latex - Designed to support spinal alignment
  6. iDeal-Tech liquid gel memory foam - Offers perfect body contouring
  7. High density base foam - Ensures mattress doesn’t bottom out on pressure and weight application
  8. iDeal contour dual response pocketed coils - Dual response coils, include zoned coils that are specifically embedded for pressure point relief
  9. Dual support full edge foam encasement - Innovative feature that carries special foam on the edges to ensure ultimate edge support
iDealBed iQ5 Reviews - Mattress Features

iDealBed iQ5 Reviews - Mattress Features

Firmness - iDealBed Luxe Series iQ5 Hybrid Luxury Mattress

Most mattress come with predetermined firmness level. They are either too medium soft or medium firm.

However, iDealBed Hybrid mattress comes 2 different variations of the mattress. It provides both medium soft as well as medium firm. You can chose any of the two as per your required comfort level.

Ultimate Edge Support

Edge support is the biggest and most common issue with any memory foam mattress. Till this day, no brand has ever come up with a mattress that offers ultimate edge support.

But, iDealBed iQ5 mattress is clearly the only brand on the market that has specifically included a layer running across the edges. Known as dual support edge cone encasement, it is designed and embedded to supports weight on the edges.

No mattress whether you sit or sleep on the edges, there is absolutely no chance of you tripping downwards.

Safety Certifications

Made from durable and high-quality material, iDealBed iQ5 mattress conforms to CertiPUR-US certification standards. Which clearly means that NO harmful or toxic material is used in its manufacturing, unlike sub-standard mattresses.

Unlike imported mattresses, design, development and manufacturing of iDealBed Iq5 is wholly in USA.

Free trial and Warranty

iDealBed iQ5 comes with free 120-day night trial and a massive 10-year warranty.

Adjustable Bed Reviews - iDealBed 3i

Leaving out massage functionality, iDealBed 3i has every other feature of a mid-range adjustable bed. Price-wise is equal to all other basic adjustable beds.

  • Has independent head and feet articulations of 70 degrees and 42 degrees respectively.
  • 2 preset positions, Flat and Zero-gravity
  • 2 memory programmable positions, M1 and M2
  • Massive 850 lbs lift capacity
  • 3 different height adjustability options
  • 10-Year warranty

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Adjustable Bed Reviews - iDealBed 4i

iDealBed 4i had been the very first model from the brand. However, over the last couple of years it has been upgrade to include several advanced features.

It is also undoubtedly the best-selling adjustable bed in mid-range segment. Following is a brief snapshot of its features set.

  • Comes with 70 degrees head tilting and 42 degrees feet tilting
  • Offers 3 preset positions – Flat, Anti-snore and Zero-gravity
  • 2 memory programmable positions
  • Backlit wireless remote control with 18 functions
  • 4 mode massage functionality, 3 massage intensity levels and 2 timers
  • 4 USB ports, 2 on each side
  • 850 lbs massive lift capacity
  • Height adjustability
  • Flashlight and under-the-bed lighting system
  • Emergency power-backup
  • 10-Year warranty

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Conclusion - iDealBed iQ5 Reviews

If sheer comfort is our prime requirement, then there is absolutely no better mattress than iDealBed iQ5. Combined with either iDealBed 3i or iDealBed 4i adjustable bed, the combo offer is irresistible.

And when you buy an adjustable bed, there is every need to even buy a mattress that is compatible with the adjustable bed.

And this is where iDealBed iQ5 is the most optimal choice as it offers industry best 9-layered hybrid mattress and industry’s best-selling adjustable bed, iDealbed 3i and 4i.

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